Did Jared Leto Undergo Weight Gain for a Movie?

Derick Scholz

Did Jared Leto Undergo Weight Gain for a Movie? houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Jared Leto has recently undergone weight gain as evidenced by his latest appearance on social media. His face looks puffier than before. However, we’re unsure if it is intentional or natural.

Jared Leto is a 52-year-old American actor and singer who has recently been in the spotlight due to his change in appearance. Many people say his face looks puffier than usual. Likely, his physical appearance also seems heavier than before. As a result, they’re curious if he has undergone weight gain in recent days. Well, let’s find out the truth.

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Jared Leto Seems to Have Undergone a Little Bit of Weight Gain in Recent Days!

Recently, many fans and followers have been curious to know if Jared Leto (@jaredleto) has undergone weight gain in recent days. Comparing his before and after, his face seems to be bigger than usual. However, the actor has not yet provided any specific reason behind his current transformation. Meanwhile, he may be gaining weight for his upcoming project.

Jared Leto's latest appearance after weight gain. houseandwhips.comJared Leto’s latest appearance after weight gain.
Image Source: Instagram

Few people in Hollywood would go to great lengths for a role. Nothing is off-limits for them, whether it’s extreme diets, total physical transformations, or assuming an entirely new persona. Jared Leto is one such actor who has never shied away from thoroughly immersing himself in his roles and goes to great lengths to do them justice.

To feel more connected to the character in the biographical film, Chapter 27, Leto previously decided to undergo 67 pounds of weight gain rather than simply put on a fat suit. However, because of his excessive dedication to the character, physicians declared that if he gained any more weight, he would commit suicide.

The film Chapter 27 is based on the murder of John Legend. It tells the true story of his murder at the hands of his stalker, played by Jared Leto. Later, he opted to gain weight despite his vegetarian diet because he felt it was important to tell this tale. As per him,

I really wanted to inhabit this guy’s skin, and that effected the way I stood, walked, and moved. I wanted to make it clear that this was someone who felt very isolated from people, who shyed away from human contact.

This helped him grasp David Chapman‘s state of mind and inspired the character he was required to play. At the same time, doctors warned the Oscar winner that his rapid weight gain was placing him at risk of collapsing. He stated,

I almost wish that I had made a film about the making of the film because it was definitely a super-sized version of Super Size Me. It was doctors telling me I needed to stop, that I was going to kill myself, my cholesterol shooting up to 300-something points — which is bad. They wanted to put me on Lipitor and all kinds of medication.

While we admire Leto’s commitment to the character, it is worth noting that no actor should put their life in danger for any part. Furthermore, although the actual reason behind his current weight gain is unknown, the actor appeared better than before. Well, we hope to get back as soon as we gain more information about his transformation.

Jared Leto Previously Suffered Mentally Following Weight Gain During Chapter 27 Filming!

Jared Leto previously underwent 67 pounds of weight gain for his role in Chapter 27. houseandwhips.comJared Leto previously underwent 67 pounds of weight gain for his role in Chapter 27.
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Jared Leto‘s passion for the part of Mark David Chapman drove him to the edge of a mental breakdown. To stay in character, the actor refused to speak to anyone during the production. He also faced scorn and rejection as a result of his drastic physical alteration, which helped him grasp his character’s emotional state. When speaking to Sundance, he once said,

Also, being overweight, I felt the rejection and mockery of people who didn’t know that I was just playing a part. Their response to me as an overweight and unattractive guy, just made me realize how isolated he felt, how unloved and how untouched by human beings. I kind of turned into a sculpture.

Despite his dedication and efforts, the picture failed to capture the attention of audiences and critics, leaving a void in the eccentric actor’s career. Furthermore, we hope he will gain more success in the coming days.