Stephen Nolan Weight Loss: He Has Lost Weight Several Times!

Derick Scholz

Stephen Nolan has been on several weight loss journeys.


Stephen Nolan has recently been hosting a food show to help people with their weight loss. He shared healthy food recipes with his audience and talked to people who have been struggling with weight for a long time. Stephen Nolan has been on several weight loss journey all of which ends with him losing control and getting fatter each time.

Stephen Raymond Nolan is a Northern Irish radio and television presenter for BBC Northern Ireland and BBC Radio 5 Live. He started gaining recognition when he joined the BBC and began his professional career in 2002 by joining Belfast City Beat. He has come a long way since then to now when he is said to be the highest-earning BBC broadcaster in Northern Ireland.

Stephen has recently been in the news after he apologized following allegations that he sent unsolicited sexually explicit photographs to colleagues. He said he is not ignoring the story; it’s just that the BBC has processes in place to deal with staff complaints, and he does need to respect those processes. Although he claimed to be sorry, he denied the Irish News report that the team planted producers in the TV audience.

After the news, many people are curious to know if his recent weight loss is deliberate or if it might be due to work pressure. In this article, we will talk about his diet, workout, and favorite foods. To know more about Stephen Nolan’s weight loss, read this article.

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Stephen Nolan Shares Healthy Food Recipes for Weight Loss in His New Food Show!

Stephen Nolan (@StephenNolan) has celebrated his weight loss many times, but each time he ends up gaining more weight. He has tried many workouts and diets to lose weight, but none of them have worked permanently. As of now, he seems to be busy hosting a food show to help people by sharing some simple, healthy, and low-calorie food recipes.

Stephen Nolan had a weight loss of seven stone in 14 weeks in 2019.
houseandwhips.comStephen Nolan had a weight loss of seven stone in 14 weeks in 2019.
Image Source: Irish News

Stephen has struggled with his weight for a long time. The last time he talked about his weight loss was in 2020 when he admitted to going on a low-calorie diet but ended up losing control and gaining weight back. He revealed that he was 23 stone, and he lost seven stone in 14 weeks, but he put every bit of it back on again because he lost control. He also stated:

I did the 800 calorie diet last year for 12 weeks. I only came off it once a week on a Tuesday night, I had Tandoori Chicken, I don’t know how may calories that is, that was my one meal a week. The rest of the week I was doing 800 calories.

How Has Stephen Nolan’s Current Food Show Helped People With Weight Loss?

Stephen Nolan‘s physical appearance has sparked many discussions among people. He is helping people with their weight loss through his new show. He has been seen as the host of Feed Yourself Fitter on BBC iPlayer. The food show premiered on May 19, 2023, and Nolan meets with people across Northern Ireland who have struggled with weight for a long time.

Stephen learns the secret recipe to cooking simple, healthy, and low-calorie meals. Every week he calls on the expertise of a different chef to taste the food and talk about how the recipe helps with weight loss. The food show has been getting many good and positive reviews and the viewers think Stephen has to look fitter by the end of the show.

Stephen Nolan has been hosting a new food show called Feed Yourself Fitter. houseandwhips.comStephen Nolan has been hosting a new food show called Feed Yourself Fitter.
Image Source: Belfast Telegraph

The show has really helped people in terms of weight loss. In the first episode of the show, he meets Dora, whose weight was hugely impacted by the recent deaths of her family members. In the next episode, he meets Fermanagh, who is struggling with work and food. Well, everyone has their problem, and this show has shown how mental and physical problems can affect our weight.

Stephen Nolan Admitted That Sugar and Carbs Used to Make Him Happy!

Stephen Nolan works very hard to maintain his eight. In 2019, the BBC broadcaster shared a picture in which he looked very sweaty in gym clothes. At the time, he was showing off an incredible 8-stone weight loss that he underwent in just four months. He looked very happy with the results and he shared every step of how he did it on his Twitter account.

Well, it was not the first time he tried hard for weight loss. He has claimed to have tried very hard to lose weight over the last 40 years but every single time, he ended up getting fatter. In 2014, he documented his weight loss attempts on TV documentaries Food on the Brain and Biggest Diet in the Country. He lost six stone but struggled to keep it off.