Amanda Anisimova’s Full Figure Is Not Extra Weight Gain!


Amanda Anisimova has not had a weight gain recently. – Amanda Anisimova has people talking about her weight gain every time she’s on the court because she doesn’t have the most lean and athletic body. Tennis fans have never been able to get over how she put on weight when she turned 16. She developed a more curvaceous figure and has been that way since. Amanda Anisimova is always criticized for having weight gain when she, as an adult, has always been curvy like that. 

Amanda Anisimova has proved herself to be a very skilled tennis player from the get-go. I mean, she has never fallen out of the top 100 ranking since she was 17 years old, she won her first WTA title in April 2019 at the Copa Colsanitas at the age of 17, and she was ranked as high as No. 2 in the world as a junior when she won the 2017 US Open girls’ singles title and two other Grade-A titles. Currently, she has a career-high WTA ranking of No. 21 in the world. She reached three WTA finals and has won two WTA Tour titles in total.

Amanda Anisimova already had a very impressive career but her most notable breakthrough at the Grand Slam events came in 2019. She became the youngest semifinalist at the tournament in over a decade after defeating Simona Halep. She went off for a while after her father’s death in the same year. She even dropped out of the top 80 in 2021 but she caught up where she left off and bounced back when she made the Wimbledon quarter-final and returned to the world’s top 25. There are great expectations from her at the 2024 Australian Open as well but some tennis fans seem to think her weight gain might not let her give the best results. Let’s talk about that!

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Amanda Anisimova’s Weight Gain: She Hasn’t Really Gained Any Extra Weight!

Amanda Anisimova (@amandaanisimova) has always had tennis fans making speculations about her weight gain and commenting on her figure. Now that she is contending at the 2024 Australian Open, the discussions about her weight have started again for the umpteenth time.

Amanda Anisimova has not had any extra weight gain recently. houseandwhips.comAmanda Anisimova has not had any extra weight gain recently.
Image Source: Daily Express

Amanda has always been a great tennis player but a lot of people seem to think that she’s not reaching her full potential because the build of her body is holding her back. They have the opinion that she does not have the figure that pro-athletes should have and that she could stand to lose some weight to get leaner and in turn, improve her game. They are always on her back about her weight gain, more intensely so during tournaments, even though she has been the same weight for a while.

As the 2024 Australian Open is going on and Amanda Anisimova is one of the contenders, people making comments about her body and weight has started in full force. However, nothing new has been said, it’s the same old remarks rehashed for the umpteenth time. Tennis fans have been making the same observations about her weight since she turned 16. Even though she has not actually had a weight gain, they always end up attributing her low points to her weight.

The thing is that Amanda Anisimova got bigger physically when she turned 16 which is very natural obviously and isn’t something that anybody should be criticized for. But since Amanda is a tennis player, she got sh*t for it because many tennis fans thought that the extra weight she gained which was just her developing affected her game and she did nothing about her weight. They said that she did not gain any power from her weight and it only made her slower. Like I said, they blamed her weight gain for any fault in her game.

Amanda Anisimova Doesn’t Like People Commenting On Her Weight Gain or Her Body!

Ever since Amanda Anisimova turned an adult, tennis fans have been going on about how she needs to get a lot leaner and improve her fitness level because the extra weight, which is just her curves, is just impeding her movement. She is not bulky as the comments would have you believe. She just grew up to be a full-figured woman with healthy curves but people think that’s not the shape for an athlete to be in. They believe that she needs to do something about her weight gain to be one of the best, most of whom are of thin, lean, and athletic build.

Amanda Anisimova is always criticized for not having an athletic build. houseandwhips.comAmanda Anisimova is always criticized for not having an athletic build.
Image Source: WTA

She does have some well-wishers who defend her by pointing out that it’s not any extra weight she has in her and that’s just her normal body shape that she wouldn’t be able to do much about even with extreme efforts. They also have made the observation that there are very few instances in which players improve their game after losing weight and going by that, there is not much advantage to be gained by losing weight but the weight gain critics are adamant that it’s not the same for Amanda Anisimova as it’s her figure that’s stopping her from reaching her full potential.

I don’t think that Amanda is ever going to be given peace about her body in her career. The fact that her body is built in a curvaceous way seems like a crime she committed because tennis fans have been ruthless about it. Maybe her figure is hindering her but if it’s the way she’s built, she can’t just lose weight, she has to get around it, which is a realization people refuse to come to terms with. They are always busy criticizing her weight gain. They never tire of it.

Amanda Anisimova has made her dislike for such comments very clear but people don’t stop. She very much is not in need of all the unnecessary remarks and suggestions that weight loss could improve her game but it seems like tennis fans aren’t ever getting over her weight. When a person messaged her to say that she had the most unathletic body with giant boobs and narrow shoulders, she responded by saying that she was never going to understand the hyper-fixation people have about her body. It is indeed hard to figure out how her weight gain has gained her a lot of haters.