David Tennant Speculated To Have Had Weight Loss For a Movie!


David Tennant is speculated to have had weight loss for a movie. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – David Tennant has sparked weight loss speculations after the release of the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials. The viewers observed that the actor looked much more frail and skinnier compared to when he was playing the 10th Doctor. Some fans think he might have looked thin because the production schedules for Doctor Who and Litvinenko for which he had to lose weight, was close. David Tennant has not talked about his weight loss.

David Tennant is a very beloved actor who is mostly known as the tenth incarnation of the Doctor in the sci-fi series Doctor Who (he also returned as the 14th incarnation of the character). Besides that, he is also recognized for his portrayal of DI Alec Hardy in the crime drama series Broadchurch, and he has impressed the viewers with his performance as Kilgrave in the superhero series Jessica Jones. He also played Crowley in the fantasy series Good Omens.

Now, going back to David Tennant’s return as the 14th doctor, Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary specials have aired, and first things first, we are delighted to see him again, and he was as charismatic as he was when he played the 10th doctor, but doesn’t he look so different and in not a very good way? He looked very frail and thin and a lot of the viewers were unable to look past that for some time. Anyway, everyone’s talking about his weight loss on social media!

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David Tennant’s Weight Loss: He Looked Very Frail And Thin in The Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special!

David Tennant (@davidtennantcom), as it turns out, has undergone a bit of weight loss and he is no longer the same as he was when he played the 10th incarnation of Doctor in Doctor Who in 2010.

David Tennant appears as though he has had a bit of weight loss. houseandwhips.comDavid Tennant appears as though he has had a bit of weight loss.
Image Source: GQ

The very much anticipated Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials is out and fans, who were very excited about the return of David as the 14th doctor, loved the show but they were a tiny bit disappointed to see that David was not the same as before. They felt he, as the 14 doctor, lacked the spunk he had when he was the 10th doctor and seemed a little low on energy because he looked frail and thin. He had a bit of weight loss and it did not do favors for him.

Not to say that David Tennant was bad in the 60th Anniversary Specials because he was not bad, in fact, he was very charming, but when the announcement that he was returning to the show was first made, fans pictured in their mind the 10th doctor and obviously, he’s not going to look the same as he was when he was 10th doctor because it was in 2010, and more than a decade has passed since then. Still, I don’t think they were expecting him to look that thin. So, his weight loss was a bit disconcerting to them in the beginning.

But as David Tennant’s new appearance and physique started to settle in, they realized that he was a treat to watch and as the 14th doctor, despite how he looked. They seemed to come to the understanding that he looked frail because he’s aged now and got way skinnier. If you thought about it that way, you would be able to enjoy the anniversary specials and not get bothered by his weight loss though some fans say it looks a bit concerning.

Speculations About The Reason Behind David Tennant’s Weight Loss!

David Tennant is speculated to have lost weight for a movie. houseandwhips.comDavid Tennant is speculated to have lost weight for a movie.
Image Source: British GQ

The actor once feared that he would not be able to make a comeback on Doctor Who if he got fat. He didn’t expect to be as thin as he was when playing the 10th doctor because what keeps his weight in control and low more than filming multiple takes of all the running scenes? He was very fit throughout the show in 2010, partly because he would have a wind sprint workout while filming. Who would have thought when David Tennant made a comeback, it would be his weight loss that would concern his fans?

I mean, even when he returned for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, he looked a little bigger to fit in his suit. So, people were not really expecting him to lose weight. But, even with his weight loss, he was good so, does it even matter? Anyway, they are curious why he lost weight either way. And there are some speculations. According to a Redditor, David Tennant lost weight for a movie,

I’m not sure if that’s because of his recent role in Litvinenko where he had to lose a considerable amount of weight to look very ill. If production schedules were close together, it’d explain his skinnier look. Ten was always skinny (it was frequently commented on) but the thing now is that his neck and face are skinnier.