Mikhaila Peterson Plastic Surgery: Why Does She Look Unrecognizable?


Mikhaila Peterson is widely believed to have had plastic surgery and criticized for it. houseandwhips.com

Mikhaila Peterson is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery such as a nose job, lip fillers, lip lift, buccal fat removal, and breast implants because of how different and completely unrecognizable she looks compared to before. While there are a lot of people who think that the change in her appearance is due to weight loss, those who think she has had work done criticize her because plastic surgery goes against everything she stands for. Mikhaila Peterson has only admitted to having Botox.

Mikhaila Peterson, the daughter of Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, has made her name as the host of the widely followed The Mikhaila Peterson podcast. Most of her social media content and her persona come from her overcoming autoimmune and mood disorders with various diets and lifestyles. She has often shared her insights about harnessing the lion diet to overcome her disease and disorders at TEDx and the Oxford Union.

But people don’t really buy what she’s selling and a lot of them think that she’s being disingenuous about her condition. They claim that she does not really follow the diet and lifestyle she promotes because if she did, she would never have plastic surgery. Yeah, people are convinced that she has had work done because she looks nothing like she did before. Here’s everything to know about Mikhaila Peterson’s plastic surgery!

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Mikhaila Peterson’s Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Procedures Has She Had?

Mikhaila Peterson (@mikhailapeterson) is believed to have had plastic surgery including Botox, a nose job, a lip lift, lip fillers, buccal fat removal, and breast implants. She has only ever admitted to having Botox.

Mikhaila Peterson is widely thought to have had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comMikhaila Peterson is widely thought to have had plastic surgery.
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Jordan Peterson‘s daughter has done a great job of leveraging his fame in order to garner a large number of followings, get popular herself, and make a career out of it, is what many people think. You can tell not many people have good opinions about her. But even those people who are not really fond of her cannot deny that she looks gorgeous. What they can do is attribute her beauty to plastic surgery and they have done that.

Mikhaila Peterson has long been suspected of getting cosmetic procedures to change her appearance and make it look more refined and appealing. But it’s not for no reason and just because people do not like her. There are some very solid reasons to think that she has undergone plastic surgery, one of which is that she looks completely unrecognizable than she looked about half a decade ago. Change can happen with age but it’s the unnatural look that she’s got now that has got people thinking that she had cosmetic surgery.

She is believed to have had Botox because of how stiff and frozen she looks. You can’t get an inkling of how she feels because she is literally expressionless. And Mikhaila Peterson also appears to have had a nose job because her nose definitely looks more refined and more aesthetic now. Besides that, she has got her followers convinced that she has had a buccal fat removal because her once-chubby cheeks are much more hollow and defined now. She used to look bloated and puffy in the face but now, she has a very slim face and people think it’s because of plastic surgery.

Mikhaila Peterson also appears to have had lip fillers because her lips look so voluminous compared to before. She is also thought to have undergone a lip lift. Some people claim that they have seen the scars from when she got her lips lifted in some of her videos. The distance between her lip and nose has noticeably gotten smaller and her philtrum has gotten thicker which is what happens when you get plastic surgery to lift your lips.

She is also believed to have had breast implants. Altogether, that’s a lot of modification that has earned Mikhaila Peterson criticism on a large scale because according to her followers, for someone with an autoimmune disease, she has had way too much plastic surgery than she had any business having. They say that she’s being hypocritical by going against everything she stands for by getting artificial enhancements.

Did Mikhaila Peterson Get Plastic Surgery In Spite of Her Autoimmune Disease?

Mikhaila Peterson is criticized for getting plastic surgery despite her autoimmune disease. houseandwhips.comMikhaila Peterson is criticized for getting plastic surgery despite her autoimmune disease.
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People think that Mikhaila Peterson getting plastic surgery shows that she’s being disingenuous about autoimmune diseases for clout because if she really had any such pre-existing condition, she would really not have gotten surgery. As a Redditor commented,

Also, her plastic surgeries kind of go against all of the “things” she’s constantly doing to make her feel “better” or “healthier” with her multiple vague illnesses. Like you’d think lip injections and breast implants would be bad for someone who claims to have autoimmune disease (implants contain heavy metals like platinum and other toxins that leach into the body and injections have their own issues), but apparently not for her?

As far as Mikhaila Peterson is concerned, she does not seem to care what people think about her getting plastic surgery because she has never admitted to having work done and she can always pretend that people are wrong in their speculations. However, she has confirmed having Botox but people are not much impressed with her confession because of how she tried to make it look like she got Botox because of her mental health issue and not because she wanted to get rid of the wrinkles.

She basically said something like she had been chronically horribly depressed for her entire life and that she was bothered by her muscles always tensing on her forehead (due to depression) and giving her a permanent frown which is why she got Botox. People didn’t really buy that and said that they would respect her more if she said that she did it for vanity like she clearly did.

Anyway, Mikhaila Peterson is widely believed to have had plastic surgery and criticized for it. But there are many people who are of the opinion that she would never go under the knife because of her autoimmune disease. Such people think that she looks different and her facial features appear sharper because of her lifestyle choices and weight loss. They think it’s wrong to accuse her of having plastic surgery.