Angela Rippon Plastic Surgery: How Does She Look So Young?


Angela Rippon is suspected of having plastic surgery to retain her youth.

Angela Rippon supposedly had plastic surgery to remove the signs of aging from his face. The journalist is suspected of having Botox, fillers, and a facelift to get rid of the wrinkles on her face and make it plump. Angela Rippon has always maintained that she would never get plastic surgery for vanity’s sake and that she has nothing to hide. She once admitted to trying Botox.

Angela Rippon‘s age-defying appearance has stunned people for decades. The television presenter is in her early seventies now but looking at her, you could never tell that because she stopped aging decades ago. It’s like she got frozen in her forties because that’s how old she looks. Looking way younger than her actual age has obviously led to plastic surgery speculations.

But Rippon has always claimed that she is all-natural and she has not had work done. People find that hard to believe that she could naturally look that young at her age. Let’s discuss Angela Rippon’s plastic surgery and what she has to say about that one!

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Has Angela Rippon Had Plastic Surgery?

Angela Rippon is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery in order to retain her youth and attain a younger appearance. She is mostly suspected of having Botox, fillers, and a facelift.

Angela Rippon is thought to have had plastic surgery to maintain herself and look young.  houseandwhips.comAngela Rippon is thought to have had plastic surgery to maintain herself and look young. 
Image Source: Yorkshire Live

She is believed to have had Botox injections because her face has very few wrinkles and looks way too smooth for a 78-year-old. There’s no way that she would look that way without plastic surgery, right? Even cosmetic surgery experts think that she has had the anti-wrinkle injection. Leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Lucy Glancey is of the opinion that a naturally strong bone structure and possibly a hint of Botox is what has kept Rippon looking young.

According to Glancey, Angela Rippon looks amazing for a woman of her advanced years because her forehead is very smooth and her skin generally has a very good texture. Unlike most women of her age, she does not have hollowed cheeks where the cheeks’ natural fat pads have slipped and she does not have a wrinkled face either. While the reason she looks youthfully plump might be her great, high cheekbones and her proper diet, the fact that she hardly has any lines around the eye areas even when smiling is definitely because she has had some Botox implants (plastic surgery) to plump and smooth out her crow’s feet.

A lot of people also believe that Angela Rippon has had fillers and a facelift, in addition to Botox, but Rippon insists that she has not had plastic surgery and that her face is all her own. She said that she’s earned her laughter lines (but where are they) and she’s proud of them and doesn’t feel the need to get cosmetic surgery. She also made sure to note that she was not against going under the knife.

I wouldn’t want any plastic surgery because I don’t feel I need it. Why would I? Yes I have laughter lines but I have earned every one, and am proud of each and every line. Surgery would get rid of those and I don’t want that. My face shows that I’ve had fun and a life of laughter – and I love that. I have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide. But if other people, or actresses, want to get work done then that is absolutely fine and totally up to them. Who am I to meddle in someone else’s affairs?

Angela Rippon Would Never Get Plastic Surgery For Vanity’s Sake!

Angela Rippon said that she would never get plastic surgery for the sake of vanity. houseandwhips.comAngela Rippon said that she would never get plastic surgery for the sake of vanity.
Image Source: The Times

If it baffles you to hear Angela Rippon claim that she has maintained herself to look that young without plastic surgery, as to what makes her look that youthful, she said that she leads an extremely active lifestyle which may have contributed to her evergreen appearance. She does swimming and power walking and she is a tennis and yoga enthusiast as well. She also has regular bouts of acupuncture and chemical peels which surely help keep lines and wrinkles at bay.

Angela Rippon has always implied that her lifestyle is what has helped her literally defy aging and maintain her youth. She has always maintained that she has never had plastic surgery for vanity’s sake (she once had to have four cosmetic operations after she smashed her nose as a child). She’s admitted to trying Botox once for her health and beauty column in Saga magazine but that’s it.

It looked wonderful but I wouldn’t try it again. It felt like having a rigid plaster on my forehead. However, if you feel it’s right for you, then go for it. But please, go to a professional and ask lots and lots of questions, because we’ve all heard the horror stories about when things go wrong.

Angela Rippon said that she has taken a rather conservative approach when it comes to plastic surgery even when the medical procedures have vastly improved and social stigma has receded because she is aware of how painful it is (her nose jobs) to have it for vanity’s sake.

Surgery isn’t something I’d choose. I know how painful and ghastly it is, and it’s not something I’d choose to repeat for vanity’s sake.