Chris Evert’s Plastic Surgery: Her New Look Examined!


Chris Evert’s Plastic Surgery: Her New Look Examined!

Chris Evert has been accused of receiving numerous plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, fillers, a facelift, breast enhancement, and blepharoplasty as evidenced by her new look. However, the former tennis player has never accepted any of the above allegations.

Christine Marie Evert, known as Chris Evert Lloyd from 1979 to 1987, is a former world number one tennis player from the United States who has won 18 major singles titles, including a French Open record seven times and a US Open record six times. She held the world No. 1 ranking for 260 weeks and was the year’s top singles player seven times.

Chris Evert also holds the record for the most consecutive years (13) in which she has won at least one major tournament. Her career singles winning percentage of 89.97% (1309-146) is the second highest in the Open Era for men or women. Likely, her career-winning percentage in singles matches on clay courts is 94.55% (382-22), a WTA Tour record. She also won three major doubles championships.

Recently, Chris Evert has been accused of receiving numerous plastic surgery. Many people claim the 68-year-old looks younger than her actual age. So, if you are curious to learn more about her cosmetic enhancement and wonder about the real reason behind her transformation, here is everything you need to know.

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Chris Evert Has Been Accused of Receiving Plastic Surgery Procedures Like Botox, Fillers, Facelift, Breast Enhancement, and Blepharoplasty!

Chris Evert (@chrissieevert) appears to be getting younger by the day. As a result, many people claim she has undergone plastic surgery to get a new look. One of the factors contributing to this idea was extended exposure to sunlight during her professional tennis career. Prolonged exposure to the sun can have a negative impact on the skin, hastening the aging process.

Furthermore, rumors have circulated concerning possible cosmetic enhancements undertaken by her, raising concerns about the genuineness of her appearance.

Chris Evert before and after plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comChris Evert before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

The public began to detect an unnatural quality to Evert’s appearance in 2012, raising worries about her capacity to age gracefully. A fan commented about her eyes in a tennis forum, expressing surprise at their look in close-up images. The admirer then speculated that she had undergone several plastic procedures, criticizing the absence of graceful aging in some people.

While the statement criticizing her terrible commentary skills was ignored, a reaction to the initial comment mentioned that excessive sun exposure experienced by tennis professionals may be a contributing reason to their look. It was also mentioned that those who appear on television are frequently advised to keep a more pleasing appearance.

However, the statement also noted that attitude plays a key role in aging gracefully, raising questions about whether Evert’s appearance could be attributed solely to sun exposure. While her followers are unsure of the explanation, others speculate that the tennis star got plastic surgery such as Botox fillers and facelifts. Lip-biting is attractive to many women; but because she was frequently spotted pursing her lips, her fans assumed that she had received a botox filler.

Other rumors suggest that the tennis player has had breast enhancement surgery. Her feminine features were obvious and exquisite, allowing her fans to comment on her breast enlargement. Likely, her eyes shined with beauty and sparkled wonderfully. They were considerably different from how they had been previously. Did she do anything with her eyes as well? Chris’s followers decided after careful observation that she had blepharoplasty for her eyelids. However,- there is still a lack of direct evidence.

Chris Evert’s Health Has Improved Since Being Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer!

While it is natural for beauty to take a back seat when illness falls like a cloud above our shoulders, Chris Evert tried her hardest and prioritized her fitness despite being diagnosed with cancer.

Chris Evert tried her hardest and prioritized her fitness despite being diagnosed with cancer. houseandwhips.comChris Evert tried her hardest and prioritized her fitness despite being diagnosed with cancer.
Image Source: CNN

A year after being diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer, the tennis superstar spoke with ESPN about her experiences. She promptly began 6 rounds of intensive chemotherapy and was meticulous about her health. She considers herself fortunate to have been diagnosed so early. At the time, she explained,

My doctor said if left undiscovered, in four months’ time I would probably have been Stage 3 like my sister, Jeanne, with very few options. Instead, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer, and I immediately began six rounds of chemotherapy. Today, I’m cancer-free, and there’s a 90% chance that ovarian cancer will never return.