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Spider-Punk's Boyfriend: Is It Captain Anarchy?

Jun 9, 2023 @ 0:00 GMT+0000
Spider-Punk's boyfriend is Captain Anarchy is what a lot of Marvel fans think.

Spider-Punk's boyfriend, many fans believe, is Captain Anarchy because as one of the Leftist heroes whose primary belief is anarchism, he fights alongside him. However, Hobie Brown's love interest has not been explored much in Across the Spider-Verse and besides, his sexuality has not been explicitly addressed in the comics. So, there's no mention of Spider Punk's boyfriend if he has one.

Spide-Man: Into the Spider-Verse really weaved intricate webs of joy and pleasure in 2018 when it filled the screen with webheads, all of the variations of spider people who can do anything a spider can do and more that you could never have imagined on your own. Fans fell in love with Hailee Steinfeld's Gwen Stacy aka Ghost-Spider and Nicolas Cage's intimidating Spider-Man Noir. Now, Marvel fans, as a continuation of Into the Spider-Verse in Across the Spider-Verse, got one more to adore - Spider-Punk.

Spider-Punk (voiced by Daniel Kaluuya), whose real name is Hobie Brown, is the Spider-Man of Earth-138 and isn't he one of the most vibrant ones? He sure is - with his colorful words. The most important thing about him is probably the fact that he fights oppression with a commitment to anarchy and disruption but that's not what makes him striking. That would be the trash aesthetic of 70s UK punk that he's dripping in. Also, his fashion sense is the highlight of him. Having said that, who's his boyfriend? He is gay, right? And he must have someone, no? That's all Marvel fans are thinking right now.

They want to know more about Spider-Punk's sexuality and boyfriend!

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Who is Spider-Punk's Boyfriend?

Spider-Verse directors Kemp Powers, Joaquim Dos Santos, and Justin K. Thompson really knew what they were doing when they visualized Hobie's world with that clashing aesthetics - bold newsprint and scratched and spray paint over brutalist buildings. It drew audiences towards Spider-Punk instantly even though, with the distinctive features he had, it was not really necessary. It's his look and style, that rebellious mohawk and a striking leather jacket he has, and it's his punk rock vibe that no other Spider-Man has, that has led to Marvel fans assuming his sexuality and wondering if he has a boyfriend.

Spider-Punk is believed to be gay and to have a boyfriend. Spider-Punk is believed to be gay and to have a boyfriend.
Image Source: Slash Film

Everything about Spider-Punk just jumps out, he's, like I said, striking and vibrant and colorful. Because of the captivating aesthetic he has, Marvel fans have drawn parallels between Hobie Brown and other LGBTQ figures. A lot of them have gone one step too far and assumed that he is gay and want to know if he has a boyfriend. They want to see how the foul-mouthed one would be around his romantic partner and what kind of chemistry he would have with his boyfriend.

Even though the comics have not explicitly made any references to Spider-Punk's sexuality and alluded that he is gay, fans see LGBTQ activism and liberation movements reflected in his defiant and anti-fascist attitude and in his unyielding opposition to injustice. Because they have taken away from his passionate stand from his anarchy that he is gay, they think he might have a boyfriend as well.

Because Hobie Brown's love interest has not been explored in Across the Spider-Verse, it has given more room for the fans to be making all kinds of speculations about his sexuality and his boyfriend. They have gone too non-canon and imagined that Spider-Punk is gay and he has a boyfriend and he's not very open about it because he's closeted and such. His lack of love interests has become, kind of like a blank slate, for people to make their assumptions.

Is Captain Anarchy Spider-Punk's Boyfriend?

Spider-Punk's boyfriend, many fans think, is Captain Anarchy.
Spider-Punk's boyfriend, many fans think, is Captain Anarchy.
Image Source: Mashable

While some speculate that Spider-Punk is gay and has a boyfriend, others have even determined who his romantic partner is. Yeah, many Marvel fans are of the opinion that there might be something between Hobie Brown and Captain Anarchy. By now, you must have watched Across the Spider-Verse and if you have, you must know that Hobie is not merely known for his fashion sense, but he is also known to be a symbol of opposition to President Norman Osborn's repressive government in his dystopian reality.

Spider-Punk has been revealed to be a member of a loose configuration of Leftist heroes, including the flag-smashing Captain Anarchy. He works to overthrow the unfair society and his primary belief is anarchism, and he fights alongside Captain Anarchy. They are partners in their struggle against injustice and corruption and in their ardent resistance to authoritarian leadership which is one of the reasons why people think Captain Anarchy is Hobie's boyfriend.

Besides, Captain Anarchy is gay and he's a partner with Spider-Punk, which people have taken to mean that he is his boyfriend. However, none of that is canon. Some believe he could be with Gwen Stacy.

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