Richard Lewis Has Definitely Not Had Plastic Surgery!


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Richard Lewis has not had cosmetic treatments. – Richard Lewis has absolutely not had plastic surgery. As a prominent comedian and actor, he was always going to be on the radar for cosmetic surgery speculations but it still is mind-boggling why people would even question if he has had work done because he looks so old and frail. Richard Lewis most certainly does not appear as though someone who has had plastic surgery. Some suspect he has had a nose job but no, he has not had it.

Richard Lewis is widely recognized because of his recurring role as a semi-fictionalized version of himself in HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ which he has been doing since its inception. He is as loved as Larry David for his humor, comic genius, and timing. There has never been a more iconic comedic duo. Though he came into prominence as an actor and became known for co-starring in the sitcom ‘Anything But Love’ with Jamie Lee Curtis and playing the role of ‘Prince John’ in the film ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’, it was Curb Your Enthusiasm that took him to heights and established him as a comedian.

It was only after Richard Lewis starred in the Larry David-created sitcom that he rose as ‘The Prince of Pain.’ From then on, he began to gain much appreciation for his sense of humor which has been described as dark, neurotic, and self-deprecating. Let’s keep it at the fact that he was ranked No. 45 on the list of “100 Greatest Standups of All Time” by Comedy Central in 2004 and that GQ Magazine had him on their list of “The 20th Century’s Most Influential Humorists” because we can’t go on forever as we have to discuss his appearance. Yeah, let’s determine whether or not the frail-looking man riddled with several health problems has gone under the knife to look young!

Richard Lewis Looks Very Old Which Is Natural!

Richard Lewis has definitely not dabbled in plastic surgery ever. He has not had a nose job and he has not had Botox or any other procedures. Neither does he seem like the kind who would get cosmetic procedures nor does he appear as though he has gone under the knife or injections.

Richard Lewis has somehow sparked speculations that he has had cosmetic work done. houseandwhips.comRichard Lewis has somehow sparked speculations that he has had cosmetic work done.
Image Source: Variety

As the twelfth season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ is airing currently, it’s not unexpected that there would be a rise in curiosity among the audience regarding the personal lives, relationship queries, and cosmetic surgery status of the cast members of the show. The show and its stars are in the spotlight right now and that always leads to them trending on the internet. So, I cannot say that I’m surprised that Richard Lewis’ cosmetic surgery is trending but I can’t say that I’m not shocked by the accusations either.

While it’s normal for people to speculate about the cosmetic procedures of any celeb of the moment (it’s just a rite of passage that celebrities go through), it’s still hard to believe that there was someone who actually wondered if Lewis, of all people, had gone under the knife. There definitely can be no question of whether he has had cosmetic treatments. The real question is: Why would anyone think that he has dabbled in cosmetic procedures? Why? What about him makes him look like he might have indulged in those?

Richard Lewis Has Never Admitted to Getting Work Done!

At this point, he could be the oldest and the oldest-looking comedian in Hollywood. He’s 76 and he looks 96 which is older than his age. If he looked younger than his age, I could see where the speculations of his cosmetic surgery came from. If he looked very unnatural and weird and looked like someone whose procedures went botched, it would be understandable. But Richard Lewis looks so frail and he’s all wrinkled and saggy and people don’t get cosmetic works to look like that. I could bet my life that he has not gone under the knife.

Richard Lewis does not appear as though he has gone under the knife. houseandwhips.comRichard Lewis does not appear as though he has gone under the knife.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Not to be mean but someone on Reddit said that he looked pretty much dead in the last season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and that’s the perfect description of how he looks. The myriad of health issues he has had seems to have knocked the life out of him because he looks so pale, weak, and lifeless like he could die any moment now. Also, I’m sure Richard Lewis is done with surgeries after being operated on numerous times for medical reasons. He would definitely not choose to undergo elective surgical procedures.

Also, note that the comedian has never mentioned going under the knife. He has often made jokes about it on X but most of the time, the gist of the joke was along the lines of ‘don’t get cosmetic surgery because it’s a delusion’ and that he would never get procedures because he likes being himself. Some people suspect that Richard Lewis has had a nose job but he has always had the same large nose with a prominent bump on it. So, I guess the case about his cosmetic enhancements is closed here.

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