Monica Crowley Plastic Surgery: The Secret of Her Youthfulness!


Monica Crowley is suspected of having plastic surgery to look young.

Monica Crowley’s age-defying appearance is the reason people suspect that she has had plastic surgery. Many of her followers are convinced that she looks the way she looks, young and fresh as ever, because of Botox, fillers, a nose job, and a facelift. But Monica Crowley has never admitted to having plastic surgery. She has not even bothered to respond to the cosmetic surgery allegations about herself till now.

You have heard of Monica Crowley? I bet you have heard of her because you have heard a lot from her. She is known for sometimes going too far and flaky with her conspiracy theories. If you are not aware of those theories, you must know her from the time she used to serve as the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

A political commentator and lobbyist, she was also a Fox News contributor. She worked with them from 1996 to 2017 with a few breaks in between. She also used to be an online opinion editor for The Washington Times and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. In December 2016, it was announced by the Donald Trump administration that Monica Crowley would be appointed to the office of a deputy national security advisor for the National Security Council.

She gave up the post following the reports of plagiarism in her 2000 Ph.D. dissertation and her 2012 book What the (Bleep) Just Happened? In July 2019, she was announced to be appointed spokesperson for the Treasury Department. After her appointment, she began to make a lot of media appearances because it was a part of her job. Her frequent exposure in the media then led to speculations that she had had plastic surgery.

Let’s discuss Monica Crowley’s age-defying appearance and her plastic surgery!

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Monica Crowley’s Plastic Surgery: She is Believed to Have Cosmetic Procedures to Look Young as Ever!

Monica Crowley's youthful looks has led to plastic surgery speculations. houseandwhips.comMonica Crowley’s youthful looks have led to plastic surgery speculations.
Image Source: NBC News

Monica Crowley (@monicacrowley_) is highly suspected of having undergone plastic surgery to maintain her youth. People are convinced that she has had Botox, fillers, a nose job, and a facelift.

The political commentator started to make a lot of public appearances after she was appointed to the office of the spokesperson for the Treasury Department in 2019. The increase in her media exposure eventually led to speculations that she had plastic surgery. Because people couldn’t help but note that she looked very youthful during her media appearances, the speculations that she had cosmetic surgery kept on increasing.

Monica Crowley indeed looked very stunning. She had always been gorgeous but now that she is in her mid-fifties, people didn’t expect that she would look the same as she did when she was young. But there she was, looking as youthful as ever. It didn’t look like she had aged at all. There was not a wrinkle or line to be seen on her forehead and face. How would that even be possible if it weren’t for plastic surgery?

It wasn’t. The Fox News contributor could not have retained her youth like that without the aid of cosmetic procedures. She should have aged like a normal person. She should have developed wrinkles and lines like any person in their fifties. Her cheeks should have aged like a regular person’s. But the fact that none of that has happened only means that she had undergone plastic surgery to defy the signs of aging.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Has Monica Crowley Had?

Monica Crowley is suspected of having Botox, fillers, a nose job, and a facelift. houseandwhips.comMonica Crowley is suspected of having Botox, fillers, a nose job, and a facelift.
Image Source: CNN

Monica Crowley does not have any signs of aging because she probably fought them with plastic surgery. If she did, she really won at it because look how fresh she looks. Looking at her, nobody would ever be able to tell that she is 54. She could easily be in her thirties. With Botox, fillers, a nose job, and a facelift, she really bought her youth.

She has a very smooth face which is devoid of any lines or wrinkles. She must have chased the creases away by getting the anti-wrinkle injection. She also appears to have gotten a nose job because her nose looks visibly different from when she was young. She used to have a much wider nose before but now, she has a perfectly slim and refined nose. She must have gotten plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons.

Monica Crowley is also believed to have gotten fillers and a facelift. Because her face has not sagged yet and looks extremely tight (tighter than when she was young), people think that she may have gotten plastic surgery to lift her face. People also think she has had fillers because of her complexion. Her cheeks don’t look plump or swollen in any way but many think she has had fillers injected into her face because of her perfect complexion.

It should be noted that these are just speculations because Monica Crowley has never admitted to having plastic surgery. Not once has she bothered to acknowledge these speculations.