Super Dave’s Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Bob Einstein’s Lips? Is It Real or Fake?


Super Dave's Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Bob Einstein's Lips? Is It Real or Fake?

Bob Einstein aka Super Dave Osborne was believed to have the most disastrous case of plastic surgery gone wrong when he appeared on Conan with his overinflated lips. In the show, the comedian even talked about suing the doctor who messed it up for $10 million because it could not be fixed, which turned out to be a gag on the show and not real. Nothing happened to Bob Einstein’s lips, there was never going to be a lawsuit, and all of it was fake and not actual plastic surgery. Super Dave, however, is speculated to have other plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, fillers, a nose job, and a facelift. He never admitted it. 

Bob Einstein was an American actor, comedy writer, and producer who is widely known and loved for his portrayal of Marty Funkhouser in Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry Middleman in Arrested Development. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour were the shows that were his entry into the television variety shows.

He went on win two Emmy Awards as a writer and he created and performed the iconic character Super Dave Osborne. Super Dave is a satirical character and Bob Einstein’s comedic depiction was of a naive but optimistic stuntman who was frequently comically injured when his stunts went spectacularly wrong.

In his final days, he is said to have gone overboard with plastic surgery. Mostly something happened to his lips that made people wonder if it was real or fake. To find out what happened to his lips and to learn more about Super Dave Osborne’s plastic surgery, read the following article!

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Bob Einstein aka Super Dave Osborne’s Plastic Surgery: Nothing Happened to His Lips; His Overinflated Lips Were Fake and There Was No Lawsuit Over It!

In his final years, before he died, time had not been very gracious to Bob Einstein aka Super Dave Osborne. Or maybe should we say plastic surgery had not been kind to him because it left him looking like a poorly made wax version of himself. Looking at the mirror in those days must have been traumatizing for him if it had been real. There’s a theory going around that his botched surgery and his deformed face were just a part of a skit he was doing.

Well, we can’t tell for sure because Bob Einstein never came out and replied that plastic surgery made him look like that and that it was not real. Because if it was makeup it was a job done too well which made him look like the representation of every person whose cosmetic procedure went botched as they could. That’s not a good picture at all but he looked like that. It did not matter whose fault was it then, his or the surgeon’s, because the extreme damage had been done.

So, Super Dave Osborne went a little and by little, I mean a lot – far with plastic surgery. Even with Botox. He could have gotten it injected in just the right dose and looked normal without wrinkles. But, no. He sure acted like he had endless streams of revenue and no amount of Botox would be enough for him. And he definitely made his forehead wrinkle-free but he also made it the smoothest thing in the world. I bet he couldn’t have wiped the sweat from his forehead without his hand slipping.

Bob Einstein is also believed to have had a nose job. The nose job, however, he could not have done as an anti-aging procedure, just because he was not in love with the shape of his nose. Very few people are but not all go for plastic surgery. He is not one of them. He looked like he has undergone the rhinoplasty procedure to narrow it down because it used to look much wider before and wider in Hollywood is secretly a big no-no. Though the change could have been aging, some say. But is it possible that your nose changes its shape with age?

Now, our Super Dave was also said to have a facelift. But did he really? He more looked like he got fillers because fillers alone could take the responsibility for him looking like a wax version of himself. The chalky undertone and pillowy complexion that made it look like the blood had drained from his face could only be fillers. Why would he get a facelift, one of the most painful and difficult plastic surgery in the world, when he could just inject fillers and look like that?

Maby Bob Einstein did both. His face did not look puffed up but it sure seemed too smooth and wrinkle-free. And it didn’t sag down at all. That was really not natural for his age.

Super Dave was also rumored to get the lip injections that went horribly wrong though there is a theory that it was just for a skit. The rumors that his plastic surgery went botched extended only to his lip fillers. The world was shook when he made an appearance on Conan with his overinflated lips that looked like a leech overfilled with blood.

He was said to have his lips injected as part of a gag for Conan O’Brien’s show and he didn’t actually get lip fillers and that overinflated lips of his were not something that could not be fixed as he said on the show. And he didn’t really have to sue the doctor for $10 million who did that and messed it up because it could not be fixed like he said. Apparently, it was just a skit to mock the trend of getting lip fillers and how ridiculous overfilled lips looked.

When Bob Einstein appeared on the show like that, before they got in the gag that well, it was just a gag, they were horrified to see him. They really thought it was the most unfortunate case of plastic surgery gone awry, freaked out about it, and really regretted it for the beloved Super Dave Osborne. There were also internet trolls at large, some of them very creative.

In a gossip forum, there was one comment that said, “Yeah, with that last name and that face, maybe we should call him Frank!” and another one that read, “Dude’s starting to look like a walking corpse and I can’t figure out if it’s because he’s had a bunch of cosmetic surgery or if he’s just aging that way.”

If people still question what happened to his lips and wonder if it was real or fake, well, it was fake.

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