Vicky Pattison Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?

Derick Scholz

Vicky Pattison has been on countless weight loss journeys.

Vicky Pattison has always made headlines with the fluctuation in her weight, whether be it weight loss or weight gain. Ever since the Geordie Shore star came to fame in 2011, she has fluctuated from a size 6 to a 16. Vicky Pattison has done a lot to lose weight, strictly following a severe diet routine and a fitness DVD. At one point, she was even an ambassador for Weight Watchers. But now, she is more relaxed about her weight loss. 

Vicky Pattison is mostly recognized for her appearance in the MTV show Geordie Shore from 2011 to 2014. She is also known for appearing in Ex on the Beach in 2014 and 2015 and her own show Judge Geordie in 2015. She also happens to be the winner of the fifteenth series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! She was a team captain on the Channel 5 panel show It’s Not Me, It’s You and co-presented I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp in 2016. She also became a permanent member of the panel of the ITV daytime chat show Loose Women in January 2016.

The prominent British television and media personality has been around for long and the public has seen her fluctuate in weight in the time she has been around. She has been size 16 and she has been size 6. She never seemed comfortable in her body and was always on some kind of weight loss journey. Here’s everything to know about Vicky Pattison’s weight loss journey!

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Vicky Pattinson’s Weight Loss: How Much Does She Weigh Now?

Vicky Pattison (@vickypattison) has probably made the most headlines because of the fluctuations in her weight. She has been on countless journeys of weight loss because she always keeps on putting on more and more weight. Since she landed Georgie Shore in 2011 and began to live her life with the public’s eyes on her, her dress size has fluctuated from a size 6 to a 16. She has been on both ends of the weight spectrum.

Vicky Pattison's life used to be a cycle of weight gain and weight loss a few years back. houseandwhips.comVicky Pattison’s life used to be a cycle of weight gain and weight loss a few years back.
Image Source: The Mirror

As for her most recent weight loss, the reality star shed some weight which brought about a visible physical transformation in 2022. Going by her social media, it looked like she was getting more relaxed about her weight as there were fewer photos of her working out and stuff and more pictures of her scoffing. So, her followers were amazed to see her drop so much weight in a very short period.

When a fan brought that up during an ‘Ask me anything’ session, Vicky Pattison revealed that she lost about a stone in three months because she had her contraceptive implant removed. She said,

Around a year ago I had my contraceptive implant removed – I did it predominantly as I needed to live without synthetic hormones in my body but it also saw me lose about a stone in three months.

Well, as it turned out, Vicky Pattison’s weight loss was just a consequence of the removal of her contraceptive implant. And truly, she was not going to extreme measures to lose weight like before when she used to be super conscious of every single pound of her body and uncomfortable in her own skin because of her size. It was such a  fresh and much-needed change compared to the past when she used to struggle a lot to get a Love Island body.

Before, the Loose Women panelist used to fluctuate in weight a lot. She used to gain quickly and because she was obsessed with her weight and looking slim, she would immediately embark on a weight loss journey and then, she would lose it only to gain it back as quickly as she lost that. She has dropped down to nine stones from 12 only to reach 16 stones. And she has slimmed down from a size 16 to a size 8 as quickly. The only question regarding that is, how did she do it?

Vicky Pattison’s Weight Loss Secrets: Diets and Workout Routines!

Vicky Pattison credits her drastic weight loss to a mixture of HIIT workouts and a high-protein diet. She said that she chooses to follow a healthy diet routine with the occasional treat over obsessing over everything she eats once she loses weight because she wants to enjoy herself and have a life and not worry about gaining weight again. In an interview with Heat magazine, talking about her motivation to slim down, she said,

I didn’t lose all this weight and I don’t train hard to sit at home in my gorgeous size eight dress staring at my boyfriend, who’s eating a Dominos. I’ve done this so I can have a life and enjoy myself.

Vicky Pattison is not as obsessed with weight loss now as she was before. houseandwhips.comVicky Pattison is not as obsessed with weight loss now as she was before.
Image Source: Women’s Health

Vicky spilled some of her weight loss secrets during an interview with The Sun. She said that the number one advice she would give to her younger self so that she would not gain much weight in the first place would be to ditch the sugary drinks. She also would avoid alcohol. Now, she considers alcohol to be a treat to have occasionally. She does not have it as often as she used to, though she does have the occasional slimline tonic or gin or vodka soda.

As for her weight loss diet, the media personality relied on protein shakes or bars to keep herself going and opted for green tea and plenty of water to keep herself hydrated in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to Daily Star, a typical day for Vicky would start with a protein-packed breakfast of scrambled eggs with veg and green tea or a green smoothie. Then, she would have a superfood salad with chicken and sweet potato, a chunky soap, or a wrap. For dinner, she would eat a protein-rich meal with chicken or salmon, along with a side of complex carbs like butternut squash and lots of veggies or brown rice.

Vicky Pattison, in order to make better food choices during the day, worked out first thing in the morning. She said that starting her day by working out early puts her in a good mood and it helps her to make the right food decisions when she puts her body through something rather than hitting the snooze button. She said that she liked to do a mixture of boxing, spinning, and HIIT training.

That routine was a long time ago. Now, Vicky Pattison is more about loving herself the way she is and not being hard on herself for weight loss. She has now gone from using a fitness DVD and following strict diets to enjoying life in the body that she has. At one point, she was an ambassador for Weight Watchers. Now, she regrets the time she spent perpetuating the skinny body standard by tearing down her own body and striving for weight loss like her life depended on it.

Vicky Pattison now realizes that there is more to life than being a size 6 or not having a thigh gap and that life is for living and not missing out on it to chase some unrealistic and unmaintainable aesthetic. She has taken a very relaxed approach when it comes to her weight and she has freed herself from the constant weight loss journey.