Amanda Holden’s Not Had Weight Loss But Check Out Her Diet and Workout Routine!


Amanda Holden has not had weight loss recently. – Amanda Holden has not had a weight loss recently. It might appear so because she has been flaunting her slender body on Instagram these days but she has always been that thin. Also, Amanda Holden has never talked about weight loss but she has had a lot to share about her diet plan and workout routine. 

Amanda Holden is most recognized as a judge on the television talent show competition Britain’s Got Talent on ITV (she has been on the show since 2007) but did you also know that she co-hosts the national Heart Breakfast radio show with Jamie Theakston on weekday mornings? She is not just a television personality, she is also an actress, and a brilliant one at that. She was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award in 2004 for her performance in the musical stage show Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Some of Amanda Holden’s acting credits include The Grimleys, Kiss Me Kate, Cutting It, Wild at Heart, and Big Top. She also gave singing a try and in 2020, released a debut studio album Songs From My Heart, which reached the Top 5 on the UK Albums Chart. She has fared well in everything she has done. It’s impressive how she has managed her career and her life, and especially how she has maintained her body. She’s been flaunting her slender frame lately and it has brought up speculations of her weight loss (she has always been that thin), so let’s talk about that!

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Has Amanda Holden Had Weight Loss?

There has been a rise in speculations about Amanda Holden‘s (@noholdenback) weight loss because of her recent Instagram activity but if you have been following her for a long time, you would know that she hasn’t lost weight lately.

Amanda Holden is speculated to have undergone weight loss recently. houseandwhips.comAmanda Holden is speculated to have undergone weight loss recently.
Image Source: The Mirror

Isn’t Amanda’s physique amazing? Her body is very aesthetically pleasing, solely because of how perfect shape it is in. If anybody’s the actual epitome of fitness, it’s her. You might have seen that for yourself if you are on Instagram because she has been showing off her body on it and needless to say, she looks incredible, she looks fit. All those revealing pictures have resulted in people making speculations about her weight loss.

I think the speculation is just a case of people not realizing that Amanda Holden is that slender. In reality, she has always been that slim, and her recent pictures are revealing on her body only, it does not reveal that she has lost weight lately because she hasn’t. It’s just that she has maintained her body really well which is something that her followers were not aware of until she kind of bared her body. She most certainly hasn’t had weight loss recently.

If anything, the Britain’s Got Talent judge has gotten fitter with age. I know that it sounds impossible but in her case, she has made it happen because, at the age of 52, she has a fitter and more slender body than she had when she was young. She looks athletic and healthy with her slim frame. How she has managed to get that body is something I’m sure everyone’s very curious about because who would not want to look like her? So, forget her weight loss which hasn’t happened recently, and let’s discuss her diet plan and workout routine.

Maybe if we eat and do what Amanda Holden eats and does, we can get fit like her. But don’t get your hopes up because there’s no one fixed and right way to lose weight because not all bodies are the same, and maybe, it’s easy for Amanda because she’s naturally slim and what she does might not work for others just as well as it does for her. Anyway, there’s no harm in knowing what she does and besides, she has a very healthy lifestyle. Who can tell that we won’t have a bit of weight loss and get fitter if we take tips from her life?

Check Out Amanda Holden’s Weight Loss Diet Plan and Workout Routine!

Amanda Holden does not diet and does only simple exercises. houseandwhips.comAmanda Holden does not diet and does only simple exercises.
Image Source: Yorkshire Live

It might sound unbelievable that Holden of all people does not diet but she does not diet. She does not have a fixed diet plan where she avoids specific foods, except for everything ‘half-fat’ because she has to eat everything full-fat be it yogurt, butter, and cheese, and meat products because she is a vegetarian. Huh…, maybe that’s the secret to her weight loss and fitness. Anyway, she does not restrict herself in terms of eating because as Amanda Holden said,

Life is too short to be strict. Life is for living, so I believe in everything in moderation.

In an interview with Daily Mail, summing her diet plan, she said,

I eat everything, I drink everything. I had a friend once who didn’t make it to her 50s and her biggest regret was that she spent her life on a diet. I don’t diet.

As for her workout routine, it’s nothing hardcore and intense as her extremely fit body would have you think. She takes it very lightly and she doesn’t force herself to do anything that she doesn’t like or enjoy. Fitness is not a chore for her. What that entails for her is a run that she goes for three times a week. She’s not a very big fan of gyms so, she doesn’t take her workout to gym sessions. Even then, what Amanda Holden does has been enough for her ‘weight loss.’

Her run time lasts 36 minutes and she enjoys it because she said that it’s the one time she can be alone with her thoughts and clear her head. No wonder she does it regularly and no wonder it shows on her body. She also stays active on holiday swimming and doing yoga. She has said that such exercises, particularly yoga, help her beat fatigue. If there’s anything Amanda Holden would credit for her weight loss and fitness, it’s that.

There’s one exercise called the Breath of Fire which is great for abs. But it’s also a good pick-me-up when you’re tired – honestly, it’s better than a cup of coffee! My body got strong and any excess fat disappeared. It’s definitely made my tummy flatter.