Examining Liberty Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos: Love Island Update!


Examining Liberty Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos: Love Island Update! houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Comparing Liberty Poole’s before and after photos, it is clear that the Love Island alum has received plastic surgery like Facelift and breast enhancement. She looks a lot different these days. However, she has only admitted to having lip fillers.

Liberty Poole is an English TV personality who appeared on the seventh season of Love Island in 2021, followed by the fourteenth season of Dancing on Ice in 2022. She has since appeared on the Love Island spinoffs Love Island Games (2023) and Love Island: All-Stars (2024).

However, many viewers have recently been stunned by her appearance and are curious to know if she has received any cosmetic procedures. As per fans, she appeared completely different than before. So, what plastic surgery might she have received? Well, let’s find it out together.

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Liberty Poole From Love Island Appears Completely in Her Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos!

Liberty Poole (@libertypoolex) from Love Island‘s sudden transformation has recently garnered the attention of her fans, leading many to speculate that she may have undergone plastic surgery like a facelift and breast enhancement. People claimed she looked completely unrecognizable comparing her before and after photos. But to let you know, she has previously responded to rumors about her alleged cosmetic enhancement.

Liberty Poole before and after plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comLiberty Poole before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: The Sun

The former Islander put the suspicions to rest a few years ago when she answered fan questions on Instagram Stories and denied having plastic surgery. At the time, she did admit that she had cosmetic operations performed, such as filler injections to her lips. However, she denied accusations of breast enhancement, saying:

A lot of people ask if my boobs are fake but I can confirm they are real. I don’t know why they’re so big! But I can confirm I’m all natural apart from that bit of lip filler.

Liberty Poole even confessed that her lack of self-confidence influenced her love relationships as well. When her partner cheated on her, she worried it was because of her appearance. She stated, “[My low self-esteem] followed me into relationships as well with people… If someone didn’t like me back, I’d be like ‘but my personality is 10/10.’ Why don’t they like me? Is it something to do with how I look?” She continued,

Even when I got cheated on, I constantly compared myself to this girl looks-wise. I went through a whole year of it, saying to my mum, saying to my friends, – they must have been bored to death – ‘do you think I’m prettier than her though? I was hyperfixating on me not being good enough when hun, I’m good enough! I’m more than good enough!

Furthermore, Liberty Poole said she is more confident today than she was before appearing on Love Island, and she is grateful for her enormous following because it allows her to inspire others to love themselves. She believes she went through a journey of self-discovery and now she keeps on choosing herself. She stated,

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect. I’m still a normal human. I still have insecurities, but it’s about accepting that and owning yourself and loving yourself, and trying to rise above it. We should be able to be confident about ourselves.

Liberty Poole Viciously Mocked by ‘Love Island: All Stars’ Fans for This Reason!

Mitch Taylor (@mitcheltaylor_) recently shocked ITV2 audiences by revealing that he was stringing Liberty Poole along while simultaneously getting to know Demi Jones. He has even given Abi Moores and Ella Barnes what they want to hear.  However, he made it clear that his mind was set on Demi, and he was being cruel by not telling Liberty how he truly felt.

Liberty Poole and Mitch Taylor return for Love Island: All-Stars (2024). houseandwhips.comLiberty Poole and Mitch Taylor return for Love Island: All-Stars (2024).
Instagram: The Mirror

Viewers were heartbroken for Liberty, but they also urged her to stand up for herself and not allow Mitch to walk all over her. One user remarked, “LMAOO the way how Mitch is playing Liberty right IN FRONT of her face and she’s not clocking it like girl STAND UP? This man don’t want you he’s acting messy right now.” Likely, the second posted: “Are they just playing recordings of Mitch from the last season? He hadn’t changed one bit.”

It comes after fans accused Mitch of ove-bombing Liberty Poole after they broke the touch barrier. During the second day of Love Island’s spin-off series, the Sheffield boy brought up the issue of marriage with the former Nando’s server. Fans were concerned over the flirtatious display, with one asking, “How come Liberty does not recognise lovebombing?”

It came as the couple nestled up on the outside sofas and talked about breaking the touch barrier. Mitch quickly brushed his fingers across her leg after noting that they had the same eye colour and fancy each other. It all struck alarm bells for Love Island All Stars watchers, with one remarking on X:

Liberty needs to wake up , Mitch will be worse than Jake [Cornish] won’t be long till she starts the tears, she confuses me with her choices.