Sir John Curtice’s Weight Loss: Does He Have Some Illness?

Derick Scholz

Sir John Curtice's Weight Loss: Does He Have Some Illness?

Sir John Curtice’s weight loss has shocked his followers. He was never an overweight person, to begin with. So, nobody was expecting that he would be losing weight. But in the last few months, Sir John Curtice seems to have undergone a noticeable weight loss which has led people to believe that he might be suffering from some kind of illness.

Professor Sir John Curtice FRSA FRSE FBA is a British political scientist. He is currently a professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde and he also serves as a senior research fellow at the National Centre for Social Research. He is particularly interested in electoral behavior and he is noted for researching political happenings and social attitudes toward the ongoing events. He came into prominence when he began to engage in the debate about Scottish independence and since then, he has only raised his profile with his appearances on BBC and prediction of election results.

However, right now, it’s not his political opinion that people are thinking on. They are more concerned about his weight loss and are wondering if he has some kind of illness that’s causing him to lose weight. In the recent few months, he has been revealed to have gotten a lot thinner. With the loss in his weight, he has also started to look unhealthy which prompted speculations that he might be suffering from some illness. Here’s everything you need to know about Sir John Curtice’s weight loss!

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Professor Sir John Curtice’s Weight Loss: He Has Gotten a Lot Thinner Than Before and People Suspect He is Suffering From Some Sort of Illness!

Sir John Curtice has undergone a noticeable weight loss. It’s very visible how he has been getting thinner and thinner for several months now. It’s not just that he is losing weight but it’s also that he is starting to look sickly and unhealthy which has got people worried that he might be suffering from some kind of illness.

Sir John Curtice seems to have had a weight loss in the last few months.
Sir John Curtice seems to have had a weight loss in the last few months.
Image Source: The Telegraph

Sir John Curtice wasn’t exactly an overweight person. He looked like an average old man of normal weight. He seemed fine which is to say he didn’t look like he had any severe health issues. But people are not sure about that anymore with how he has been looking in the last few months. And they are concerned about him which has taken away all the interest from his election predictions. His weight loss certainly does not look healthy at all. The more he started to look lean, the more he started to look sick.

Sir John Curtice used to look very plump in the cheeks area but now, his cheeks look very hollow as if he had a buccal fat removal. Except he didn’t get any such procedure, he just had a weight loss. His face has thinned so much it doesn’t suit him like that when earlier, he used to look comparatively fuller in the face and seemed much healthier. Now, things have changed.

Besides, it’s not just Sir John Curtice’s face. It’s his whole body. He used to be potbellied before but now, after the weight loss, he is all thin. His followers are starting to get worried that he might be suffering from some sort of illness because he looks so sickly, lean, and frail. However, if he has some illness, he has not spoken up about it. So far, he has not acknowledged fans’ concern over his weight loss.

Sir John Curtice's followers are concerned that he might have some sort of illness.
Sir John Curtice’s followers are concerned that he might have some sort of illness.
Image Source: The Herald

Sir John Curtice’s Early Life and Career!

Professor Sir John Curtice was born on 10 December 1953 in England. He was raised in St. Austell. As a child, he attended Truro School and on completion of his schooling, he went to Magdalen College in Oxford where he began to develop an interest in political science. While he was in college, he read politics, philosophy, and economics, and learned about them thoroughly. He later transferred to Nuffield College as a postgraduate where he learned even more.

Everything he had studied and learned while he was in college guided him to a career in political advisory career. He currently is the president of the British Polling Council and also serves as the vice-chair of the Economic and Social Data Service’s Advisory Committee. Not to mention, he also happens to be one of the members of the editorial board of the Journal of Elections, the Executive Committee of the British Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, and the Policy Advisory Committee of the Institute for Public Policy Research.

Sir John Curtice used to be a Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study and he is also a former member of the steering committee of the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems Project. He has also made several television appearances on the BBC during broadcast coverage of general elections in the United Kingdom. He accurately predicted the results of the election in 2005, 2010, 2015, and 2017.

Because of his predictions of election results and analysis of political events, he has garnered a strong following on social media. He was mentioned a lot on Twitter during the 2017 election. Though he has noted that he is not very fond of attention and has said that he has no wish to become a media celebrity, I don’t think it is up to him now. His political science has gotten him a lot of popularity in the United Kingdom.