Dermot Murnaghan Is Ugly Enough Without Plastic Surgery!


Dermot Murnaghan has clearly not had plastic surgery. – Dermot Murnaghan most likely hasn’t had plastic surgery from the looks of it, given how he has aged and all. Some people wonder if he got some cosmetic operations to fix his face when he bruised his face in a bike accident but it does not look like he did. Dermot Murnaghan seems like he wouldn’t get plastic surgery because he doesn’t like to go to the hospital if not for medical attention.

Dermot Murnaghan is one of the most known television personalities in the field of British journalism. Having been a regular on the television screen for decades, he is easily one of the most recognized faces. He has served as a presenter of Sky News and he has been a news presenter at CNBC Europe, Independent Television News, and BBC News as well. He has been in reporting journalism since he joined Sky News in 2007 until he retired in February 2023.

Dermot Murnaghan, aside from presenting news, has presented the BBC quiz show Eggheads. He hosted the show between 2003 and 2014 before Jeremy Vine took over full-time. Though people loved him on it, it’s his news-presenting that is going to be remembered. For instance, one of his career highlights was when Sky News became the first British television news to report Queen Elizabeth II‘s death and he was the one to break the news of the monarch’s passing and present the afternoon rolling news coverage. Anyway, let’s have a discussion on his plastic surgery now!

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Dermot Murnaghan’s Plastic Surgery: He Doesn’t Seem Fond of Cosmetic Surgery!

Going by how Dermot Murnaghan looks, there are more chances that he has not had plastic surgery than he has had. He appears to have aged normally and while that means he looks old (because he’s old), that also means he looks real and not artificially young.

Dermot Murnaghan doesn't seem to like the idea of plastic surgery.
houseandwhips.comDermot Murnaghan doesn’t seem to like the idea of plastic surgery.
Image Source: Yahoo News 

Does anyone actually think that Murnaghan has had work done? Nobody is going to possibly think that, right? Because it’s as clear as day that he is very much natural. I mean, all the wrinkles and lines and creases on his face should vouch for the fact that he has chosen to age without the aid of plastic surgery. He is 66 and he looks 66. He does not look suspiciously young or anything. He has grown old without any barriers on the looking old part. And yet, there have been speculations about his cosmetic surgery status.

It’s baffling that we have been seeing a rise in speculations about Dermot Murnaghan’s cosmetic treatments because there’s nothing about his face that suggests that it has been under the knife for aesthetic purposes. If people are thinking that he might have had well-done subtle procedures, then think again because subtle procedures are more usually the face with minimal wrinkles which one can move and less the face that can just move. If he had had a subtle plastic surgery procedure, he would have had fewer wrinkles and smoother skin.

Also, think more about it because would Dermot Murnaghan even have cosmetic surgery? Does he seem like the kind of person who would choose to bear all that trouble, cost, and pain that comes with cosmetic works just to look younger? It’s not like he is an actor who sells his looks for a career. He’s a public figure in the field of journalism, not in entertainment. So, he is not the kind of person who would have plastic surgery.

Did Dermot Murnaghan Get Plastic Surgery to Fix His Face?

Dermot Murnaghan was injured on his face in a bike accident. houseandwhips.comDermot Murnaghan was injured on his face in a bike accident.
Image Source: The Sun

The newsreader confirmed as much when he was asked if he ever had cosmetic surgery by Daily Mail for its health quiz. He shared that he would never undergo any kind of operation if he absolutely didn’t have to for medical reasons. He seemed to hate going to the hospital, so he would put it off unless it was a medical necessity. Since plastic surgery is elective, Dermot Murnaghan would not choose it.

I’m ugly enough without any tinkering. And I just wouldn’t want to go to a hospital unless medically necessary.

Don’t you think that’s confirmation enough that he has not meddled in his aging process with the use of cosmetic procedures? Or do you still think that he has had something done on his face? Because he said that he wouldn’t go to the hospital unless he needed some medical attention, do you think that he got cosmetic alterations out of medical necessity the time he sustained injuries on his face? Is that why people think Dermot Murnaghan might have had plastic surgery?

In 2017, the Sky News presenter was knocked off his bike in a hit-and-run crash which left him bruised and battered on the left side of his face. He had to take a break from the television for a few days to recover. Well, that injury did require medical attention but I doubt that the bruises were something that needed to be fixed with cosmetic procedures. The injuries seemed to be just on the surface and there are more chances that Dermot Murnaghan did not get plastic surgery for that than he did.