Paris Hilton’s Denial of a Nose Job and All Plastic Surgery!


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Paris Hilton has essentially denied having her nose done. – Paris Hilton has essentially insisted that she has not had a nose job. She claimed that she is proud that she is natural and has not had any plastic surgery in 2016 and she has maintained that to date. Because she has a supermodel nose which is very narrow and sharp which is the standard aesthetic, Paris Hilton is suspected of having a nose job. But she says that she hasn’t even had injectables like Botox and fillers.

Paris Hilton is the embodiment of ‘famous for being famous.’ She is the OG of being popular not for talent or work but because of her lavish lifestyle, inherited wealth, and the media attention it begets. The socialite who is a great-granddaughter of the founder of Hilton Hotels, Clinton Hilton, first attracted tabloid attention in the late 1990s when she became prominent with her fixture in NYC’s social scene. She capitalized on the interest people took in her and bagged her own reality show which catapulted her to mainstream popularity.

Paris Hilton, having parlayed her media fame into reality television, a brief music career, and numerous business ventures, is now an iconic figure in pop culture. When people think of her, they think of riches, fame, and glamor. It’s unbelievably impressive how she turned into a national brand without notable talent solely on the media attention. Anyway, she has been a prominent figure in the media for decades but looking at her, you could not tell that years have gone by because she looks as radiant and glowing as when she was young. People suspect that she has had plastic surgery. Let’s talk about whether or not she had her nose done in particular today!

Paris Hilton Has a Supermodel Nose!

Paris Hilton has not had a nose job, she has claimed time and again. More specifically, she said that she hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures but that covers the rhinoplasty procedure as well. 

Paris Hilton has not confirmed having her nose done. houseandwhips.comParis Hilton has not confirmed having her nose done.
Image Source: People

I know a lot of people think that Hilton has had her nose done because I was one of them too but if she’s speaking the truth, we might be wrong about that. I mean, there are a lot of reasons why we were convinced that she had a rhinoplasty procedure. Just look at her nose. It’s perfect and has the standard aesthetic. It’s the dream nose of supermodels. So lean, narrow, and sharp. Defined and straight. It has got everything going for it. So, the thought that it could be natural never occurred to us so, rumors that she had a rhinoplasty go way back.

Ever since we entered the cosmetic surgery era, people began to speculate that Paris Hilton had gone under the knife to make her nose look the way it is because, according to them, the supermodel nose she has, cannot possibly be natural. Not only does it look ideal but it fits the beauty standard of how a nose should look so perfectly that it is the beauty standard of how a nose should look. No wonder the public thought that she had gone under the knife to attain that.

Anyway, they had to reconsider their convictions when Paris Hilton denied having any sort of cosmetic work. She didn’t specifically deny having rhinoplasty but I think her statement about not having anything covers it. In a 2016 interview, she essentially put an end to the speculations that she has had the aid of cosmetic enhancements when she made it clear to everyone that she has not had her nose done or any other procedures.

Yes, I’m very proud that I am all natural and have never had anything done. I am very happy with myself. But I don’t judge others. People should do whatever makes them feel happy. It’s just not something I’ve ever wanted to do.

Paris Hilton Hasn’t Denied Having Her Nose Done Specifically, She Has Denied Having Anything Done!

Paris Hilton claims to be glad that she has not had any cosmetic work. houseandwhips.comParis Hilton claims to be glad that she has not had any cosmetic work.
Image Source: Vanity Fair

Over the years, the socialite has reiterated the same thing over and over. She has always maintained what she said about being all-natural. In 2018, when she launched her skincare line, she talked about cosmetic surgery once again to deny it. She insisted that she had never had anything about herself cosmetically altered and that she maintained herself with a proper skincare regimen. While that was her revealing the secret of her radiance and glow, it automatically covers not having a rhinoplasty as well. Paris Hilton said,

I’ve always been obsessed with skincare. I’ve never done any Botox, filler — no plastic surgery in my life.

She has always been very vocal about how she’s not interested in even the injectables such as Botox and fillers and ho she’s glad that she has avoided it. She has never addressed speculations about her rhinoplasty procedure but for someone who claims to hate injectables which are non-invasive procedures, I don’t think she would admit that she had her nose done even if she has had it. She probably does not want her beauty to be associated with cosmetic surgery. Paris Hilton seems to take pride in being “all-natural”.

I’ve never done an injection—no Botox, no fillers. Most of my friends have been doing that for years, since they were in their twenties, but I’m so happy that I’ve not done anything.

If it’s of any help, people don’t buy her denial.

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