Emily Blunt Strove For Perfection With Her Nose Job!


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Emily Blunt has most likely had her nose done. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Emily Blunt is highly suspected of having a nose job and rightly so because her nose looks notably different in her before and after pictures. The actress seems to have gone under the knife to narrow down her nose along the bridge and make it sharper and more defined. Emily Blunt has never admitted to a nose job or any other plastic surgery but she seems to have had rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures as well.

Emily Blunt is a very talented but fun actress with a Screen Actors Guild Award win and an Academy Award and British Academy Film Awards nominations to her name. She broke through in Hollywood in 2006 with the television film ‘Gideon’s Daughter’ and the comedy-drama film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. She went from winning a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress when she started in Hollywood to being ranked as one of the highest-paid actresses in the world in 2020.

Emily Blunt raised her profile with leading roles in the period film ‘The Young Victoria’, the romantic comedy ‘Salmon Fishing in Yemen’, the science fiction film ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, and the musical ‘Into the Woods.’ She also proved her acting chops with the role of an alcoholic in the psychological thriller ‘The Girl on the Train’ and that of a survivalist mother in John Krasinski’s horror film ‘A Quiet Place.’ She recently got nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Christopher Nolan’s biographical thriller film ‘Oppenheimer.’ She is a terrific actress but for now, her nose is what we are most interested in. So, let’s talk about her cosmetic surgery, the work she has supposedly had on her nose in particular.

Emily Blunt’s Nose Looks Much Sharper and Slimmer Now!

Emily Blunt is widely believed to have undergone a nose job procedure because her nose looks much more defined, sharper, slimmer, and more angular than when she was young. 

Emily Blunt appears to have had her nose done to make it slimmer and sharper. houseandwhips.comEmily Blunt appears to have had her nose done to make it slimmer and sharper.
Image Source: People

Are you one of those people who suspect that the ‘Devil Wears Prada’ star has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure because me too and we might be right in our suspicions. There are a lot of us who believe that she has done something to her nose and can you blame us? I mean, the change in her nose is not exactly subtle, especially in the before and after pictures, the difference is stark. You cannot help but think that she has had her nose done when you look at her comparison photos.

Emily Blunt’s nose wasn’t bad pre-surgery but it did not meet the standards of Hollywood and that was its only fault. As she became more mainstream in popularity, she might have felt the desire to be more Hollywood by looking like it and that might be why she got rhinoplasty. She most certainly narrowed down her nose bridge and made it look sharper and more defined. Also, her tip seems much more refined than before (it was sort of bulbous before).

Not just the sharper and slimmer part, you might also have noticed that there seems to be an above-average distance between Emily Blunt’s nose and upper lip. Her philtrum area stands out on her face as it looks slightly disconcerting and weird because of the length of it. Did you know that philtrum can appear longer after a rhinoplasty procedure? Because it did not look that way when she was younger, I think the distance between her nose and upper lip gives away the fact that she has had her nose done.

Rhinoplasty Is Not The Only Cosmetic Surgery Emily Blunt Has Had!

Emily Blunt hinted that she had never had any cosmetic surgery in 2019. houseandwhips.comEmily Blunt hinted that she had never had any cosmetic surgery in 2019.
Image Source: Variety

Also, Blunt’s nose looks much more angular than it ever did before, especially in her side profile, and I think that tells us everything we need to know about it to determine if she has had plastic surgery to alter her facial features. I think it’s not that hard to tell from her notably sharper, narrower, defined, and angular nose that she has had some work done on it. It’s also not that difficult to figure out that rhinoplasty is not the only surgery Emily Blunt has had.

The ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ actress seems to have gotten Botox in her forehead and filler in her cheeks and lips as well. She appears to have smoothed out her cleft chin and gotten veneers too. She has notably undergone many more procedures than just the rhinoplasty, which are much more obvious. With all the injections she has had, Emily Blunt’s starting to look like a mannequin which might detract from the change in her nose because it’s subtle in comparison. So, learn what expert Dr. Paul Nassif has said about her rhinoplasty.

[She] may have had some minor modifications to her nose. If so, they are very subtle, and barely noticeable.

Anyway, note that Blunt has never admitted to having any plastic surgery. In 2019, she said in an interview something along the lines that she hasn’t ever striven for impassive perfection as she didn’t find that beautiful but she may have been bluffing because she has definitely done too much to the face, most likely for perfection. Emily Blunt might never admit to getting her nose altered or other cosmetic procedures but I think people can tell that she has had it.

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