Vince Wilfork’s Weight Loss: Bill Belichick Was Surprised With The NFL Star’s Transformation!


Vince Wilfork’s Weight Loss: Bill Belichick Was Surprised With The NFL Star's Transformation!

Vince Wilfork has undergone a significant weight loss since he retired from the sport five years ago. For his playing career, his listed weight was 325 pounds which made him one of the heaviest NFL players but despite being that heavy, he had 40 yard dash time of 5.08 seconds. However, since then, Vince Wilfork has had a dramatic weight loss which has surprised both his fans and critics. 

Vincent Lamar Wilfork AKA Vince Wilfork, a former American football nose tackle who was born on November 4, 1981, spent 13 seasons in the National Football League (NFL), mostly with the New England Patriots. He represented the University of Miami in college football, and the Patriots selected him in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft.

Wilfork attended Santaluces Community High School in Palm Beach County, Florida, and was raised in Boynton Beach, Florida. He earned medals in track and field, football, and wrestling there. He was named to the second team of USA Today’s All-American football players.

Vince Wilfork was a standout performer in the throwing events in track and field. In 2000, he won the shot put and discus state championships for Florida’s Class 4A. With a throw of 68 feet, he also holds the shot put state high school record for Florida (20.73 m). His longest throw in the discus competition was 180 feet (54.86 m).

Prior to his retirement after the 2016 season, he also spent two seasons playing with the Houston Texans. He is the only member of the New England Patriots to have triumphed in both Super Bowl XXXIX and XLIX, along with Tom Brady. Wilfork is regarded as one of the finest defensive tackles in NFL history, having been named to the Pro Bowl as well as the All-Pro team in 2007, 2010, 2011, and 2012. The news about his weight loss has shocked many fans and critics. Read this article to know all about Vince Wilfork’s weight loss journey.

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Vince Wilfork’s Weight Loss Transformation Surprised Bill Belichick; How Much Does The Footballer Weigh Now?

Vince Wilfork (@vincewilfork), whose listed weight for his playing career was 325 pounds, has lost a considerable amount of weight since retiring from the sport five years ago. Both admirers and critics are shocked by this drastic weight loss. Exactly how much weight he has lost? He has not revealed the exact figure.

Vince Wilfork has officially been inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Saturday. On the preceding event on Thursday night, dressed in a red blazer, he shared an amusing anecdote about how Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots was stunned by his physical transformation and had a strong reaction to his new look after weight loss.

In the event, Vince Wilfork recounted to the reporters the funny story about the time he bumped into the legendary Patriots coach in Miami last year.
He stated:

Bill was being Bill. He was on his treadmill working out, and I was like, ‘I want to go see Coach, He’s on the treadmill working out, and I come in and he’s like, ‘What the f—?’ What?? And I’m trying to talk to him, and the only thing he [could] say was, ‘Oh my gosh, you look good! You look like you can still play,’ And I was like, ‘Okay Coach, listen, I just came to see you.’ He couldn’t stop saying how good I looked and everything.

In his 13-season NFL career, of which 11 were spent with New England, Vince Wilfork was reported as weighing 325 pounds, according to Pro Football Reference. Despite being heavyweight, he had a 40-yard dash time of 5.08 seconds.

Speaking of his weight loss during the event on Thursday, he also shared with the reporters that he had slimmed down as a result of focusing on living a healthy lifestyle and leading a stress-free life after retirement. Additionally, the two-time Super Bowl champion stated he still finds it difficult to comprehend the honor as he gets ready for his induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame. During an interview with the reporters, he stated that:

Never once when I played I thought about being where I’m at, honestly,I just love football, that’s how I approached every day, to be the best teammate I possibly could be and be consistent.

Vince Wilfork was a pillar of New England’s defense and won two Super Bowls with the Patriots during his career. He was also selected for five Pro Bowls and he used to be one of the heaviest NFL players. But now, Wilfork is still in excellent shape after his weight loss journey. However, he is not tempted to come out of his retirement simply because he is much fitter now and he made sure to note that Belichick was unable to persuade him to play in the NFL well into his forties like his former teammate Tom Brady (@tombrady).

Vince Wilfork’s internet followers are pleased with his weight loss and excited about the future of his happy and healthy lifestyle. After retirement, the majority of professional athletes neglect their health, which leads to a variety of health problems and weight gain that worsens the situation. Additionally, a lot of athletes continue to have poor eating habits after they stop competing, which hinders them in weight loss.

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