Has Cat Deeley Had Plastic Surgery?


Cat Deeley has only got Botox if you can call it plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

Cat Deeley did not have plastic surgery to modify her facial features even though she was advised to get a nose job and a boob job. However, the television presenter did get cosmetic treatments to retain her youth. She got Botox to smooth out her face. And that’s all the plastic surgery Cat Deeley has had. 

Cat Deeley is a household name in the UK and the USA, more in the UK because she was a permanent fixture on British television in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She co-presented Saturday morning children’s television show SM:TV Live alongside Ant and Dec and she hosted the talent competition show Fame Academy on BBC One. She also hosted the ITV talent show Stars in Their Eyes until 2005 after which she moved to the USA to present So You Think You Can Dance.

Cat Deeley was recently announced to take over ITV’s This Morning from Holly Willoughby as a presenter and it only struck people then that she does not look much different from when she left for LA which was about two decades ago. She still looks like she did in her late twenties even when she is entering into her fifties. She’s ageless and fans wonder what plastic surgery she has had to look that youthful. Let’s talk about it!

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Cat Deeley’s Plastic Surgery: A Bit of Botox and Anti-Aging Facials is The Secret of Her Ageless Appearance!

Cat Deeley‘s (@catdeeley) plastic surgery consists of Botox only. She has not had anything such as a nose job and a boob job besides the anti-wrinkle injection.

Cat Deeley's fans think she has had plastic surgery to look young, houseandwhips.comCat Deeley’s fans think she has had plastic surgery to look young,
Image Source: Nottingham Post

If you are wondering what cosmetic procedures has Deeley had that have made her look so young – and I’m positive that you are wondering the same thing because how could you not when she looks so youthful and ageless it’s baffling – I’ve got the answer for you. As it turns out, the secret of the television presenter’s age-defying appearance is a bit of Botox and anti-aging facials. The anti-wrinkle injection is not exactly plastic surgery but I think it counts because it’s partly why she looks decades younger.

When Cat Deeley was asked about her beauty secrets in an interview, she shared how she manages to retain her youthfulness.

“I’ve had bits of Botox done before but I’m not that person who will schedule it in. I’ve never had filler. I don’t want to change my face – and I’ve got to a point where I really love my face – but sometimes I look in the mirror and think, ‘Oh I’m really tired’, as I’m a terrible sleeper, and that might be the sign.

Besides Botox (she did well to not rule out plastic surgery when she was young), she also gets anti-aging facials. She has not gotten other cosmetic procedures to fight the effects of aging. The combo of occasional anti-wrinkle injections and facials has been enough for Cat Deeley to maintain her youthfulness.

Before LA, I wouldn’t have regular facials, but I do now. In LA I would book in for LED light therapy and oxygen facials, especially if I had something big coming up. In the UK I love to see the Decléor facialist Katharine Mackenzie Paterson. At home, I use an LED face mask when I can, such as the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask.

Cat Deeley Has Not Had Plastic Surgery to Modify Her Features to Fit into the Beauty Standards!

Cat Deeley was advised to get a nose job. houseandwhips.comCat Deeley was advised to get a nose job.
Image Source: Birmingham Live

A bit of Botox is all the plastic surgery the So You Think You Can Dance host has gotten. Other than that, she has not had any cosmetic procedures. Everything that she had, she had to fight aging and retain her youth, she has never chosen to go under the knife to alter her features to keep in with the trends and standards. And I have a feeling that it’s something she’s proud of because I sure would be proud of myself if I resisted having fries even with everyone insisting on it.

Cat Deeley faced harsh criticisms in terms of her appearance when she was just getting started in her career. Because she isn’t exactly a conventional beauty (she does not have a straight narrow nose and big boobs), she was told to consider getting plastic surgery, probably to ‘rectify’ those situations. It was after she landed the position of host in So You Think You Can Dance that she was advised to get a nose job.

The television personality, after getting such unsolicited advice on how to fix her appearance, thought that she would never be able to ‘crack’ America looking the way she does. Yet, she never changed a thing about herself, and look where she is now. She is a very respected and well-known presenter in the USA. She became a huge hit in LA with her show and went on to work there for 14 years with “no boobs and her nose.” She didn’t have to get plastic surgery for the sake of her career.

When Cat Deeley was asked about the pressure to live up to beauty standards, she said in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph‘s Stella magazine, she talked a bit about refusing plastic surgery.

I’ve still got no boobs and a nose that goes that way. My teeth have always been good – weak, but look good. When it comes to stuff like that, you’re asking the wrong woman.