MP Brandon Lewis’ Weight Loss: Here’s How He Lost 5 Stone!


MP Brandon Lewis’ Weight Loss: Here’s How He Lost 5 Stone!

Brandon Lewis has recently been in the spotlight due to his weight loss transformation. According to the UK MP, he shredded nearly 5 stone after overcoming a chocolate addiction.

Sir Brandon Kenneth Lewis CBE aka Brandon Lewis is a British politician who was Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor between September and October 2022. Likely, he was appointed to  Theresa May‘s Cabinet in 2018 as Chairman of the Conservative Party and Minister without Portfolio. Later, he was appointed Minister of State for Security and Deputy for EU Exit and No Deal Preparation by Prime Minister Boris Johnson after May resigned in 2019.

Furthermore, Johnson promoted him as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in the 2020 cabinet reshuffle. Later, he resigned from this position amid the July 2022 government crisis. However, after Liz Truss was chosen Prime Minister, he was appointed Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.

Recently, Brandon Lewis seems to have lost a significant amount of weight when you compare his before and after appearance. As a result, many people want to know how he was able to do so. Well, here’s everything you need to know about his weight loss journey.

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MP Brandon Lewis Underwenta Weight Loss of Around 5 Stone After Overcoming a Chocolate Addiction!

There is no information available in the media concerning Brandon Lewis‘ (@brandonlewis) weight loss journey. But according to his admires he appears to have shed some pounds since last year. However, many people are still wondering if this is true or simply another celebrity rumor. Let us gather additional information on this subject and expose it to the world.

Brandon Lewis before and after weight loss. houseandwhips.comBrandon Lewis before and after weight loss.
Image Source: The Telegraph

According to the reports, the former Cabinet minister has undergone nearly five stone of weight loss after overcoming a chocolate addiction. The Tory MP, who was Northern Ireland secretary under Boris Johnson for two years, said he decided to go for it and modify his eating habits when he turned 50, believing it was either now or never.

Brandon Lewis, who has previously served as Justice Secretary and Conservative Party Chairman, claims to have dropped a significant amount of weight after eliminating harmful dietary habits such as his penchant for junk food. He also reflected on how he had been teased at school because of his weight, which he said had given him a thicker skin. The senior backbencher told GB News:

I had one of those moments a couple years ago when I hit 50 and I had a medical, and just thought – it’s either now or never. I’ve always been big so I just thought, right, I am going to go for it.

He then added,

I’ve now lost about four and a half stone from where I was. I had a really bad chocolate addiction and all those starchy junk food things you shouldn’t eat. So my joke to myself was always just stop eating the things you like. But I’m now just eating healthier and doing a bit of training, but chocolate was my main problem.

Learn How Bullying Changed Brandon Lewis’s Perspective on Things!

Brandon Lewis stated last year that he was bullied as a youth because he was dyslexic and overweight. At the time, he tweeted: “Older kids thought I was too stupid to succeed, too fat to be taken seriously. Bullying isn’t a harmless rite of passage or a part of the rough and tumble of school life. And it shouldn’t be an inevitable part of our political life either.”

Brandon Lewis claimed that the bullying changed his perspective on things. houseandwhips.comBrandon Lewis claimed that the bullying changed his perspective on things.
Image Source: The Telegraph

The MP for Great Yarmouth told GB News that the bullying changed his perspective on things. According to him, you become a little tougher, which is useful as a politician. He even claimed that it only made him work a little harder because he wanted us to succeed and became more focused, motivated, and driven. So, in a manner, he always tried to think of it positively. He continued,

It gave me a bit of a thicker skin and stronger skin, which has hopefully stood me in some stead. I think when you see bullying, generally, the weakness is in the bully. Once you can get your mind straight about that, and once you recognise that, then whether it’s a bully or anything else, it’s their problem, not yours.