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On September 17, 2023 By Urban

Sky Katz Weight Gain: Did She Gain Weight? Is She Pregnant?

Sky Katz has been revealed to have undergone a slight weight gain after the second season of Surviving Summer premiered...
On September 16, 2023 By Sharon

Lauren Boebert Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Breast Implants?

Lauren Boebert has not been able to escape plastic surgery speculations even though she is a politician with no ties...
On September 16, 2023 By Rachel

Sabrina Carpenter Plastic Surgery: The Secret of Her Doll-Like Appearance!

Sabrina Carpenter is highly suspected of having plastic surgery by her fans because according to them, she looks too plastic...
On September 16, 2023 By Harvey

Jessica Mauboy Weight Loss: She's Curvy and She Loves It!

Jessica Mauboy has not had a weight loss recently. Not that the Australian pop star needs to lose weight just...
On September 15, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Stephen Nolan Weight Loss: He Has Lost Weight Several Times!

  Stephen Nolan has recently been hosting a food show to help people with their weight loss. He shared healthy...
On September 15, 2023 By Urban

Jimin Weight Loss: Check Out His Diet and Workout Routine!

Jimin has been very open about his weight loss. He revealed that he lost 6 kg just before he collaborated...
On September 15, 2023 By Sharon

Sigrid Thornton Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Work Has She Had?

Sigrid Thornton is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery to retain her younger looks because of how unsubtle it...
On September 14, 2023 By Rachel

Mick Thomson Weight Loss: How Did He Lose Weight?

Mick Thomson has obviously undergone a drastic weight loss in the last few years. While some fans praise him for...
On September 14, 2023 By Harvey

Katy Perry Weight Gain: Did She Gain Weight?

Katy Perry's weight gain speculations have taken over the internet to everyone's surprise because she has not put on weight...
On September 13, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Iris Law Weight Loss: How Much Weight Did She Lose?

Iris Law has undergone a dramatic weight loss in the last few years and that has scared her fans because...
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