Love Island: Liberty Posted Before and After Weight Gain Pics!


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Love Island's Liberty Poole has revealed her weight gain. – Liberty Poole has undergone weight gain since she was in Love Island. The reality star revealed that she has gone up two dress sizes after she left the show. Posting before and after pictures to show her weight gain, Liberty Poole said that she was tempted to edit her body but the Love Island alum took the path of self-acceptance and decided to show off her natural body. 

Liberty Poole came into prominence in 2021 when she made an appearance on the seventh series of Love Island as a contestant. She paired with Jake Cornish in the show and it was her failed relationship with him that made her a well-known face. The pair didn’t last but their relationship sort of became their currency for relevancy. In 2022, the English television personality competed in the fourteenth series of Dancing on Ice in which she placed ninth.

Liberty Poole didn’t go back on Love Island but she did not say to the spin-offs to the hit reality dating show. In 2023, she participated in the first season of Love Island Games and recently, she appeared on Love Island: All-Stars as well. After watching her on the show, her fans have realized that she has put on weight since 2021 when she was on Love Island. So, let’s talk about her weight gain!

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Liberty Poole from Love Island Reveals Her Weight Gain; Check Out Her Before and After Pics!

Love Island alum Liberty Poole (@libertypoolex) has had weight gain since she was in the show. She has gone up about two dress sizes and fans have a lot to know about that, especially regarding how she feels about the physical transformation.

Liberty Poole has had a weight gain since she left Love Island. houseandwhips.comLiberty Poole has had a weight gain since she left Love Island.
Image Source: Wales Online

So, the new Love Island: All-Stars recently launched, and guess what? Liberty and Jake, who are probably known as the couple who broke up with each other four days before the finale of the dating show in 2021, have been paired with each other and they weren’t thrilled about it. Jake has already quit the show because he did not like how the show was turning out and as for Poole, let’s talk about her weight gain because, besides her failed relationship with Jake, it’s her body that’s new.

So, the viewers of the show have noticed that the television personality does not look the same as when she was on Love Island in 2021 and that the change in her appearance is not due to changes in her makeup and styling. It’s because she has gotten a bit heavier since then. Nothing drastic but it’s easily noticeable which has led people to be curious about things like how much weight she gained and how she put on weight. The social media is now rife with discussions about her weight gain.

For fans who want to know about the fluctuation in her weight, Liberty Poole herself shared a few posts addressing the change in her body about six months ago. As it turned out, her weight fluctuation is not recent. She has looked that way for a while and people are just noticing it after her appearance at Love Island: All-Stars. Since she was on the reality show in 2021, she has gone up by about two dress sizes.

In May 2023, she made a post where she showed off her body after putting on weight and shared a message about self-acceptance. She wrote how she was tempted to edit her photos to perfection because she was used to it since she got on Instagram, and realized that it was filled with girls who looked perfect and she wanted to look like that. But realizing that she did not want to feel less beautiful, Liberty Poole gave up editing photos and posted about her weight gain in a positive light where she didn’t bash herself for it.

Love Island’s Liberty Poole Has Accepted Her Weight Gain!

Liberty Poole shared a message about self-acceptance while revealing that she had put on weight. houseandwhips.comLiberty Poole shared a message about self-acceptance while revealing that she had put on weight.
Image Source: The Mirror

The Love Island star posted a series of images that showcased her changing weight. In the first image, she was posing for the camera in a black cut-away swimsuit and the second picture was a side-by-side comparison picture of her in the same bikini that showed her changing waistline. With that post, Liberty Poole wrote a heartfelt caption expressing how she was scared about her weight gain and her need to edit the pictures to decrease her waist.

Please appreciate this is a really scary thing for me to post … The first picture is me the other week in Ibiza size 10 confident with my curves . Slide 2 is me 8 months prior to going on love island I was around size 6-8 the left picture is unedited the one to the right is what I posted on my instagram. I couldn’t find the exact picture to match as this was 2 1/2 years ago. It’s scary to think I didn’t see how severe I was editing my pictures from decreasing my waist to this size and don’t get me wrong I love a tan but the fact I felt the need to edit it on to my body and completely change my skin tone I look back and think it’s so unhealthy.

Liberty then went on to talk about self-acceptance and shared the message about how it shouldn’t matter how skinny or how big we look and promoted body positivity. Showing off her weight gain when she used to edit pictures to look skinnier was really brave of her.

My point is it’s really not about how skinny we are or how big we are or what we look like etc it’s about self acceptance. 

Speaking of how she had weight gain, Liberty said later on that she hadn’t been making the healthiest choices. She said,

Since coming out of Love Island I have put on a little bit of weight. I’ve been so busy, I’ve been eating on-the-go and not making the healthiest choices, so naturally I’ve put on some weight. But I think it’s important we’re not hard on ourselves and embrace our bodies.