Suranne Jones Looks Extremely Flat After Breast Reduction!


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Suranne Jones has most likely had breast reduction. – Suranne Jones has not confirmed having breast reduction surgery but it looks like she has definitely had it because she looks much flatter compared to how curvy she was when she was younger. The actress once shared that she may decide to get her boobs reduced because she doesn’t feel comfortable with her big chest. Suranne Jones seems to have gone through with the decision to get a breast reduction.

Suranne Jones first got noticed at a mainstream level when she played the role of Karen McDonald in Coronation Street. She appeared in Corrie from 2000 to 2004. After she left, she did other drama series such as Vincent, Strictly Confidential, and Harley Street, where she was very appreciated for her fine acting skills. Her fame went to higher strata when she portrayed the convicted murderer Ruth Slater in the mini-series Unforgiven to perfection.

Suranne Jones was also a treat to watch when she starred as Detective Rachel Bailey in the police procedural Scott & Bailey. She garnered further critical acclaim for her roles in Single Father, Five Days, and The Crimson Field. She was brilliant in stage work as well, including productions of A Few Good Men, Blithe Spirit, Top Girls, Beautiful Thing, and Orlando. She is just incredible at acting, isn’t she? But, on a totally unrelated note, she has had a breast reduction, hasn’t she? She looks much flatter than before.

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Suranne Jones Had Considered Breast Reduction More Than a Decade Ago!

Suranne Jones (@suranne_jones) has definitely gone through a breast reduction procedure. She has not confirmed it but I think her flat figure speaks volumes about the plastic surgery.

Suranne Jones considered breast reduction because she was not happy with her enormous bust. houseandwhips.comSuranne Jones considered breast reduction because she was not happy with her enormous bust.
Image Source: Digital Spy

Even when Jones was not so open to the idea of getting plastic surgery (back in 2008 when she was in a drama about cosmetic surgery titled Harley Street, she was asked what she thought of the cosmetic procedures and she said that it scared her and that there was nothing wrong with having a lived-in face and being an older woman), she still didn’t rule out a breast reduction or lift. When Suranne Jones was asked if she would ever consider a nip/tuck in the future, she said,

I don’t think I’d ever touch my face. But if and when – God willing – I have a couple of children, who knows? Maybe I’d resort to a breast lift or tummy tuck to feel sexy about myself again. But I wouldn’t want to reinvent myself or anything like that – I’d only ever want to get myself back to how I was. But right now it’s certainly not for me – in fact it scares the living daylights out of me.

The same year, Suranne Jones explained why she may decide to have a breast reduction procedure. The Coronation Street actress shared that she was unhappy and uncomfortable with her 32FF bust and that she was willing to opt for cosmetic surgery as a solution. Having enormous boobs is not fun as many would think. Many women have gotten breast reduction for comfort and Jones considered it too. In an interview, she said,

I’ve never felt comfortable about having such an enormous chest. I don’t wear anything that shows them off, and I have real difficulty buying clothes. I’m a size 10/12 on the bottom and up to a size 16 on top, so if I want a bikini I often have to buy the same one in two different sizes to get one that fits.

Suranne Jones Went Through With Breast Reduction!

Suranne Jones now looks extremely flat compared to how curvy she was back when she was younger. houseandwhips.comSuranne Jones now looks extremely flat compared to how curvy she was back when she was younger.
Image Source: Hello! Magazine

Besides the obvious physical discomfort and back pain, women also find it hard to get clothes that look appropriate and fit on their bodies. Maybe because big boobs are not really worth it, though she first dismissed the idea of getting plastic surgery to reduce her breasts, she later came around it. Speaking of how she got the idea of breast reduction, Suranne Jones said,

I saw a Harley Street cosmetic surgeon some years back to discuss having a reduction. I thought about it long and hard and although I decided against it then, I haven’t dismissed the idea.

Since then, the Unforgiven actress seems to have gone through with the procedure. She has never confirmed actually having the breast reduction surgery but I think her figure speaks for it. She looks noticeably flat in the chest area. For someone who everyone remembers being super voluptuous in that zone, her flatness really stands out now. She used to be extremely curvy back when she was young. But she was uncomfortable with the curves, with her massive boobs, so she actually went ahead with plastic surgery to reduce her breasts, or so it seems.

Like I said, Suranne Jones has made no comments on the speculations that she had a breast reduction. Maybe she is letting her figure speak for it all.