Sifan Hassan’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?


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Sifan Hassan's Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?

Sifan Hassan’s weight loss has taken over the internet following her victory at the 2023 London Marathon. Some fans think the Olympic champion has gotten a lot more slender and skinnier than before because her coach Salazar got her to be lean while some think she had breast reduction surgery. Sifan Hassan herself has never discussed her weight loss.

Sifan Hassan is truly one of the most inspiring women athletes who has taken the world by awe after she achieved what she achieved. The Ethiopian-born Dutch middle and long-distance runner won gold medals in both the 5000 meters and 10,000 meters, and a bronze medal for the 1500 meters, completing an unprecedented triple at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In 2019, she became the only athlete in history to win both 1,500 meters and 10,000 meters at a single World Championships or Olympic Games when she won both those events at the World Athletics Championship. She also happens to be a three-time Diamond League winner. She secured the 1500m/5000m double in 2019. She is also the world record holder for both the one mile and 5 km road race, both set in 2019, as well as the one-hour run, set in 2020.

Recently, in her debut over the classic 26.2-mile distance, she won the 2023 London Marathon. But it’s not her victory that people are talking about. They are discussing her weight loss on social media. She seems to have lost a lot of weight since she started. How she did it, she has never said, which is what makes people so curious about it. Anyway, let’s find out more about Sifan Hassan’s weight loss!

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Sifan Hassan’s Weight Loss: Fans Think She Lost Weight Because Her Coach Got Her to Be Lean!

Sifan Hassan (@sifanhassan) made a stunning comeback in her first marathon after Ramadan and won the London Marathon in one of the most dramatic and unexpected finishes in the race’s history. Despite a win that dramatic, it could not overshadow the fact that she looked extremely thin and slender. So, shortly after her victory, she made headlines for her weight loss as well.

So, has Sifan Hassan lost weight? Well, not recently. Had you been keeping up with her, you would have known that she has been looking that skinny for quite a few years. However, it was not always she looked like that. About a decade ago, she used to be a lot bigger than she is now. If you look at her old pictures and compare those to more recent ones, you can see her physical transformation and weight loss.

Sifan Hassan sparked weight loss speculations following her win at the 2023 London Marathon. Sifan Hassan sparked weight loss speculations following her win at the 2023 London Marathon.
Image Source: Sky Sports

There have been a lot of discussions about Sifan Hassan’s physical transformation after losing weight on the internet. People, who have been following her since the beginning of her career, have noticed that she has definitely changed. A fan, in particular, had been keeping track of how she has evolved throughout the years. And, as they noted about her weight loss in a forum, she has come a long way since she became a Dutch citizen.

The fan observed that Sifan Hassan was a lot bigger when she was just at the beginning stage of her career when she won the Eindhoven half marathon in 77 minutes. Not enormous but still large compared to now. But after she became a Dutch citizen in 2013 and her career advanced and she began competing on an international level, she began to change and by change, I mean lose weight.

As the fan observed, Dutch people are the leanest in Europe, and Sifan Hassan, who was a refugee, was bound to be bigger than them. She was a little heavy back then. But that all changed when she became a citizen of the Netherlands and pursued a career at an international level. She picked new coaches (Dutch coaches) to push herself further. And then, she underwent proper weight loss.

Sifan Hassan is believed to have gotten skinny because her coach got her to get lean. Sifan Hassan is believed to have gotten skinny because her coach got her to get lean.
Image Source: The Guardian

So, in a way, people who think that Sifan Hassan has lost weight under the tutelage of Salazar are right. Salazar, who is very revered in America, has been noted to get many of his athletes on diet, workout, and training to get lean. However, some people don’t think that Hassan’s weight loss has anything to do with being coached by him because he himself has a fit build and not a lean and shredded build so why would he make his athletes go to the extreme to lose weight?

However, whatever the cause for it may be, the obvious fact is that Sifan Hassan has become a lot more slender since 2013. There are many people who have not connected her weight loss to her coach Salazar. Some of them suspect that she has been doping. They believe that she has been using steroids or some sort of drugs to lose weight and enhance her performance.

Some people have surmised that while Sifan Hassan may not have been blatantly doping, she may have been having thyroid medication or some other weight control medication. Some believe that she got weight loss surgery while others think that she looks thinner now because she had a breast reduction.

Anyway, these are all just conjectures and because Sifan Hassan has not ever discussed her weight loss until she does, we can’t really say for certain how she lost her weight.