Ian McShane Has Had Many Things Done To His Teeth!


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Ian McShane has most likely not had cosmetic work on his face but he did something to his teeth. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Ian McShane does not seem to have gone under the knife. He has definitely done something to his teeth, either whitening it or getting veneers but that’s most likely where he drew the line because he really can’t have had work on his face. He doesn’t look young for his age and seems to have aged naturally. Ian McShane has never mentioned having cosmetic procedures.

Ian McShane came to prominence in the UK in the ’90s after he played the role of the antique dealer in the hit BBC show ‘Lovejoy’ for 71 episodes. He was the protagonist of the comedy-drama which ran for six successful seasons over eight years. That role really launched his acting career and introduced him as one of the best ones. He also notably starred in ‘Deadwood’ which was the one that earned him a Golden Globe Award. You might also recognize him as the deliciously wicked ‘Blackbeard’ from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie.

Ian McShane is also noted for his portrayal of a corrupt bishop in the 2010 series ‘Pillars of the Earth’, and he is known for his appearances in ‘Miami Vice’, ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’, and ‘The Simpsons’. He has enjoyed a hugely successful acting career in television, films, and theaters for more than five decades now. He is a household name and a well-known face in the UK so, it’s not surprising that he occasionally becomes the subject of cosmetic surgery speculations (when he comes into media attention). We are going to talk about that today!

Ian McShane Does Not Appear To Have Had Cosmetic Work to Look Young!

Ian McShane does not appear to have had plastic surgery on his face because he seems to have aged normally. That he did something to his teeth either teeth whitening or veneers, is obvious but I really think that’s just it.

Ian McShane does not have a surgically enhanced face. houseandwhips.comIan McShane does not have a surgically enhanced face.
Image Source: Variety

Ian performed brilliantly in the recently released ‘American Star’ and while a section of the media is appreciating his work, a section of his followers are speculating on his cosmetic surgery status because it’s just what people do about celebrities in the limelight, and also because he is 81 and is a silver fox. Yeah, he’s very good-looking and there’s something about the way he moves, many have said. And you know that it’s a rite of passage that any good-looking celeb, especially those that look old even after a certain age, go through speculations about cosmetic treatments every time they come to media attention.

That’s why discussions about Ian McShane’s cosmetic surgery have surfaced again. However, I don’t think there’s much to discuss about what the actor might have done to his face because it’s probably nothing. I mean, sure he looks great but does he look great because he looks young for his age? No, he looks good in spite of his age. I know that many won’t consider 81-year-olds good-looking but he just looks his age with wrinkles and lines all over his face, with crow’s feet, and a bit of sagging, and he looks incredible like that. There’s no way Ian McShane has had anything even non-invasive such as Botox or fillers, he has hardly gotten hardcore surgical procedures.

I can understand that it’s natural to be curious to know if any celeb has gone under the knife or not but I don’t think anybody seriously entertained the thought that the ‘Lovejoy’ actor is with some cosmetic surgery procedures. Anyway, let’s talk about his teeth because that’s the one thing to talk about!

Ian McShane Has Not Had Work Done On His Face But He Definitely Did Something To His Teeth!

Ian McShane either had teeth whitening or veneers. houseandwhips.comIan McShane either had teeth whitening or veneers.
Image Source: The Mirror

The ‘Deadwood’ star is definitely good-looking and I’m sure you have been blinded by him sometimes when you looked at him not because of his looks though, but because of his bright teeth. Over the years, he has started to look very weird because of his teeth which are just too thick and too big for his mouth that they push out and give him an overbite. Going by his obvious shoddy dental work, you can just tell that Ian McShane‘s obsessed with his teeth and that he lacks the self-awareness to tell what’s looking good on him and what’s not. I think it’s best that he did not have cosmetic enhancements because then, the worse could happen.

He looks good and it’s very rare for a person to look great at his age by looking his age. But are people talking about that? No, instead all the Reddit discussions about him are related to how his teeth looked in svu (‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) and in ‘John Wick’. They have established that it’s either veneers or teeth whitening that Ian McShane has had. Technically, not surgical procedures but worse than any botched surgical procedures. Take a look at some of the comments.

I find myself staring at them in every scene he’s in – they’re so white and massive! Why on earth didn’t they make them closer to his natural shade?! No man of his age would have teeth like those! It’s bonkers!

Another wrote,

Those teeth make him sound so funny can’t focus what he is saying lol.

A third said,

his teeth are like neon white & perfectly even etc… they do look like veneers.

Given what Ian McShane did to his teeth, he might have considered cosmetic treatments on his face as well but he most likely did not go ahead with it which worked out the best for him.

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