Brooke Elliott Weight Gain: Is The Sweet Magnolias Star Pregnant?


Brooke Elliott is rumored to have undergone weight gain.

Brooke Elliott has sparked weight gain speculations amidst the rumors that she is pregnant. The Sweet Magnolias star was reportedly spotted with a baby bump on a romantic date. So far, Brooke Elliott has not cleared the rumors about being pregnant and there’s no hard proof that she has undergone a weight gain. 

Brooke Elliott is a very talented and inspirational actress and singer who came into prominence when she appeared in musical theatre in the US tour of Beauty and the Beast. She also toured for Wicked and did the Broadway productions of Taboo and The Pirate Queen. On the television front, she notably played the role of Jane Bingum on the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva. She also starred as Dana Sue Sullivan in the Netflix romantic drama Sweet Magnolias. She has done everything from theaters to Broadway to televisions.

She is incredibly talented and versatile. But that’s not all she is known for. People also love and admire her for being a body positivity advocate. As a plus-sized woman who has received a lot of criticism about her weight while struggling with body image issues, she has been through a lot. Now, she has learned to get ahead of the criticisms. Maybe that’s why she’s not yet responded to the weight gain speculations and the rumors that she’s pregnant. Here’s everything to know about Brooke Elliott’s weight gain speculations!

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Brooke Elliott’s Weight Gain: Did She Gain Weight Because She’s Pregnant?

Following the release of Season 3 of Sweet Magnolias, the speculations of Brooke Elliott‘s (@real.brooke.elliott) weight gain and the rumors that she is pregnant have taken over the internet.

Brooke Elliott supposedly had weight gain because she's pregnant.
houseandwhips.comBrooke Elliott supposedly had weight gain because she’s pregnant.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Amidst the rumors that the Drop Dead Diva actress has been spotted with a baby bump and is supposedly pregnant, her fans have begun to make speculations about her weight gain. It’s barely three days since the third installment of Sweet Magnolias came out and some have already binged it and are now rewatching it again to see if Elliott has changed, if she has gotten bigger.

People, if you didn’t notice it the first time, you are not going to notice it ever because there’s nothing to notice. Brooke Elliott has not had weight gain and if she has, it’s very insignificant and of course, not noticeable. Don’t take the rumors that she is pregnant at face value. They are not reported by verified publications so, it might very well not be true.

According to some entertainment portals, the actress was pictured sporting a “prominent bulge” during an intimate dinner with a potential boyfriend on Wednesday evening (July 19, 2023). She was supposedly expecting a baby with the person she was on a romantic date with. As soon as these rumors hit the internet, weight gain speculations followed.

Brooke Elliott Has Not Responded to Weight Gain Speculations and Pregnancy Rumors!

But really, it didn’t need to have gone that far because there were rumors that Brooke Elliott was pregnant but was it ever verified and where was the evidence? And please, don’t tell me that the reports that Brooke was seen giving toast with a glass of water are proof that she’s pregnant because those too are unsubstantiated rumors and besides, people don’t necessarily have to be pregnant to not have alcohol. Also, in her recent appearances, she did not appear to have a weight gain.

Brooke Elliott has not confirmed her pregnancy. houseandwhips.comBrooke Elliott has not confirmed her pregnancy.
Image Source: The Wrap

And are we not going to take her age into account? The Taboo actress is 48. It’s very rare for a woman to get pregnant in her late forties. So, it should take a lot more than just some rumors for her fans to believe in her pregnancy. Right now, it just seems like people just need to reason to make weight gain speculations about her. Why are they so hyper-fixated on her weight? It’s weird and disappointing.

Besides, Brooke Elliott just underwent a drastic weight loss last year. After struggling with her weight for years, she seemed to have taken a step forward in maintaining her body and her health. Having struggled with body image issues for decades, she seemed to have found peace with her weight and body. And now, fans are ruining it by making speculations about her weight gain.

Until and unless she comes forward and announces it, she’s not pregnant and she’s definitely not had a weight gain. And Brooke Elliott has not made any announcement of that sort. Besides, about her weight, you can see it for yourself and have you seen her looking bigger recently? No, you haven’t. If you are one of those who’s making speculations about her weight gain, you are just following the pregnancy rumors blindly. Stop doing that. It’s stupid and also, a waste of time.