Christopher Biggins Had Weight Loss After Cutting Off Sugar!


Christopher Biggins had a weight loss of about 17 pounds after changing his lifestyle. – Christopher Biggins underwent a weight loss of about 16 pounds after he overhauled his lifestyle. The television personality got depressed after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and he worried about his mortality. So, he changed his diet, cut off sugar completely, incorporated light exercises (walking) into his daily life, and lost weight. Christopher Biggins has maintained his weight loss very well. 

Christopher Biggins is truly an icon solely for how he brings to life his comedic pantomime characters. Though he is a household name and face as an actor and also has been in numerous reality television shows, he is mostly known for being the ultimate pantomime king. One of his most memorable roles is of Widow Twankey in the pantomime production of Aladdin and Lukewarm in the sitcom Porridge.

Christopher Biggins has enjoyed a long career. He has spent more than 50 years in the entertainment industry. People have watched him play small characters before heading on to bigger roles. And they have watched him move on to reality shows before he took up pantomime. The point is, they have been with him all along the ride so they wouldn’t miss even if a hair was out of place with him. As such, they would never miss the weight loss he has had in the last few years. So, let’s talk about it!

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Christopher Biggins’ Weight Loss: He Had to Change His Lifestyle After Being Diagnosed With Diabetes!

Christopher Biggins (@biggins.christopher) changed his lifestyle for the sake of his health and it ended up resulting in his dramatic weight loss of about 16 pounds.

Christopher Biggins had weight loss after he changed his lifestyle. houseandwhips.comChristopher Biggins had weight loss after he changed his lifestyle.
Image Source: Yahoo News

If people had forgotten what Biggins looked like, I’m sure they now remember after watching him on the special celebrity edition of Escape to the Country that aired recently. If you are thinking that he has gotten thin recently after that episode, you are wrong about that because he’s been losing weight over the last few years. His weight loss transformation is definitely nothing new.

Christopher Biggins has been getting on to the slimmer side of things ever since he brought a change in his lifestyle to make adjustments to some health conditions. In a 2019 interview, he opened up about everything he did that led to the change in his physique and appearance. Though he did not specifically aim to shed weight when he changed his way of living, it resulted in his weight loss which got a lot of people talking.

In 2010, the television personality was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which worried him very much for his life. He got a different perspective on life and his health after being aware of how he was susceptible to heart attacks and other health problems. That revelation prompted Christopher Biggins to make changes to his way of living and prioritize his health which ultimately led to his weight loss. At first, he was depressed but he eventually dealt with it in the best way possible.

It rather depressed me and I very rarely get depressed. I thought, ‘Oh dear, this is sort of the beginning of the end’. Knowing that I’m twice as likely to have a stroke or a heart attack because I have type 2 diabetes is sobering.

What Did Christopher Biggins Do For Weight Loss?

Christopher Biggins cut off sugary products after he was diagnosed with diabetes. houseandwhips.comChristopher Biggins cut off sugary products after he was diagnosed with diabetes.
Image Source: The Telegraph

Keeping his health and the fact that he had Type 2 diabetes in mind, Biggins completely changed his diet and he also started doing light exercises. He began to pay attention to what he ate for the first time in his life. And that simple but significant dietary changes he made not just did wonders for his health condition but turned out to be great for his physique as well. He is no longer pot-bellied like before because of his weight loss. Speaking of the change, Christopher Biggins said,

I’m obviously overweight but I try to keep it in a good parameter. I’m quite good at the moment. I’ve lost weight – about 16 pounds. I can bend down and put my shoes on easier. It’s very good and I feel so much better.

He had revealed previously that he went to a medically supervised health spa in Germany to help himself with his Type 2 diabetes where he was encouraged to cut off sugar. And he did ditch sugary treats. He gave up sweet treats such as sugar and Diet Coke and it helped him get trim and in shape. Christopher Biggins underwent a dramatic weight loss of 16 pounds that had everyone talking.

When you’re diagnosed you of course don’t realise that sugar is everywhere. I used to drink fresh orange juice in the morning, which is like drinking two pounds of sugar. Now I drink coconut water, and I don’t get cravings. Now I pick items up in the supermarket and I look how much sugar the food contains. If it contains 54 percent sugar, for example, then I put it back. On a daily basis, I do this now, whereas before I didn’t.

He also incorporated light exercise into his weekly routine. Because he loathes the gym, he took to walking daily. And that’s all there is to Christopher Biggins’ weight loss. At least that’s all he has revealed.