Chantelle Houghton Weight Gain: Learn About Her Transformation!

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Chantelle Houghton Weight Gain: Learn About Her Transformation!

Chantelle Houghton previously underwent a weight gain of 3 stone during lockdown. However, she has now lost more than 4 stone following a healthy diet and strict workouts.

Chantelle Houghton is an English television personality, beauty model, and columnist who took part in the fourth series of the Channel 4 reality show, Celebrity Big Brother, in 2006. She was cast as a non-celebrity in order to convince her celebrity roommates that she was famous. Furthermore, she was the series’ winner, taking home a £25,000 prize.

Chantelle, who has recently undergone weight loss of more than 4 stone, previously revealed that she gained 3 stone during lockdown. Well, let’s know about her weight gain in detail.

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Weight Gain: Chantelle Houghton Gained 3 Stones During the Pandemic!

If you’ve seen Chantelle Houghton (@chantelle_houghton) lately, you’ll note that she’s managed to lose her prior weight gain which she gained in lockdown. She was steadily gaining weight for a long time and appeared much larger than she used to. But if you hadn’t been following her, you might be surprised to see her now as she doesn’t look like you expected.

Chantelle Houghton in her weight gain appearance. houseandwhips.comChantelle Houghton in her weight gain appearance.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

According to reports, the 40-year-old star has been able to lose more than 4 stones of weight. As a result, she has been spotted looking thinner than before. It occurred after she exclusively revealed to The Sun that strangers had complimented her on her pregnancy due to her 13st weight and the size of her tummy.

Earlier this year, Chantelle Houghton revealed to fans that she underwent 3 stone of weight gain in 2020 and was embarrassed by the lockdown gain. The mother of one acknowledged that she included personal training sessions into her daily routine to help her reduce three dress sizes.

Speaking to New Magazine, the mother of one revealed she was embarrassed that her weight had crept up, but she is now living a much healthier lifestyle.  In addition to eating better, she has started swimming and boxing to help her lose weight. At the time, she told the magazine,

I felt really down about it, but my confidence now is great. Not only have I lost nearly two stone, I feel healthier, too.

Talking more about her lockdown weight gain, the star added: ‘All of a sudden I just thought, “How did I get this big? With lockdown, I was eating rubbish and not moving as much as I would normally. I felt really embarrassed.’

Additionally, Chantelle Houghton rose to prominence after appearing as a fake housemate on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006. At the time, the Essex native was entrusted with convincing the other famous faces that she was one of them back in 2007.

She even stole the event with her dumb blonde personality while pretending to be a celebrity. Despite this, she revealed exclusively that her celebrity exes have added drama to her life, implying that she would rather be alone.

Chantelle Houghton Opens Up About Her Relationship With Her Ex-husband on This Morning!

While celebrity break-ups are nothing new, it’s reassuring to know that some famous faces have managed to stay in each other’s good graces even after they split up. And that’s exactly what Celebrity Big Brother winner, Chantelle Houghton, revealed about her relationship with her ex-husband, Samuel Preston (@samuelpreston).

Chantelle Houghton divorced her ex-husband, Samuel Preston, in November 2007. houseandwhips.comChantelle Houghton divorced her ex-husband, Samuel Preston, in November 2007.
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Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Josie Gibson on This Morning on 4 October, the 40-year-old claimed she still keeps in touch with the Ordinary Boys singer and even preserved her wedding gown from the day they married.

The couple met on the Channel 4 reality show in 2006, got engaged in April of that year, and said ‘I do’ four months later. However, the marriage ended in November 2007, with the former couple issuing a joint statement saying,

After much soul-searching and tearful discussions we have sadly decided to end our marriage. We hope we can always remain friends and still love each other but we both think we put so much pressure on one another to make our marriage work that it has ended up destroying our relationship. No one else is involved in our decision.

Following their divorce, the two appear to have remained on good terms, with Chantelle explaining on the ITV daytime show:

I love looking back and I do enjoy seeing clips and stuff, obviously for our children […] it is nice looking back and also the confidence that I had back then – do you know what I mean? It’s nice to look back.