Ann Coulter Seems To Have Gone Too Far With Plastic Surgery!

Derick Scholz

Ann Coulter seems to have had too much plastic surgery. – Ann Coulter has become the subject of plastic surgery speculation many times. She looks very artificial and manufactured and it’s hard not to think that she has gone under the knife when you see her. Ann Coulter is suspected of having Botox, a nose job, a facelift, and breast implants but she has never admitted to any plastic surgery. 

Ann Coulter put herself on the map in the late 1990s by being an outspoken critic of the Clinton administration. She was vocal about her political stance and appeared in print and on cable news conversing about her opinions and established herself as a media pundit. Her first book was about the impeachment of Bill Clinton, which she wrote from her experience writing legal briefs for Paula Jones’s attorneys and as a columnist who wrote about the case.

Ann Coulter is now one of the most conservative media pundits who has written 13 books. She is also a syndicated columnist whose syndicated column for Universal Press Syndicate is featured on conservative websites and appears in newspapers. She is a very scandalous public figure who keeps getting into controversies frequently. And each time she gets into some sort of controversy, she ends up becoming the subject of plastic surgery speculations. We are going to talk about that today!

Ann Coulter Plastic Surgery: She Looks Uncanny Valley!

Ann Coulter appears to have undergone plastic surgery and her followers may be on to something with their speculations that she has had Botox, a nose job, a facelift, and breast implants.

Ann Coulter often sparks plastic surgery speculations with her uncanny appearance. houseandwhips.comAnn Coulter often sparks plastic surgery speculations with her uncanny appearance.
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So, Ann is never beating the allegations of cosmetic surgery and how can she when she looks the way she looks? At 62, she may not look like a woman in her 60s but she definitely does not look like someone in her 20s, 30s, or even 40s. Just look her up on her Instagram (@realanncoulter), scan her face and you will see that she looks so uncanny and creepy. Unnatural doesn’t begin to cut it once you really observe her. Anyone can tell that she has had plastic surgery.

People often bring up Ann Coulter’s cosmetic surgery when talking about her because the work she has had is not exactly that can go unnoticed. I think we have already established that her surgeon whoever it is has botched her face because it’s not a sign of good plastic surgery that someone looks so artificial and manufactured. I mean, some photos of her could be pictures of a mannequin and I really don’t think she was intending it to be that way.

Usually, when old people get cosmetic treatments, it’s to bring back the youth they had when their faces had no wrinkles and lines, and were not sagging. Ann Coulter might have been going for the young and fresh look but I guess it was a few too many units of Botox because her face is now not just smooth but looks solid like marble. While that is as close as she can get to looking like when she was young, it’s hard to pretend that it’s an improvement just because she does not have wrinkles.

What Plastic Surgery Has Ann Coulter Had?

Ann Coulter seems to have had Botox, a nose job, a facelift, and breast implants. houseandwhips.comAnn Coulter seems to have had Botox, a nose job, a facelift, and breast implants.
Image Source: USA Today

There is a thing such as too much Botox and an overly done facelift. Hollywood folks are plagued by such problems and Coulter also seems to be a victim of it. Even though she became successful in getting rid of the aging signs on her face, it didn’t work out for her because Botox seems to have eliminated the human-ness of her face when removing the wrinkles. She looks uncanny valley, like someone who’s not a human but pretending to be one. That’s how you can tell that Ann Coulter has had too much plastic surgery.

Also, note how her face is not just completely devoid of wrinkles, lines, and crow’s feet but also too pulled back and tight. She looks too stiff and like she may have trouble breathing. It seems as though the facelift was a bit too extremely done. She may also have had a brow lift as well given how her eyes seem too wide open. However, none of the procedures she had seemed to make her look young. Ann Coulter may have lacked sufficient research for plastic surgery.

She is also said to have had a nose job. She did not just go under the knife to de-age herself but to alter her facial structure as well. These procedures, she had when she was young. If you look at photos of her when she was young, her nose was not as refined and sharp as it is now. Her nose bridge looks much more defined and the tip much more pointed. I think that’s the work of a nose job Ann Coulter had ages ago.

She is also rumoured to have had breast implants. Her breasts supposedly increased in cup size over the years and it does look that way. Even, at 62, she has ample breasts which sit very high on her chest and that might be because of a boob job. Ann Coulter has never admitted to having any plastic surgery but it really looks like people are onto something with their speculations.

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