Dan Soder Spent $10K on a Hair Transplant; Check Out Before and After Pics!


Dan Soder is very open about his hair transplant. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Dan Soder has gotten a hair transplant and he’s more confident because of it. The comedian didn’t intend to share that he had plastic surgery at the beginning but as he realized that the surgery was very common, he opened up about it. Dan Soder spent $10k on hair transplant and he’s happier for it. Check out his before and after pictures.

Dan Soder is a stand-up comedian who is best known for co-hosting The Bonfire along with Big Jay Oakerson on Sirius XM from 2015 to 2023. He is also recognized as Mafee from the Showtime drama series Billions and also, from his frequent appearances on MTV2’s Guy Code. He is also an actor and radio personality who has appeared on Comedy Central’s The Half Hour, Conan, Cum Town, Opie and Anthony, The Anthony Cumia Show, MTV2’s Guy Court, Fox Sports 1’s Garbage Time with Katie Nolan, and the You Know What Dude! podcast with Robert Kelly.

Dan Soder is always great with his comedy but it’s special in a different way how he incorporated his hair transplant plastic surgery into his stand-up routines, given how he didn’t want to let anybody know about the procedure in the beginning. He was not as open-minded about the surgery as he is now. Let’s see what he has said about his hair transplant!

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Dan Soder Before and After Hair Transplant; He Has Opened Up About The Procedure!

Dan Soder (@dansoder) has gotten a hair transplant if you didn’t already know and if it wasn’t that obvious, by the way. And how do we know that? Or is it just a speculation on our part? Well, no, it isn’t mere speculation. The comedian himself has gone on record and not just admitted but openly talked about the details of his plastic surgery.

Dan Soder got a hair transplant to fix his receding hairline. houseandwhips.comDan Soder got a hair transplant to fix his receding hairline.
Image Source: Medium

Have you noticed the change in Dan’s hairline in the past few months? You can’t really miss it but if somehow, you have, just go take a look at his recent pictures and compare them with older pictures and it will be obvious to you that his hairline has filled all the way to right above his forehead. It was receding and his hair was thinning before it looked like that. The fact that he had a hair transplant should not be that surprising because of how noticeably different his hair looks.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you can’t see it (although I don’t think that’s possible). Just take Dan Soder’s word for it. That’s right. He has openly talked about having surgery to regrow his hair. He mostly tried to hide it and keep it under covers when he first had the procedure because he didn’t feel like sharing about it as he was a little ashamed. But as time went on and he realized that such surgeries were very common, he didn’t feel the need to hide the fact that he had a hair transplant.

Dan Soder talked candidly about his experience getting the hair surgery on a podcast with Yannis Pappas and the story is that his hairline had started to recede and he was losing hair and he obviously didn’t like the look of that because, as he said, he didn’t want to go bald as he felt that he had a massive head and he would look frightening without hair. He was insecure about it but he didn’t want people to know. So, he never talked of that situation and he didn’t share when he got the hair transplant either.

It’s also because Dan Soder, in the beginning, regretted that he got the plastic surgery in the first place and started to feel like he should have gone bald, that he never spoke about the procedure. He kept quiet about it and it was mostly going under the radar until one day when Yannis Pappas asked him what was going on with his hair. He was a bit nervous at the call-out which he confessed to in the podcast. But eventually, he decided that a hair transplant was nothing to hide.

Dan Soder Makes Jokes About His Hair Transplant Now!

Dan Soder's hair transplant cost him $10k. houseandwhips.comDan Soder’s hair transplant cost him $10k.
Image Source: NY Post

He sort of poured his heart out in that podcast where he admitted that he didn’t want to talk about his hair surgery when he first got it because his hair had sort of a crinkly texture to it. But with time, his hair started to grow, his hairline started to fill, and he began to get more confident. And he no longer felt the need to cover up the fact that he had a hair transplant. Also, he realized that such surgeries were very common and that everyone around him was getting it and it was not a big deal as he was making it out to be. So, Dan Soder came clean and funny about it.

He now makes jokes about it and is happy because he’s doing comedy about it because as he said, ‘the whole point of comedy is constant humility’ and he should have been humble about it since the beginning instead of getting mad for getting called out and worried about his cover being blown. He said, “It’s good for you to have someone tease you and make you uncomfortable,” and in hindsight, Dan Soder didn’t mind when Yannis kind of figured out that Dan had gotten a hair transplant.

Anyway, he spent $10k on the cosmetic procedure and it was not plugs. When he was asked what the procedure was, he called it hair tits. He described the procedure as the surgeons taking the hair from the back of his head and then putting it on top of his head, which then grows naturally. It has grown naturally. And that’s the story of Dan Soder’s hair transplant.