Alesha Dixon’s Weight Loss: What Does She Eat? How Much Does She Weigh Now?

Derick Scholz

Alesha Dixon’s Weight Loss: What Does She Eat? How Much Does She Weigh Now?

Alesha Dixon has undergone significant weight loss over the years by eating a healthy diet and following strict exercise. While we’re unaware of how much she weighs now, she has kept fans up to date on her progress in losing weight with pictures and videos on her social media.

As Alesha Dixon returned to her hosting duties for the Eurovision Song Contest, viewers seem to have been split. The Britain’s Got Talent judge switched from ITV to BBC One to see the world’s biggest music competition’s grand final. Meanwhile, she has appeared several times this week, hosting the contest’s two 2023 semi-final programs alongside Ted Lasso actress, and Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina to take the stage. However, as the final began on Saturday night (May 13) at Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena, the trio was joined by Eurovision great Graham Norton.

But when TV star-turned-singer Alesha Dixon walked out in a sparkling costume that showed off her abs, admirers couldn’t help but react. The former Mis-Teeq star looked amazing in a bedazzled blue gown with a waist cut-out to show off her toned physique and a super-high split revealing her toned pins. As a result, many people have been curious to learn about the secret behind her weight loss journey. Well, let’s get started.

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Alesha Dixon Has Undergone Slight Weight Loss by Eating a Healthy Diet and Following a Strict Exercise Routine!

Alesha Dixon (@aleshaofficial) may have spent years perfecting her diet and training program, but judging by her most recent miraculous weight loss transformation after giving birth to a kid, she appears to have finally figured it out. Many individuals believe she made the right decisions about her fitness and nutrition, which resulted in excellent results for her. However, we’re unaware of how much she weighs now.

Alesha Dixon's weight loss is visible in her recent Instagram posts.Alesha Dixon’s weight loss is visible in her recent Instagram posts.
Image Source: Instagram

Alesha Dixon is one of the country’s brightest stars whose 1 million-strong Instagram is a combination of TV behind-the-scenes, home exercises, and life with her two babies and husband, A.Z. One aspect of her social media presence that we can’t get enough of is how bloomin’ strong she is. Or how hard she works to maintain her mind and body robust and healthy. Alesha is truly becoming healthy by doing everything from resistance training to various types of yoga, circuit training, and outdoor workouts to maintain her weight-loss physique.

Aside from regular exercise, the devoted mother of two follows a balanced pescatarian diet – with the occasional treat for her weight loss transformation. Her meals are packed with vegetables, cereals, and pulses, as well as healthy fats and protein from fish. That could also explain how she keeps her energy levels up during her hectic work schedule.

The star of both the British and American small screens, morning food is primarily determined by her plans for the day, but she told, “I always have a ginger shot.” The wellness drink is thought to help reduce inflammation and calm digestive troubles, making it an ideal way to begin the day.

Alesha Dixon follows a strenuous workout with a filling lunch that will keep her energy levels up, such as oatmeal with sliced banana and almond milk or a poached egg. Her go-to meals include avocado on toast or half a grapefruit, as well as green tea, water, and smoothies.

Alesha’s favorite lunch items are soups and salads. In an interview with the Daily Star in 2013, she told, “I love salads and lean fish and when I can I eat sashimi and sushi. I’m now a pescatarian. Also, I love roasted vegetables, avocado and aubergine as well.” Later, the 41-year-old showed her youngest daughter Anaya grinning after a lunch that included a lot of broccoli in her Instagram post with the proof all over her face and tray table. So it appears that love of vegetables runs in the family!

Alesha Dixon's latest appearance.Alesha Dixon’s latest appearance.
Image Source: Instagram

Alesha has spoken openly about her love of Jamaican food, in addition to pasta and spicy meals. “I’m a pescetarian so dinner might be salmon with green beans and sweet potato. But I have been cutting back lately – now we know that fish can contain plastics and microbeads, it’s no longer necessarily the healthier choice,” she revealed, before admitting to Women’s Health that she would replace her salmon with tofu, quinoa, and stir-fried veggies.

Like the rest of us, Alesha Dixon occasionally enjoys a treat like a glass of wine, strawberry cheesecake, or Maltesers, and after Anaya’s first birthday was celebrated with a massive show-stopping cake, we’d like to imagine the TV personality took pleasure in a slice, too! Additionally, Alesha has stated that her children had helped her minimize her unhealthy eating habits. The Mirror reported,

The first two or three weeks of lockdown all I did was bake and drink wine, then I said, ‘Nah, I can’t do this for three months. Having children is what keeps me sane. There’s always that part of me that says, ‘You’ve got to keep it together for your girls.’ If I didn’t have them I’d ­probably drink more wine.