Simone Biles Plastic Surgery: Her Transformation Examined!


Simone Biles Plastic Surgery: Her Transformation Examined!

Many people believe Simone Biles has received plastic surgery as she has undergone a significant transformation over the years. However, the 26-year-old gymnast has neither accepted nor denied the allegations.

Simone Biles (full name: Simone Biles Owens) is an American gymnast who recently made history by winning a record 8th US Gymnastics title. With 25 medals at World Championship competitions, she is the most decorated gymnast in the history of the Gymnastics World Championships and is often regarded as the greatest gymnast of all time.

Born on March 14, 1997, she won two gold medals and a bronze at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, making her a global legend. She also won four gold medals and one bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics. No doubt, she rewrote the rules of the sport with her inventive skills and numerous World Championship gold medals.

Apart from her recent triumph at the US Gymnastics, we’ve found that many people have been claiming that he appearance has changed over the years. As a result, people wonder if she received plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. Well, here is the truth.

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Details on Simone Biles’ Possible Plastic Surgery!

With her record victory at the 2023 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championship, the rumor regarding Simone Biles (@simonebiles) receiving plastic surgery has risen on the Internet. Since her face has changed significantly in recent years, people believe she took help from surgeons to enhance her beauty.

However, the “one of the greatest gymnasts of all time” has not made any remarks about the allegations. Matter of fact, we believe she is not even aware of what people have been spreading about her on the Internet.

Simone Biles has not responded to any of the plastic surgery allegations. houseandwhips.comSimone Biles has not responded to any of the plastic surgery allegations.
Image Source: Instagram

While we agree Simone Biles’ appearance has changed over the years, we don’t think it is due to receiving plastic surgery. Do remember that we’ve been observing her since her childhood. Even though is is just 26 years old, it has been over a decade since she started competing. She was in her teenage years when she initially gained recognition.

According to multiple sources, human bodies undergo major changes from the teenage years to the mid-20s. Similarly, we believe Simone’s body transformed over the years because of biological factors rather than receiving plastic surgery. However, she previously revealed that she got her eyebrows done. In an Instagram video, she said,

Very natural, the way I wanted it. I don’t have to worry about [my eyebrows] coming off in a competition because of sweating.

In conclusion, we believe all the rumors about Simone Biles’ possible plastic surgery are baseless and untrue. However, keep in mind that the given information is solely based on our speculation. Regardless, we will surely get back to you as soon as we get any updates about her transformation.

Know About Simone Biles and Her Husband, Jonathan Owens!

Gymnast Simone Biles revealed in August 2020 that she was dating NFL star, Jonathan Owens. The initial confirmation of their relationship occurred soon after Biles posted a birthday message to Owens at the end of July.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens got married in April 2023. houseandwhips.comSimone Biles and Jonathan Owens got married in April 2023.
Image Source: Instagram

It also came after Biles stated in a July 2020 Vogue interview that she had ended her nearly three-year relationship with gymnast Stacey Ervin Jr. in early March 2020. After dating for over a year and a half, the couple then got engaged in February 2022.

And on April 22, Biles announced that she and Owens officially got married. It appears that only the couple, the judge who married them, and the photographer attended the ceremony.

The couple got married for a second time on May 6 and enjoyed a considerably more opulent ceremony in Cabo San Lucas. In response to a fan on Instagram, Biles revealed that their first wedding was in part a formality before their destination wedding. She wrote,

We had to get married ‘legally’ here in the U.S. since our wedding will be a destination wedding.