Did Michelle Keegan Receive a Breast Reduction?


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Did Michelle Keegan Get Her Breast Size Reduced? houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Michelle Keegan is rumored to have undergone a breast reduction. Comparing her before and after photos, many people claim that her breasts look slightly smaller these days.

Michelle Keegan is a 36-year-old English actress best known for playing Tina McIntyre in the ITV soap opera, ‘Coronation Street’ and Sergeant Georgie Lane in the BBC drama series, ‘Our Girl’. She has also played Kate Thorne in ‘Ten Pound Poms’, Tina Moore in the documentary, ‘Tina and Bobby’, and Erin Croft in Sky Max’s comedy, ‘Brassic’.

Recently, Michelle Keegan appeared in Netflix’s Fool Me Once, a 2024 British eight-part television series adapted from the 2016 Harlan Coben novel of the same name by Danny Brocklehurst.

Meanwhile, many fans have been shocked by her new physique as she used to have a large chest size that now seems smaller than before. As a result, many people wonder if she received surgery to reduce her breasts. Well, let’s examine her transformation in detail.

Michelle Keegan’s Breasts Look Smaller Than Before!

Despite her fame, Michelle Keegan has been the subject of numerous allegations regarding her age-defying appearance, with many thinking she has received a breast reduction. She used to have huge breasts before, however, it’s not the same case now.

Michelle Keegan is accused of getting her breasts reduced. houseandwhips.comMichelle Keegan is accused of getting her breasts reduced.
Image Source: Instagram

If you’re not aware, surgery to reduce the size of breasts, also known as reduction mammaplasty, involves removing fat, breast tissue, and skin from the breasts. The procedure can help patients with big breasts feel better and look better. It can also improve self-esteem and capacity to participate in physical activities.

However, Michelle Keegan has repeatedly denied having any cosmetic procedure and has even ruled out ever having surgery because she is afraid something would go wrong. According to The Mirror, the actress previously told the Sunday Express,

I like the fact people point out that they think I’ve had a nose job. They think I’ve had new cheeks, a new chin – but I haven’t and I don’t think I ever would, if I’m being honest. I’m scared it would go wrong!

Likely, the Coronation Street alum is also not hesitant to speak up for herself, and when additional claims surfaced that she’d undergone surgery to decrease the size of her breasts, the actress stated it wasn’t anyone else’s concern if she chose to have surgery. She remarked,

People always say, ‘Have you or haven’t you?’ But it’s my business. It’s my face. So what if I have or haven’t? I don’t read it when people speculate about it.

Furthermore, when rumors surfaced about Michelle in 2014, her representative firmly denied that the actress had gotten anything done on her breasts. Aside from the breathtaking shot, she looked lovely in a series of photos from her life with Phoebe, which included the two working a jigsaw puzzle, going to the gym together, lazing around in her bed, and relaxing on her sofa.

In conclusion, we don’t believe Michelle Keegan had her breasts reduced. However, keep in mind that all of the information provided is based on speculation. We will certainly keep you updated if we receive any confirmation on the rumor.

Want to Get Perky Breasts Like Michelle Keegan? Check out the Consultation for the Surgery!

You might be interested to know more about the procedure to reduce the size of breasts looking at Michelle Keegan‘s transformation. However, there are a few things you want to know before making the final decision.

First, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon who has earned board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Before the surgery, you will meet with them to discuss your medical history, including if you have ever had a lump removed from your breast or if you have any other medical disorders that affect your breasts.

Many women feel more secure and comfortable in their bodies after getting their breasts reduced. houseandwhips.comMany women feel more secure and comfortable in their bodies after getting their breasts reduced.
Image Source: Dr Gideon Maresky

Your surgeon will also inquire about your family medical history. Tell the surgeon exactly why you want to have your breasts reduced. Be prepared to talk about any emotional troubles you’ve had with your breasts, how they’ve physically felt to you and any physical conditions they’ve created.

The surgeon may photograph your breasts, measure them, and consult with you about how much breast tissue you want removed. Breast size changes vary from person to person, however the majority of patients lose one to two cups. You’ll also learn how to prepare for surgery and plan your recuperation. You may have a mammogram and a breast exam before surgery.

During your consultation, the surgeon will inquire about your habits, such as whether you smoke and which medications you take. You may need to quit smoking before and after surgery to ensure good healing. You may also have to discontinue some medications, such as aspirin or other anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen or naproxen. Your surgeon will give you instructions on what you should do.

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