Michelle Keegan Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Cosmetic Procedures?

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Michelle Keegan is suspected of having plastic surgery including Botox, fillers, and a nose job. houseandwhips.com

Michelle Keegan is suspected of having plastic surgery to refine and fine-tune her appearance because of how perfect and polished she looks. The Coronation Street actress supposedly has had Botox, fillers, and a nose job. Michelle Keegan has never admitted to having plastic surgery but she has never ruled it out either.

Ever since Michelle Keegan rose to fame after she was cast in Coronation Street in 2007, she has not just impressed people with her acting skills but has also awed viewers with her stunning looks. In 2013, she was crowned the sexiest woman in 2013 by FHM. Suffice it to say, whether she intended it or not, her appearance and her beauty have been a significant part of her brand. So, don’t be surprised if you hear that she is currently targeted with plastic surgery speculations.

Let’s discuss Michelle Keegan’s plastic surgery!

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Michelle Keegan’s Plastic Surgery: She is Suspected of Having Botox, Fillers, and a Nose Job!

Michelle Keegan‘s (@michkeegan) followers believe she has refined her appearance with the help of plastic surgery such as Botox, fillers, and a nose job.

Whenever someone’s a head-turner in Hollywood, that comes with a lot of baggage, one of which is allegations of cosmetic surgery. People can’t help wondering if their beauty is au natural or if they attained their looks with the help of plastic surgery because going under the knife has become so normal in the entertainment industry.

Michelle Keegan is believed to have had plastic surgery to alter her face to make it more aesthetic. houseandwhips.comMichelle Keegan is believed to have had plastic surgery to alter her face to make it more aesthetic.
Image Source: Radio Times

Michelle Keegan is not immune to speculations of such kind. If anything, she’s kind of more vulnerable to it because of how perfect and refined and stunning she looks. She has a very gorgeous face and lots of her fans believe that she has had plastic surgery to attain that look. Experts have weighed in on that and they are also of the opinion that she has had cosmetic procedures.

According to Dr. Nyla Raja, the secret to Keegan’s incredible wrinkle-free skin might be dermal filler and Botox. She also noted that the actress has changed her appearance in recent years but kept it subtle and has managed to keep her face looking realistic. The cosmetic expert also said that her denial of plastic surgery didn’t really rule out dermal fillers and Botox because those are non-surgical procedures and don’t require going under the knife.

Dr. Nyla believes that injectables have given Michelle Keegan a flawless, wrinkle-free, and fuller jawline and lips, along with a symmetrical, tighter, and defined appearance, and Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann of Smileworks Liverpool agrees with her on that one. She said that the Our Girl actress has likely had some facial shaping filler to contour her cheeks and jawline and to point the chin. Apparently, that can be done with hyaluronic acid gel fillers which is a great way of contouring the cheek and jawline to add a little definition as you age. They supposedly give you that defined appearance for around 12-24 months.

Dr. Rowland also speculated that Michelle Keegan has had professional help with her pout. As per the expert, Keegan has had some filler to plump her lips which is why her lips are full and well-shaped but they don’t look overfilled. The expert is of the opinion that she’s changed over the years but her work has been done to a pretty good standard. She said that Michelle’s plastic surgery is sympathetic to her features and enhances them.

Besides Botox and fillers, Keegan is also believed to have had a nose job. Back in her Corrie days, she had a bump on the ridge of her nose and there was a slight droop in the tip as well. But now, it’s not there anymore. While some think it’s because she got plastic surgery to alter her nose, some think it could be the camera angle or some serious contouring skills.

Michelle Keegan Has Always Denied Having Plastic Surgery!

Michelle Keegan has always maintained that she has not had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comMichelle Keegan has always maintained that she has not had plastic surgery.
Image Source: Hollywood Life

Meanwhile, Michelle Keegan has always denied having plastic surgery. She has never admitted to having a nose job. When she was asked about it, she said,

I like the fact people point out they think I’ve had a nose job. They think I’ve had new cheeks, a new chin – but I haven’t and I don’t think I ever would, if I’m being honest. I’m scared it’ll go wrong!

The Brassic star has not even admitted to non-surgical procedures such as Botox. In an interview with The Mirror, she denied having Botox saying that she couldn’t have moved her face if she had had the anti-wrinkle injection.

Everyone says that I’ve changed my face and I’ve had Botox, but you have to be able to move your face when you’re an actress – which I can do. So you can see I haven’t had it. I don’t worry about what people say though, what’s the big deal about Botox? I know loads of people who’ve had it, it’s not a big deal.

Michelle Keegan also mentioned that she was never bothered by all the plastic surgery allegations and that she had never ruled it out either. She would never say never to cosmetic surgery but she wouldn’t tell people if she went under the knife because it was her business.

It doesn’t really upset me. People always say ‘have you or haven’t you?’ But it’s my business. It’s my face. So what if I have or haven’t? I don’t read it when people speculate about it.

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