Blueface Baby Mama BBL: The Rapper Spent $30K on Jaidyn Alexis’ Butt!

Derick Scholz

Blueface showed off his baby mama's BBL on Instagram.

Blueface just showed off his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis’ BBL and people have thoughts about that one and they are not good ones. The rapper spent $30K to get his baby momma the butt she wanted but the internet does not think it turned out well. They think that Blueface’s baby mama needs a refund for her BBL. Jaidyn Alexis seems to like it and appears more confident after the procedure.

Blueface rose to prominence in October 2018 following the release of the music video of his song Respect My Cryppin which turned him into a viral meme due to his offbeat style of rapping. A moment of the internet generously giving attention to the rapper because he became a meme material, and he capitalized off that clout to secure a contract with Cash Money West, the West Coast branch of Birdman’s Cash Money Records label.

In 2019, he reclaimed his identity as a rapper when he released a remix of his doing Thotiana featuring Cardi B and YG which turned out to be a hit. It became Blueface’s most successful single to date, peaking at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2020, he released his debut studio album Find the Beat. It didn’t do that well commercially and given that his career really didn’t take off the way he would have wanted it to, he would have disappeared. Except, he’s on the radar because of his relationship scandals.

He is messy as h*ll and the internet loves the drama so, he’s always around. Currently, he’s in the spotlight again because he showed off his baby mama’s BBL and people can’t get over that. While he probably did it to flaunt Jailyn Alexis’ “asset,” his followers think he should not have done that because there’s nothing to flaunt and it looked very bad and poorly done. Let’s discuss Blueface baby mama’s BBL!

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Blueface Baby Mama’s BBL: Did The Rapper Show Off Jaidyn Alexis’ Butt to Go Viral?

Blueface recently showed off his baby mama's BBL on Instagram.
houseandwhips.comBlueface recently showed off his baby mama’s BBL on Instagram.
Image Source: Media TakeOut

Blueface (@bluefassebaby) is currently working on his relationship with his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis (@officialjaidynalexis). They have had quite a rocky relationship but they are now looking to stabilize it?? by the looks of what the rapper has been doing. He’s recently been helping Alexis to make a name for herself in the music industry. If you have heard Stewie, thank him! Anyway, it’s not her music career that brings them to the spotlight right now, it’s her BBL.

You can’t have missed Blueface’s baby mama’s BBL because he was not exactly discreet about it when he showed them off. That’s right! The Thotiana hitmaker just randomly decided to flaunt Jaidyn Alexis’ butt on social media which has got people talking. Taking to Instagram on August 10, he posted a video of Alexis in which she was talking to her friend on the phone while wearing barely-there booty shorts that showed off her rear end.

“Look at them doughs!” he says off-camera as his baby mama turns to him, smiles, and then turns back to finish her conversation. Going by that clip, it’s very clear that Blueface is very proud of and loves Jaidyn Alexis’ new butt that she got after her BBL. But the internet does not think so and people have been roasting him and his bm since that video went viral (not for the reasons they wanted).

First things first, before it even comes to Blueface’s baby mama’s BBL, people on social media didn’t really take it well that he took a video showing off Jaidyn Alexis’ bare butt. Everybody collectively agreed that it was cringy and many accused him of stupidly doing that to get viral. They said that it was very embarrassing and they couldn’t believe the lack of social awareness the rapper had to be thinking that he was flaunting his gf’s assets? because the BBL looked very bad on her.

Internet Thinks Blueface’s Baby Mama Should Get a Refund For Her BBL Because It Doesn’t Look Good!

The internet is not impressed with Blueface's baby mama's BBL.
houseandwhips.comThe internet is not impressed with Blueface’s baby mama’s BBL.
Image Source: The Shade Room

Many people commented that Blueface‘s baby mama should get a refund for BBL because it looked very comical and cartoonish and not as sexy as both of them seemed to think. As far as they are concerned, that’s $30K (the rapper paid for that) down the drain because Jaidyn Alexis got a goblin bottom that looks like she is wearing a diaper.

Some of them pointed out how they transferred the fats too high that makes it look like Jaidyn Alexis got BBL on her back and not her butt. Whatever the public says, Blueface’s mom seems to be supportive of his baby mama. Karlissa Saffold wrote on her Instagram story a supportive message for Alexis,

You got this Jay, it’s better to be viral for a BBL than a missing tooth or getting p*ssed on 🤷🏽‍♀️. Make that money, don’t let it make you.