Sab Zada Has Obviously Had Plastic Surgery!

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Sab Zada seems to have perfected herself with cosmetic enhancements. – Sab Zada has ignited plastic surgery speculations after a photo of her with rumored beau Jaden Smith went viral. People think she has had Botox, a nose job, lip fillers, blepharoplasty, and BBL. Sab Zada has yet to address the comments that she has gotten plastic surgery but her before and after pictures make it obvious.

Sab Zada, who goes by “Pasabist” online, is a popular social media influencer who has over 7,60,000 followers on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel in which she posts vlogs about makeup, fashion, and cooking. Besides the ‘influencing on social media’ stuff, she also does a bit of modeling in real life. She is signed with Select Model Management in Los Angeles and has collaborated with brands like L’Oreal and Crocs. I’m sure you know her name but can you place her?

If you can’t, just know that Sab Zada kind of rose to mainstream recognition as the rumored girlfriend of Jaden Smith in 2020 and that she is also a musician like her rapper beau. She released the indie singles ‘Stable’ and ‘Peter Pan’ in 2021. The next year, she dropped the songs ‘1005’ and ‘Time’ and her debut EP ‘Hafren’ came out in June 2023. Anyway, let’s talk about her appearance for now because if you see her, you just know that she has had so many things done. Also, her recent picture with Smith that went viral has got everyone thinking about the cosmetic alterations she has supposedly had.

Sab Zada Looks Pretty But Formulaically!

Sab Zada is someone you can tell has had plastic surgery because she looks very pretty with a standard look, like all her features meet the beauty standards precisely. She is highly and widely suspected of having cosmetic procedures including Botox, a nose job, lip fillers, blepharoplasty, and a BBL.

Sab Zada has sparked speculations of cosmetic works with her perfect appearance. houseandwhips.comSab Zada has sparked speculations of cosmetic works with her perfect appearance.
Image Source: People

While Zada is a very popular influencer in her own right, much of the mainstream recognition she has now came in 2020 after Jaden Smith was rumored to be dating her. Even though she’s very hot at the moment, the reason she’s gone viral in the first place is because of her beau. A picture of hers went viral because she looked very stunning in it but if it were just her in the picture with no Smith, I doubt that it would have created such waves on social media and started discussions about her generic appearance. Not to take anything away from her but the internet just works that way.

Anyway, Sab Zada, in a revealing bikini and with her mystical appearance in a mirror selfie with Smith, got everyone doing a double take on her. She looked so gorgeous in a way that you simply cannot describe. People were smitten with her. Some of them compared her to a mermaid while others likened her to a cute doe and all of them were right. She looked mesmerizing and pretty but you could tell that she was not natural and that her beauty had been heightened with the help of cosmetic enhancements.

While there were tons of comments about Sab Zada looking like a mermaid and doe, there were also observations that she looked AI generated and they were very accurate with that description as well. She looked stunning and she had a captivating face but not interesting and unique. Her face was only captivating because every single feature of hers met the standards set by society. In that way, it was generic and it was not hard to tell that she had ‘acquired’ that look.

What Has Sab Zada Done To Her Face and Body?

Sab Zada seems to have had Botox, a nose job, lip fillers, and a BBL among other things. houseandwhips.comSab Zada seems to have had Botox, a nose job, lip fillers, and a BBL among other things.
Image Source: The Sun

Zada has big doe eyes, her nose is perfectly narrow, sharp, and slightly upturned, and she has very plump lips but is it natural? I will answer that one for you. It’s not because there are before and after pictures available for comparison on the internet and the difference in them is very obvious. Pre-surgery, she had relatively smaller and hooded eyes, her nose was slim but not as sharp and upturned as it is now, and her lips were very thin. Sab Zada has most likely had blepharoplasty, lip fillers, and a nose job. She seems to have had Botox as well.

Also, noticed her killer curvaceous and perfect hourglass-shaped body? Her figure is something to die for, isn’t it? But is that realistic? I don’t think so. Everyone’s talking about her a*s right now because it’s great, perfectly round and big and perky. However, it does not seem natural because it looks like a BBL butt. Yeah, she seems to have had cosmetic surgery on her body as well. Sab Zada definitely had it and that’s probably the reason behind her formulaic beauty.

However, these are just speculations on our part and we won’t know the actual truth unless she confirms it. Having said that, looking at her before and after pictures, it seems as though no confirmation is needed because it’s so obvious that she has had work done. But still, until Sab Zada addresses the comments about her cosmetic treatments and confirms or denies it, there’s no ground to claim that she is not natural.

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