Suki Waterhouse Has Had Very Obvious But Great Nose Job!


Suki Waterhouse has gotten a very obvious nose job. – Suki Waterhouse’s nose job is very tastefully done because she now looks much more aesthetic and model-like than she did before. The actress looked cute when she had her original wide nose but now that she got it slimmed, she looks very hot and glamorous. Even though Suki Waterhouse is not opposed to plastic surgery, she has never admitted to having a nose job. 

Suki Waterhouse started her career in showbiz at the young age of 16 when she got into modeling. She has come a long way since then. She has gone on to model for several major fashion labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Ferragamo, and Laura Mercier. She has also branched out to singing and acting. She only released her debut album I Can’t Let Go and the EP Milk Teeth in 2022 but she started to release singles way back in 2016.

As for her acting, Suki Waterhouse made her film debut in a minor role in 2012 in Pusher. She has since made appearances in movies such as Love, Rosie, The Divergent Series: Insurgent, The Bad Batch, Assassination Nation, and Detective Pikachu. Most recently, she also played the role of Karen Sirko in the musical drama miniseries Daisy Jones & the Six. She is fine at acting but it’s her connections and her plastic surgery that people talk the most when it comes to her. Her nose job is specifically very popular.

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Suki Waterhouse’s Nose Job: Her Face Looks Much Striking After Her Plastic Surgery!

Suki Waterhouse‘s (@sukiwaterhouse) plastic surgery isn’t the hardest thing to discern because you know how she used to look when she was younger and you have seen how she looks now and how it’s very different. Even though her cosmetic work is noticeable, it’s not bad. People love it. They especially love her nose job.

Suki Waterhouse has had a nose job among many other plastic surgeries. houseandwhips.comSuki Waterhouse has had a nose job among many other plastic surgeries.
Image Source: WWD

There’s a saying about cosmetic surgery that if people can’t tell that you have had work done because it’s very subtle, it’s a job well done. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that any plastic surgery that’s very obvious is bad. Botches surgeries are noticeable but not every noticeable surgery is bad. To give you an example of someone who has had obvious cosmetic work but it’s very well done and is an improvement, just look at Suki Waterhouse and her nose job specifically.

Not to say that the actress looked bad with her old nose but with her round face and wide nose, she would not have made it as a model. She’s cute and very beautiful, but the modeling industry requires its models to have sharper features and slim. Whether the fact that the standards they have are fair and not perpetuating unrealistic views of beauty is a whole different debate but talking about Suki, she didn’t look very aesthetic with her wide nose and she knew it. That’s definitely why she got a nose job.

Suki Waterhouse has never admitted to having any kind of work done on her nose but I don’t think her not admitting to her cosmetic work is going to make people think she has not had rhinoplasty because I repeat, it’s very noticeable. Just look at her before and after pictures and you might not be able to recognize her as the same person. That’s not solely because of her nose job, there’s also a buccal fat removal, eyebrow lift, double eyelid surgery, and a lip lift to the mix. However, it’s the change in her nose that’s the best.

What Has Suki Waterhouse Said About Her Nose Job or Plastic Surgery?

Suki Waterhouse has never admitted to having a nose job or other cosmetic surgery. houseandwhips.comSuki Waterhouse has never admitted to having a nose job or other cosmetic surgery.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Daisy Jones and the Six star looks much more striking and model-like with her slim nose than she did with her nose which, in comparison, looked kind of bulky. She looked pretty even then but just pretty has never cut into modeling. So, her nose job looks like a great decision for her career-wise. Of course, this is just what we think, we have never heard from Suki Waterhouse about her cosmetic surgery.

People don’t understand why she hasn’t been open about the work she has had even though it’s very obvious because it’s not like she’s opposed to plastic surgery. As the daughter of a plastic surgeon, she’s very open-minded about it. When she was once asked if she would ever consider surgery for herself, she basically said that it’s nothing she would rule out because you never know. So, fans can’t help but wonder why Suki Waterhouse has not said anything about her nose job.

Personally, I don’t want big boobs or anything. But you are the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror so f*** what anyone else thinks. Yes, I think too much of something is not good, but with my dad’s work I have also seen people who are very, very happy after [cosmetic surgery]. And I know lots of people who have had work done and you would never ever know. That’s what good surgery is.

Maybe the model is not as open-minded about surgeries as she would have people think because in 2013, right before her nose got noticeably slimmer and her nostrils narrower, she was walking around covering her nose. When she would be asked about it, she would say that it was broken but would never explain how it broke. She would get very flustered if anybody asked that. In hindsight, Suki Waterhouse must have been trying to hide her nose job.