Oli Sykes Has Reportedly Received a Nose Job!


Oli Sykes Has Reportedly Received a Nose Job! houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Over the years, Oli Sykes has been accused of receiving a nose job as his nose has changed a lot, as seen in his before and after photos. It appears completely enhanced. However, the Bring Me the Horizon vocalist has neither accepted nor denied the rumors. 

Oliver Scott Sykes (aka Oli Sykes) is a 37-year-old British singer and songwriter who is best known as the lead vocalist and primary lyricist of the rock band, Bring Me the Horizon. He also founded the apparel company, Drop Dead Clothing, and created a graphic novel.

Recently, many people have drawn their attention to Oli Sykes’s appearance, especially his nose. They believe his nose has changed significantly these days and wonder if he received a nose job. Well, if you’re seeking the same answer, we’re here to help.

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Oli Sykes Might Have Fixed His Nose After Receiving a Nose Job!

Oli Sykes (@olobersykes) has undergone a significant transformation, leading others to accuse him of plastic surgery which is one of the most popular ways for people in this generation to improve their appearance. One of the most prevalent allegations and queries he has received is about his nose shape. Some people believe he had a nose job to achieve the pointed and pointy nose shape.

Oli Sykes' appearance after an alleged nose job. houseandwhips.comOli Sykes’ appearance after an alleged nose job.
Image Source: Instagram

A nose job, also known as rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery, is one of the five most popular cosmetic surgical treatments in the United Kingdom. It is a surgical technique that can adjust the length and width of your nose, reshape your tip, bridge, and nostrils, change the angle between your nose and upper lip, and straighten your nose.

Whether you were born with an unsatisfactory nose, suffered a nose injury, or have breathing problems, a nose job attempts to help you obtain a pleasant and natural-looking nose that complements your face and, if necessary, enhances its function.

Likely, we also believe there is a slight change in his recent appearance comparing his before and after photos, but we can’t say for certain whether he had a nose job or if it was simply aging. Likely, the Bring Me the Horizon vocalist has also never admitted to having work done on his nose.

Additionally, we suggest that everyone keep in mind that all of the information provided is purely speculative. We may never know the truth about Oli Sykes’ alleged nose because he has not been upfront about it. But despite changes in his appearance, his vocal powers remained exceptional, establishing his status as one of the best vocalists.

Take a Look at Oli Sykes’s Controversies Over the Years!

Oli Sykes has been in and out of controversy for years and was even charged with assault in 2007 along with his bandmates after a female fan accused him of urinating on and mistreating her. He was put on trial and pled not guilty to all counts. An admirer took a photo of her face, which appeared to be covered in blood, and shared it on social media. He denied all of the claims and was not charged due to insufficient evidence.

Oli Sykes is the lead vocalist of the British Band, Bring Me the Horizon. houseandwhips.comOli Sykes is the lead vocalist of the British Band, Bring Me the Horizon.
Image Source: Instgaram

In 2008, Bring Me the Horizon and the British metalcore group, Architects worked together on two videos that were recorded on tour. The first video depicted a dispute between Sykes and Sam Carter while the second showed an ambulance with him purportedly inside. When the films were made available on YouTube, the band supporters were outraged, and Carter received hate mail and death threats. After some time, it was found that both bands made the films as a PR stunt and were, in fact, close friends.

Likely, a 12-year-old girl injured in the mosh pit at Warped Tour 2013 was suing Oli Sykes’ after her parents filed a lawsuit against the band on June 13, 2013. This prompted him to announce on Twitter that he was no longer permitted to partake in any moshing action during his gigs under any circumstances. But, he later announced that the case had been dropped and that moshing would not be restricted.

Furthermore, his ex-wife, Hannah Pixie Snowdon accused Sykes of domestic abuse on Instagram in 2016, claiming he hit and cursed at her. Although the Bring Me the Horizon vocalist denied the charges, his ex-wife also stated that she was not the first female to experience the complete sequence.