Has Anne Hathaway Had Surgery to Reduce Her Breasts?


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Anne Hathaway seems to have undergone a procedure to decrease the size of her breasts. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Anne Hathaway definitely appears to have undergone a procedure to reduce her breasts. The actress notably had a prominent bust when she was younger but over the years, her cup size seems to have decreased. Some think it could be because of her weight loss whereas others are convinced that she had surgery to reduce the size of her breasts because of backache. Anne Hathaway has never talked about changing the size of her breasts.

Anne Hathaway has an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award to her name, and her films have grossed over $6.8 billion worldwide. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. I think this sums up how insanely successful her acting career has been. She’s not just a versatile actress who’s earned critical acclaim and appreciation but she’s also a major box-office draw and a commercial hit.

Anne Hathaway has taken up all kinds of roles ranging from a lighthearted comedy to intense dramas and she has nailed every single one of them to perfection. She was very promising and brilliant from the start of her career. She caught everyone’s attention with her acting skills from very early on. She has been in the public eye for more than two decades now and she has changed a lot with time which has often sparked cosmetic procedures speculations (there have been weight gain speculations as well). We will be talking about her breast reduction in particular today!

Has Anne Hathaway’s Cup Size Gone Down Over The Years?

Anne Hathaway seems to have gotten a breast reduction procedure because she has notably smaller breasts than when she was young. She had ample breasts in the past but she looks more flat-chested than ever these days. While some think she has had plastic surgery to reduce the size of her boobs, others think that her chest got smaller with time because of her weight loss.

Anne Hathaway looks like she has had her breasts reduced surgically. houseandwhips.comAnne Hathaway looks like she has had her breasts reduced surgically.
Image Source: Byrdie

If you go through the old pictures of the ‘Catwoman’ star, you will notice that she used to be very well-endowed in the bust department. She notably had a large chest. Every time she wore a dress to award shows and red carpet events, she put her curvaceous figure on display and showed off her cleavage. Her styling would always emphasize her fuller breasts. She looked very attractive but she may not have been a fan of her big boobs because she seems to have gotten her breasts reduced.

Anne Hathaway had a larger-than-average bust size and she was rumored to have implants because they looked perfectly big and round. But you could just tell that those were real because of the way they fell on her dress. Being such well-endowed in the breasts department and having such a shapely curve is something a lot of women would die for but she may have had a problem with it, going by how she looks like she has had a procedure to decrease the size of her breasts.

Anne Hathaway’s cup size has notably gone down in recent years. She no longer has full breasts like she used to. Comparatively, she looks very flat-chested. She doesn’t look as curvy as she did back then. Her whole body type seems different. While earlier she looked very voluptuous and full-figured, now she’s slender with very less curves to show. This has led to speculations that she has gone under the knife to reduce the size of her boobs.

Why Do People Think Anne Hathaway Has Reduced Her Breasts?

Anne Hathaway may have reduced her breast size because of the backache. houseandwhips.comAnne Hathaway may have reduced her breast size because of the backache.
Image Source: Glamour

The ‘Devil Wears Prada’ star has never mentioned having surgery to reduce her breasts but given the noticeable change in her body shape and figure due to the decrease in her bust size, it seems like she has definitely chosen to make her boobs smaller. While many people don’t get why the actress would choose to decrease their cup size and get flatter when she already had perfect breasts, full-figured women have speculated that she may have struggled with backaches due to heavy breasts. It’s possible that Anne Hathaway underwent a procedure to decrease the size of her breasts for this reason.

Some people claim that the change in her breast size could be due to the fluctuations in her weight as it’s just not her bust that has decreased over the years but she has gotten slender overall. Whatever the reason behind her going from being a full-figured woman to a flat-chested one, we won’t know of it until ‘The Princess Diaries’ actress herself talks about it and so far, she hasn’t spoken of the cosmetic procedure. The speculations have been going on forever but she has never acknowledged it once.

So, we can’t really tell what the reason for the decrease in her cup size is. But it’s either that she lost weight and got thinner, causing her to become flatter in the chest area or she actually got her breasts reduced because of the backaches or maybe she could have been chasing the skinny trend. Until Anne Hathaway confirms having her breasts surgically reduced, all we have are theories about that.

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