Anne Hathaway’s Weight Gain: Is The Actress Pregnant? Or Did She Put on Weight For a Role?


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Anne Hathaway's Weight Gain: Is The Actress Pregnant? Or Did She Put on Weight For a Role?

Anne Hathaway did undergo a weight gain of about 20 pounds not recently but about three years ago to prepare for her role in The Last Thing He Wanted. The changes in her body at the time were partly because she was pregnant. Anne Hathaway gladly did her part for weight gain because she saw it as a step towards body inclusivity and away from the celebration of slim bodies. 

Anne Hathaway is one of the most talented and successful American actresses of all time. Her Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Primetime Emmy speak of her talent and the critical acclaim she has received. And you could tell she is commercially successful and bankable from the fact that she was among the world’s highest-paid actresses in 2015 and that her films have grossed over $6.8 billion worldwide.

After she got her breakthrough role in the Disney comedy The Princess Diaries, she made a very graceful transition to adult roles. She did Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada, and Rachel Getting Married, the latter of which earned her a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Anne Hathaway also did Interstellar, The Intern, Ocean’s 8, and The Hustle. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance playing the role of Fantine, a prostitute dying of tuberculosis, in the musical Les Misérables. She bagged the Primetime Emmy for her voice role in the sitcom The Simpsons.

Recently, she also got to be the target of weight gain speculations. Because she is undeniably one of the skinniest actresses in Hollywood, such rumors seem to have come out of nowhere. Some people are wondering if she is pregnant because of those baseless rumors. She has not put on weight currently, though she has in the past. Let’s learn more about Anne Hathaway’s weight gain!

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Anne Hathaway’s Weight Gain: She Transformed Herself to Prepare For Her Role in The Last Things He Wanted in 2019!

So, Anne Hathaway (@annehathaway) is currently the subject of weight gain speculations which seems to have come out of nowhere as she is still the same slim and fit woman she was. She has really not put on any weight recently. But she did about three years ago – 20 pounds.

In 2019, Anne Hathaway underwent a weight gain of 20 pounds in preparation for a role in the film adaptation of Joan Didion‘s best-selling novel- The Last Thing He Wanted. She was told to get a little bigger to play the role of reporter Elena McMahon. Though it may not have seemed like a big deal to others, it was kind of symbolic for her of where Hollywood was heading and how it was making its progress in inclusivity after a long time of celebrating thin bodies.

For this, The Devil Wears Prada star was very thankful to director Dee Rees because she expected her actress to gain weight, not lose, which was different than what Anne had experienced before. In an interview with Allure, she talked about how she was kind of programmed to maintain a certain body type and to lose weight for roles (didn’t matter which one) since the time she was sixteen, which she was not very fond of. (You can see what weight gain for roles meant to her.)

At 16 years old, it was ‘Congratulations, you have the part. I’m not saying you need to lose weight. I’m just saying don’t gain weight.’ Which of course means you need to lose weight.

Anne Hathaway didn’t hesitate to have weight gain for the Netflix movie. And she was touched when Ane Crabtree, the costume designer for the movie, took care to make adjustments to the costumes according to her body. That was the moment when she realized that Hollywood was shifting and slowly letting go of its prejudice towards anything other than skinny bodies and moving towards inclusivity. She did understand that slim was still the norm but she appreciated the little progress anyway.

It was just this beautiful thing. I am cautious in my praise of how Hollywood is shifting. There is so much more body inclusivity—which is great!—but the thin thing is definitely still the centralized ‘normal’ expectation.

The 40-year-old actress said that the efforts towards body inclusivity and an environment where weight gain is not treated as if it was a taboo have made the entertainment business more nuanced and interesting and allowed for more interesting characters and stories. She also hoped that better things were to come for women in the industry.

Anne Hathaway was happy to undergo weight gain for these reasons but her transformation at the time was not entirely her efforts, pregnancy had a little something to do with it as well. People found out about that when she showed off her baby bump in an Instagram post in July 2019. She was awaiting the arrival of her second child with her husband Adam Shulman.

This was completely opposite from what happened the year before. In 2018, Anne Hathaway spoke about weight gain with the intention to put a stop to any pregnancy speculations before they even started. She said that she didn’t feel like dealing with such rumors. So, while she was on a press tour for her role in Ocean’s 8, she explained the changes in her body and went for the fat-shamers before they came to her via an Instagram post.

I am gaining weight for a movie role and it is going well. To all the people who are going to fat shame me in the upcoming months, it’s not me, it’s you.

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