Love is Blind Season 6: Amber ‘AD’ Desiree Looks All-Natural!


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Amber Desiree from Love is Blind Season 6 is speculated to have had cosmetic enhancements. Amber ‘AD’ Desiree from Season 6 of Love is Blind is obviously without cosmetic enhancements. No BBL, no nose job, nothing. She’s the most natural-looking woman that has ever been on the show. Not only is she stunning but she is stunning without being the typical standard beauty. Amber may have had laser treatments for her skin because her skin looks flawless but no way has she gone under the knife.

So, Netflix is back with the sixth season of ‘Love is Blind’, and Amber ‘AD’ Desiree has gone on to be a fan-favorite of the show. I think it’s just her boldness and unapologetic attitude that has garnered her a lot of fans. Her confidence and her clarity regarding what she is looking for are also very admirable. A large number of women related to the 33-year-old real estate broker who was seeking a soul connection because the time wasn’t on her side. They also felt her when she shared that all the men she had met either lied to her or were only willing to meet her halfway.

Amber ‘AD’ Desiree said that her ideal man is masculine, smart, masculine, and overall a good person, and in that too, women saw themselves in her. She was not just relatable in terms of her experiences with men and relationship goals. I bet that a lot of them also liked her because she was one of the very few contestants in Love is Blind who were not “Instagrammified”. Yet, the speculations about cosmetic works come. The viewers of the show seem unable to believe that someone on the reality show is actually natural and has arrived on the scene without getting aesthetic treatments. Anyway, let’s talk about it!

Amber ‘AD’ From Love is Blind Season 6 Star Is Completely Natural!

Amber ‘AD’ Desiree from Season 6 of ‘Love is Blind’ has not had plastic surgery. No nose job, no breast implants, and no BBL, and those are the most common procedures that black women get. She looks completely natural.

Love is Blind Season 6's Amber 'AD' Desiree does not appear to have gone under the knife. houseandwhips.comLove is Blind Season 6’s Amber ‘AD’ Desiree does not appear to have gone under the knife.
Image Source: Cosmopolitan

I really don’t think it would not be an overstatement if somebody said that AD is the only contestant in Love is Blind who does not appear to have undergone cosmetic procedures because every woman who has been on the show looks like they have given in to the standards of beauty and modified them according to that because they look yassified and very generic. Their beauty really does not have a fresh character or uniqueness. They look pretty but bland so, it really doesn’t seem improbable that all of them have had cosmetic enhancements.

However, the case of the standout star of Season 6 of Love is Blind, Amber Desiree, seems to be different because she does not really fit in with the other contestants in terms of their looks. I mean, because she’s one of the very few black women to be on the show which has predominantly white women and the only black woman to make it out of the pods, she was always going to stand out. But she does not just stand out because of her color and race but because of her fresh appearance as well. Just check out her Instagram (@amberdesiree). Nobody would think that she is someone who has had cosmetic work done.

The dating show star looked uniquely beautiful in the show and not like every generic influencer and this is a rare quality that should be valued a lot these days. She did not look like she’d been through the process of ‘Instagramification’ which, to black women, is mostly having a slim nose and having unrealistically curvaceous figure. She looks like she has retained her original features and not modified them to fit the current trends by going under the knife.

Amber From Love is Blind Season 6 Has Not Spoken About Cosmetic Treatments!

Love is Blind Season 6 star Amber has neither had a nose job nor a BBL. houseandwhips.comLove is Blind Season 6 star Amber has neither had a nose job nor a BBL.
Image Source: Radio Times

Desiree also does not seem like someone who would hesitate to admit that she has gone through the knife if she had actually gone through the knife. She’s very bold, has an unapologetic attitude, and isn’t someone who would hide away from her decisions. So, if she hasn’t revealed any procedures, that’s because she hasn’t had any because she had the chance to admit that she had work done. Amber Desiree from Season 6 of ‘Love is Blind’ could have spilled that she had BBL in particular when Chelsea asked her how she gets her butt like that.

Because AD has an insane body (did you know that she is a former New England Patriots cheerleader), a lot of fans seemed to think that she might have gotten work done on her body, if not on her face, breast implants, and BBL specifically. So, when Jimmy Presnell commented on her body saying that she is ‘absolutely stacked’ and Chelsea, out of jealousy and insecurity, tried to drag her by snarkily asking how she gets her butt like that, without missing a beat, she went, “squats and Jesus, girl.” If Amber had actually had BBL, that wouldn’t roll off her tongue instantly like that, right?

Anyway, it does not look like she has anything to hide when it comes to her appearance because she seems to be completely natural. She has a curvaceous figure but it’s not unattainably insane. And if she would go under the knife to get that bod, wouldn’t she have surgery to change her nose as well? There’s nothing wrong with her nose but we know how wide and big noses are treated. I think we can gather from Amber Desiree not having a nose job that she has not had any cosmetic treatments.

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