Did Sofia Vergara Have Plastic Surgery For Griselda? Botox?

Derick Scholz

Sofia Vergara did not have plastic surgery for Griselda. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Sofia Vergara did not have plastic surgery in order to transform herself into Griselda the drug trafficker for the Netflix miniseries about her. What they did to her for the show was that they had her eyebrows modified, had her wear a prosthetic nose and teeth, and a wig. Sofia Vergara de-glammed for her role in Griselda but plastic surgery was not involved in her transformation. 

Sofia Vergara‘s experimenting in her acting career. It was a huge thing for her that she, who established her name in Hollywood with her light-hearted comedic role as Gloria Delgado in the sitcom Modern Family, took up the intense, serious, and dramatic role of Griselda Blanco, a dangerous Colombian drug trafficker for a Netflix miniseries that she is a producer of. It was an unexpected leap she made.

The role of Griselda was particularly challenging for Sofia Vergara not just because it was a change of genre but because of the role itself as well because she had to de-glam for it. It can’t be easy going from being a bombshell s*x symbol to looking all rough and um… rugged. She is used to projecting an image of beauty, sensuality, and glamor, which she had to not just undo but reverse for the role. People appreciated her for her daring choice and for nailing the role and looking the part. They wonder ‘What did they do to her for Griselda?’ Was it plastic surgery or was it just makeup and prosthetics? Let’s have a talk about that!

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Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Griselda: How Did She Transform into the Colombian Drug Trafficker?

Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) did not undergo plastic surgery as a part of her transformation for the role of Griselda Blanco, contrary to what a lot of people think.  She has admitted to doing Botox on her face and neck, not for the role though.

Sofia Vergara's fans wonder if she had plastic surgery for Griselda. houseandwhips.comSofia Vergara’s fans wonder if she had plastic surgery for Griselda.
Image Source: InStyle

Vergara went through an insane transformation in order to look the part of the role of the Colombian drug trafficker and founder of the Medellin Cartel she took to play in the Netflix miniseries Griselda. She looked every bit like a woman who was in the world of Miami in the ’70s and ’80s. Rough like the fearsome and dangerous woman she portrayed in stark contrast to her usual glamorous self. The question a lot of people have about the transformation is: Did she get plastic surgery for the role?

Well, to answer that question, no. She did not go under the knife for her transformation. So, what did they do to Sofia Vergara in Griselda? It’s hours’ worth of makeup and styling that de-glammed her. As she said, she had her eyebrows modified, wore a dental prosthesis, a wig, and a prosthetic on her nose as well that was placed to widen it. She spent long hours in makeup for this but that was all it took. And plastic surgery for a role is too extreme, don’t you think?

Sofia Vergara’s hair and makeup design team did an amazing job transforming her into Griselda. Even though she didn’t go under the knife, it was a lot so, don’t say things like her transformation was only slight just because you could tell that she is a de-beautified version of Sofia. The idea for the change in her looks, according to her makeup artist Todd McIntosh, was to make Vergara look average by taking away the things that make her pretty. Plastic surgery would really be too much for that, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, Sofia Vergara will snap at you if you say things like it’s just her nose that looked different. Kelly Clarkson did that and I can see why Vergara had that spirited reaction to that.

Shut up! It was a lot! They did a lot to me. It was a wig, it was teeth, it was plastic from here to here.

Has Sophia Vergara Had Plastic Surgery? She Has Had Botox But Not For Griselda!

Sofia Vergara has denied having plastic surgery, save for Botox. houseandwhips.comSofia Vergara has denied having plastic surgery, save for Botox.
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It was not plastic surgery but it was all plastic. What they did to her for Griselda was that they removed her beautiful eyebrows and replaced them with the “tweezed-out, late ’70s look. She had to wear prosthetic eyebrow covers with false eyebrows on top of them. The makeup team also had her wear a prosthetic nose to make it look wider. She also wore “a plate of teeth that were slightly uneven, slightly bucked and a little bit discolored. Her bottom teeth were also yellowed out a bit because Griselda smokes. And as per hairstylist Kelly Kline, they did her hair flatter and smaller. Sofia Vergara‘s transformation took hours of makeup and styling.

She most certainly did not have the plastic surgery she often gets accused of. She hates when people make comments about her appearance saying that she has had work done.

I usually avoid reading comments because, what’s the point? They are usually people who are in a bad mood, depressed or jealous, but when I read them, I find things like: ‘She has done so many things that she doesn’t even look like herself anymore.’ And I think: ‘It’s not like someone had plastic surgery to be worse than before.’ I always feel like saying, ‘No, it’s called getting old! That’s why I look different.’

Sofia Vergara has explicitly denied having plastic surgery but that does not include Botox because when she was asked if she did any skin treatments or injections, she said,

I do little things here and there. I do a lot of micro-needling when I can. Also, I don’t have downtime. I wish I had downtime from work. I would do a lot more shit. But I do microneedling, little lasers for capillaries because I have rosacea. I do Botox in my eyes and in my neck regularly. Little things that I don’t need to sit in my house for a month because, unfortunately, I can’t. And products. I like products.

So, to conclude, Sofia Vergara has not had plastic surgery for Griselda and for real. However, she has dabbled in Botox.