Billie Joe Armstrong Has Not Had Plastic Surgery, He’s Just Handsome!


Billie Joe Armstrong has denied having plastic surgery on his face. – Billie Joe Armstrong looks young, way too young for his 51 years, which is why people are always accusing him of getting plastic surgery. The Green Day singer is alleged to have had Botox, a facelift, a nose job, and an eyelift. Billie Joe Armstrong has strongly denied having any sort of plastic surgery on his face. 

Billie Joe Armstrong is unarguably THE punk rock legend. He’s an icon. There’s no other way to put it like it is. There’s a reason why he is considered one of the greatest punk rock guitarists of all time. He has influenced generations of people with his music with his rock band Green Day. He is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of the band he co-founded with Mike Dirnt in 1987.

Billie Joe Armstrong also provides lead vocals for side projects of Green Day such as The Network, The Longshot, The Coverups, and Foxboro Hot Tubs and he is also a vocalist and guitarist for the punk rock band Pinhead Gunpowder. He has enjoyed a prolific career that has established himself as one of the legends of punk rock. His music is evergreen and he has been active for decades. He has been around for as long as we can remember but he looks as young as the day he started which is why his name’s always surrounded by discussion of plastic surgery.

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Billie Joe Armstrong’s Plastic Surgery: He Looks Young, Too Young For His Age!

Billie Joe Armstrong (@billiejoearmstrong) is someone who can never get ahead of the plastic surgery speculations because have you seen him? He looks young, way too young, unnaturally, and suspiciously young for his age. He allegedly has had Botox, a facelift, a nose job, and an eyelift.

Billie Joe Armstrong's young appearance has sparked plastic surgery speculations. houseandwhips.comBillie Joe Armstrong’s young appearance has sparked plastic surgery speculations.
Image Source: Variety

Any time people come upon the Green Day singer’s pictures or videos, they start wondering if he has had work done on his appearance to keep himself looking young. It happens every single time because they cannot help it. What are they supposed to think when a man in his early fifties looks like someone who is in his early thirties? I am not exaggerating how young he looks. He legit looks two decades younger than he is. Who would ever think that Billie Joe Armstrong is natural and has not had plastic surgery?

Since it’s the era of cosmetic surgery and the trend of going under the knife in order to hold on to youthfulness as one ages, has been extremely prevalent in the entertainment industry, it’s not possible that anyone takes a look at Billie Joe and doesn’t think about plastic surgery. He has literally defied age which is against the laws of nature and that’s bound to make people question the naturalness of celebrities so, here we are! At this point, it’s not even a question of whether or not he has gone under the knife, it’s a question of what procedures he has gone under the knife for!

A fan of Billie Joe Armstrong said that he must have made a deal with the devil to keep his youth and that’s what it looks like. Of course, the devil in this age is artificial enhancements and cosmetic treatments. So, the punk rock icon is suspected of having Botox, a nose job, a facelift, and an eyelift. Now, it does not look like he has had any of those procedures but he looks young and very natural which means that if he has had procedures, they are very subtle and well-done. This is what has led people to think he has had plastic surgery.

The musician has a very smooth appearance with very few wrinkles and lines which fans suspect is due to the use of Botox. People have also linked the fact that he has had changes in his facial contours to a facelift procedure. Some of his fans have speculated that he has had a nose job as well. There are also rumors that he underwent an eyelift procedure because his eyes look much more rejuvenated than before. Has he really had all the plastic surgery that fans claim he has had?

Billie Joe Armstrong Has Strongly Denied Having Plastic Surgery!

Billie Joe Armstrong has denied having work done on his face. houseandwhips.comBillie Joe Armstrong has denied having plastic surgery on his face.
Image Source: Vulture

Well, don’t ask him that! Or maybe if you do ask him, be polite about it and even if you are polite about it, only hope a little that he will actually answer you and be prepared for unsavory responses like ‘how’s it any of your business’ or ‘sorry, no amount of surgery will work for you.’ You can’t really do right when you ask people if they had plastic surgery because we are just curious about something that does not concern us. Also, Billie Joe Armstrong is not fond of the cosmetic surgery accusations.

It was very clear from how he responded to that one troll who was on the comment section of his Instagram page, saying ‘Billie has had a lot of work done on his face.’ Armstrong unsurprisingly didn’t like the condescending declaration that a stranger made on his picture so, he snapped at him and posted an Instagram Story in response where he denied having plastic surgery. Billie Joe Armstrong claimed that he had never had any work done.

Me Mike and Tre have NEVER EVER had surgery or work done on our faces. We just happen to be handsome as fuck. Do we like to wear makeup sometimes? Hell yes we do. What’s wrong with men wearing makeup? I’ve been wearing makeup since I was a teenager and I love it. 

He was also mocked for his love of makeup and to that, he responded,

I am proud as fuck to be a 51 year old person with flaws and wrinkles blemishes and zits on my face. And I plan to live 51 MORE years and play the shit out of my guitar…. nd I’ll be wearing eyeliner and makeup too! Bye

Some fans are of the opinion that Billie Joe Armstrong has not really had plastic surgery because he’s not ‘not aging,’ he’s aging but very gracefully and he only looks super young because he has nice hair.

Billie Joe has better hair than the average man of his age. Billie Joe looks his age in every other respect.

As another fan put it,

“Billie doesn’t age!” Great hair but he does. He only looks “ageless” in music videos, where lighting , make up and camera angles help a lot.“Billie doesn’t age!” Great hair but he does. He only looks “ageless” in music videos, where lighting , make up and camera angles help a lot.