Emily Hampshire Can’t Emote Because of Plastic Surgery (Botox)!


Emily Hampshire's plastic surgery has affected her acting abilities. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Emily Hampshire’s fans are always distracted by her plastic surgery while they are watching her on screen. They think that her stiff face, which is widely believed to be the result of Botox, has affected her emoting abilities for bad. Emily Hampshire has never responded to such comments about her plastic surgery and acting. She did once say she was gifted a boob job for Christmas, which she did not accept.

Emily Hampshire is probably most recognized for her portrayal of Stevie Budd in the CBC comedy series Schitt’s Creek but the Canadian actress has been around for a long time so, you might also remember her as Angelina from the 1998 romantic comedy Boy Meets Girl and Vivienne in the 2006 film Snow Cake. She is also known for her role as Jennifer Goines in the Syfy drama series 12 Monkeys and she has had leading roles in the series Chapelwaite and The Rig.

Emily Hampshire developed an interest in acting at the age of 11 after she watched a performance of Les Miserables with her mother. When she was praised for her performance in a school theater production, she decided that she was going to be an actress and so, she pursued acting since 2016. It has paid off well for her because she has a great career going for her now. However, she does not receive the kind of praise she did earlier in her career and it ties in with plastic surgery. Let’s find out how!

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Emily Hampshire’s Plastic Surgery: She Looks Very Stiff and Frozen!

Emily Hampshire (@emilyhampshire) is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery because of how stiff she looks and how she doesn’t emote much. People think she has had too much Botox which has affected her acting abilities.

Emily Hampshire has obviously gotten too much plastic surgery (Botox). houseandwhips.comEmily Hampshire has obviously gotten too much plastic surgery (Botox).
Image Source: Deadline

Emily was very passionate about acting since she was a child and when she pursued it, she turned out to be good at it. She was praised a lot for her performances at the beginning of her career. She shined brilliantly playing side characters also. However, things have changed now and it’s not a good change because gone are those days when people would find her acting enjoyable, now they find it unbearable. All because of plastic surgery.

Yeah, that’s right. Even now, Emily Hampshire could have enjoyed the same kind of appreciation as she did early on in her career if she had not dabbled in cosmetic treatments. ‘What cosmetic treatments has she had’ is a question I know that you are never going to ask because if you are here, it’s certainly because all the online discourse about how her acting skills have been compromised because of Botox has led you here. It’s plastic surgery that is to be blamed for her non-acting.

How?? Well, Emily Hampshire has had too much Botox which you can tell because of how unbelievably smooth her skin is and how she doesn’t have a single wrinkle or line on her face. It has rendered her unable to move her face which, in turn, has affected her acting abilities. She can’t express and she can’t emote anything at all with that stiffness. All the plastic surgery has surely made her look like a perfect little doll but it has not done well by her acting career.

Emily Hampshire’s Fans Are Distracted By Her Plastic Surgery!

Emily Hampshire has been rendered unable to emote by too much Botox. houseandwhips.comEmily Hampshire has been rendered unable to emote by too much Botox.
Image Source: Glamour

Her frozen face is not going to work for her as it did in Schitt’s Creek because not every role of hers will require her to be deadpan like that. Even in Schitt’s Creek, the viewers got so over her monotone and non-expressions. Her lack of expressions was even addressed in the show itself when the character David makes a joke about it and says to Emily Hampshire‘s character Stevie, “I can’t tell if you are joking because your eyebrows never move.” I would say that it’s too much plastic surgery. A Redditor pointed out the same thing,

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her eyebrows move. It’s disturbing to me lol I’m curious if it’s botox or she’s trying so hard to be dead pan. Idk. I’m a really facially animated person so her lack of facial movements just irk me.

If anybody has any doubts about whether the actress really had too much Botox, as another Redditor mentioned,

I think it’s botox. I researched her cabaret performance. Her forehead doesn’t move and she seems to have the “botox wrinkles” above her nose.

Emily Hampshire has never admitted to having any kind of plastic surgery but I think people can see through her Botox because she can’t move her forehead at all which gives it away. Also, she once mentioned that she was gifted a boob job by a former boyfriend at Christmas. She didn’t get it though which is something she should have done with all the Botox she got injected into her face as well. I wonder if Emily Hampshire ever regrets having Botox because of how it has turned out for her acting skills. Not that we would ever know if she regrets the plastic surgery because it sure won’t show on her face.