Did Mindy Kaling Have a Nose Job or Is It Just Contour?

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Mindy Kaling is believed to have had her nose done by a large number of people. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Mindy Kaling is believed by many people to have gotten a nose job but they seem to have got it wrong. Sure, her nose does appear more refined and sharper than before but only in certain pictures taken from certain angles. It might be just proper contouring and angles because her nose was already thin in the first place, just not sharp. Mindy Kaling has never acknowledged the speculations of a rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic procedure.

Mindy Kaling is fun, witty, entertaining, and charming as they come and it has taken her places. She first came into prominence when she starred as ‘Kelly Kapoor’ in the NBC sitcom ‘The Office’. She did not just act in it, she also served as a writer, director, and executive producer for it. She got a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series for her writing on the series. From then on, her career graph only went up and she only got more popular and more recognized for her talent.

Mindy Kaling went on to do more notable work such as creating, producing, and starring in the Fox comedy series ‘The Mindy Project’, creating the NBC sitcom ‘Champions’, the Hulu miniseries ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, the Netflix comedy series ‘Never Have I Ever’, and the HBO Max comedy series ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’. She really dominated the television scene with her extensive work.  She has two Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Tony Award to her name. She’s immensely successful and famous so, people take a lot of interest in her. One of the things they are interested in is to determine if she has slimmed down her nose or not (They are also interested in her weight gain and weight loss stories). Let’s talk that!

Is Mindy Kaling’s Nose Sharp Due to Cosmetic Treatments or Contouring?

Mindy Kaling does appear to have had a nose job because her nose looks sharper and more defined than before in some pictures. But it could be just contouring.

Mindy Kaling appears to have slimmed down her nose but in certain pictures only. houseandwhips.comMindy Kaling appears to have slimmed down her nose but in certain pictures only.
Image Source: People

A lot of people are convinced that Mindy has had a rhinoplasty. But what if I were to tell you ‘no, she hasn’t actually had her nose done’? You wouldn’t believe me, right? But hear me out. Yeah, it definitely looks like she has had plastic surgery to alter her nose because it looks thinner and more refined than it was before but think about it…that’s not much of a difference that cannot be achieved by a little makeup and contouring. A rhinoplasty is not required to make the nose appear just a tad slimmer and sharper.

Just check out Mindy Kaling’s before pictures, really observe her nose, and you will see that her nose was not even wide in the first place, her nose bridge was very thin (it couldn’t get any thinner than that) but not very sharp, whereas now, it has a proper definition which gives the appearance of a much narrower and refined nose. So, yeah, the change is definitely there but the credit for that minimal but noticeable change goes to her makeup (contouring) and not surgical treatments.

If you don’t believe it, go through some of Mindy Kaling’s recent pictures randomly. What you might realize after doing that is that her nose does not look noticeably thinner and sharper in all of her recent pictures. Only in pictures taken from certain angles and with certain lighting does her nose appear refined. In the rest of the photos, her nose looks as it did in the before pictures. I think that gives away that she has not had her nose done and the difference is just makeup, lighting, and camera angles.

Besides Rhinoplasty, What Work Has Mindy Kaling Had?

Mindy Kaling is suspected of having Botox and fillers along with rhinoplasty. houseandwhips.comMindy Kaling is suspected of having Botox and fillers along with rhinoplasty.
Image Source: Variety

Anyway, note that ‘The Office’ actress has never admitted to having a rhinoplasty procedure even though there have been a lot of speculations. She has never addressed the rumors that she has had work done yet. She’s thought to have had Botox because her skin is wrinkle-free and looks super smooth. She is also believed to have had lip fillers because her lips look noticeably bigger and more plump than before (she used to have thin lips). But as far as Mindy Kaling is concerned, she has neither had her nose done nor gotten Botox and fillers.

While we are at it, let’s talk about how she is highly suspected of having bleached her skin to appear fairer. She has been criticized on many forums for giving in to the preferences of Hollywood for fair skin and not loving her skin color. But has she really bleached her skin and if she really had, is she to be blamed without looking at the bigger picture? She has never confirmed that she bleaches her skin and there’s a possibility that it’s just makeup that’s making her complexion look fairer. Until Mindy Kaling says anything about it, I think it’s best if we don’t accuse her of bleaching her skin and slimming down her nose too since it’s more likely that she has not had it than she has.

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