Did Sloane Stephens Have Weight Gain Because She Is Pregnant?


Sloane Stephens often sparks weight gain rumors and speculations that she is pregnant. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Sloane Stephens is not new to being the target of weight gain rumors. It goes back as far as the beginning of her career. The discussions about her weight and speculations that she is pregnant have followed her throughout her career. Tennis fans always criticize her for not being in shape as she was at her peak. They think that Sloane Stephens’ weight gain is affecting her athletic ability and that’s the reason why her career is not going well.

Hailed by many as the successor to Serena Williams, Sloane Stephens was considered one of the greatest tennis players. She has won seven WTA Tour singles titles and she had a massively successful run at her peak which was when she won the 2017 US Open and she achieved a career-best ranking of World No. 3 after she played at Wimbledon in 2018. She has had a very fulfilling career but she cannot be said to have lived up to her billing about being Serena’s successor.

In 2018, Sloane Stephens reached a second Grand Slam singles final at the French Open and entered the top 10. She even finished a runner-up at the WTA Finals and that was the last time her career was good because since then, it has gone sort of downhill. A  lot of tennis fans think that she is not putting much effort into retaining her position and accuse her of not being serious about her career because of her weight gain. The discussions about her weight have followed her throughout her career so, let’s talk about that!

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Sloane Stephens’ Weight Gain: Tennis Fans Are Always Talking About Her Physique!

These days, you can’t ever bring up Sloane Stephens (@sloanestephens) without people making comments about her weight gain. There have been countless never-ending discourses about her weight on every tennis forum and speculations that she is pregnant also often make rounds. She is never getting rid of those.

Sloane Stephens has sparked weight gain speculations at the 2024 Australian Open. houseandwhips.comSloane Stephens has sparked weight gain speculations at the 2024 Australian Open.
Image Source: Teen Vogue

Stephens has been very inconsistent with her career and though it came across as a shock that she was defeated by Anna Kalinskaya in the third round at the 2024 Australian Open after she played very well in the first two rounds and won against Olivia Gadecki and Daria Kasatkina, they also kind of saw it coming because they have suspected for a long time that she is not interested to achieve more in her career. They always bring up her weight gain to make their point about it. Some speculate that she might be pregnant but that’s not better.

Sloane Stephens does appear a bit bulkier than normal for a tennis star. An untrained eye might not see much of a difference but tennis fans who have been following her since the beginning of her career are very adamant that she is not as in shape as she was at her peak and that she has not been maintaining herself well. They claim that she’s more in love with the fame that comes with being a sports personality and is content with her achievements so, she is not dedicated to her career as she is, which is why she does nothing about her weight gain.

If you look at Sloane Stephens closely, you would notice that, in comparison to when she was one of the best at tennis, she looks a bit fatter, her arms look huge, and her tummy protrudes a bit (this is why people think she is pregnant). But is that necessarily because she is uninspired and is not as driven as she was when she was younger? Is her weight gain really a consequence of her maintaining herself well due to a lack of dedication and focus on her career? Or is she pregnant?

Is Sloane Stephens Pregnant? Fans Chalk Her Weight Gain to Pregnancy!

Sloane Stephens is often speculated to be pregnant. houseandwhips.comSloane Stephens is often speculated to be pregnant.
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The speculations that the tennis player is pregnant are as old as the discussions about her weight gain. Every time her name comes up, her weight comes up, and her weight comes up, her pregnancy comes up. For all the times, people have assumed that she is going to have a baby, they have been right about a grand total of 0 times so, you would think that they would learn that Sloane Stephens‘ weight gain has nothing to do with pregnancy but no, they are always asking her about it in her comments.

Just last year in October, she refuted the rumors when a fan asked her if she was pregnant because it looked like she was. Now, they are again asking the same thing after seeing her at the 2024 Australian Open because her belly protrudes a bit. Well, she does want to have kids some days and has revealed that she had had her eggs frozen during the off-season. It looks like she is planning for surrogacy because maybe she wants to focus on her career. So, even if Sloane Stephens is having a baby, she might not be pregnant and her weight gain is due to any other reason than that.

As for the reasons, because she has not revealed it, people’s favorite guess is her disinterest in her career. A fan on a tennis forum said this about her and a lot of people agreed.

Aside from being 15 pounds overweight, her game has not evolved at all. After thrashing Keys in the 2017 US Open final, it looked like she was gonna take off. Instead, she often plays error prone, sloppy tennis with lazy footwork. Whoever is coaching her has done a terrible job. She should be in her prime and having gotten better. Instead, she has regressed and throwing away her potential.She appears mentally lazy and lacking the will to win.

Sloane Stephens’ fans come to her defense when such accusations are hurled at her and point out that the little weight she’s gained (not 15 pounds) does not affect her athletic ability in any way. But people don’t just buy it. They think that her weight gain has affected her game because it’s unnecessary.

Extra weight in her stomach, butt, arms, back..upper body in general. I know people have different body types but I can clearly see extra, unnecessary weight.

Sloane Stephens does not appreciate the comments about her weight or the speculations that she is pregnant but there’s no escaping it for her.