Robert Jenrick Is Not Going to Speak of His Weight Loss!


Robert Jenrick seems to have had a bit of weight loss. – Robert Jenrick does appear like he has had a bit of weight loss. Nothing drastic but there’s a noticeable change. The politician was neither overweight nor super slim, just average. Now, he looks more on the slimmer side. Robert Jenrick has not yet acknowledged the speculations about his weight loss.

Robert Jenrick was appointed to the office of Minister of State for Immigration of Britain in 2022. He held the office for less than a year as he resigned from his position in 2023. The British politician served as the Minister of State for Health from September to October 2022 and prior to that, he was the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government from 2019 to 2021. He’s a member of the Conservative Party and has been a Member of Parliament (MP) for Newark since 2014.

Robert Jenrick has been in politics for more than a decade now but never has he ever fuelled discussions about his appearance and weight as of now. Right now, he’s in every news headline because of his abrupt decision to leave the current government over a disagreement, and this kind of public and political ‘exposure’ has led to speculations about his weight loss. Let’s talk about that today!

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Robert Jenrick’s Weight Loss: He Looks a Bit Slimmer Than Before!

Robert Jenrick (@robertjenrick) looks like he has had a bit of weight loss in the recent pictures he posted of himself on Instagram.

Robert Jenrick has sparked discussion about his weight loss. houseandwhips.comRobert Jenrick has sparked discussion about his weight loss.
Image Source: Reuters

Jenrick has kind of shaken British politics with his decision to leave the current government over a disagreement. Speaking of what happened in layman’s terms, the government drafted a bill about emergency Rwanda legislation which declared that Rwanda was a safe country for asylum seekers, which stopped short of what Tory right was demanding, and Jenrick, in turn, saying that the government’s legislation “does not go far enough” quit his office and resigned as immigration minister. Now, everyone’s talking about Robert Jenrick’s resignation and weight loss.

Nevertheless, I am unable to take the currently proposed legislation through the Commons as I do not believe it provides us with the best possible chance of success.

There’s clearly a lot of scrutiny Jenrick’s facing and why wouldn’t he when he said something along the lines of prime minister moving towards his position and that the bill unveiled by the government was a “triumph of hope over experience.” Anyway, the political turmoil he has caused by his abrupt resignation has been keeping him in the spotlight which has thrown light on how he appears to have gotten a bit thinner than before. He seems to have had a bit of weight loss.

It’s too soon to tell if Robert Jenrick’s decision to quit his office over dissatisfaction with the emergency Rwanda legislation is going to change anything but whatever it does for the politics of it all, it seems to be doing well for Robert because he’s been looking very stress-free since his resignation. I mean, it’s just been about a week but the difference is clear. He’s literally glowing in his recent Instagram pictures, isn’t he? He’s been looking better than before with his weight loss as well.

Robert Jenrick Hasn’t Spoken of His Weight Loss!

Robert Jenrick doesn't seem like someone who would discuss his weight with the public. houseandwhips.comRobert Jenrick doesn’t seem like someone who would discuss his weight with the public.
Image Source: The Telegraph

Even though Jenrick has not drastically changed in terms of his appearance, I think I can see why the speculations are coming. Though there’s not much of a dramatic difference, compared to how he was before, his change is noticeable. Because he was never a heavy person (he just looked like any average person who isn’t super conscious about fitness), he only had a little to lose. He may have lost only a little but it’s very noticeable. Robert Jenrick‘s weight loss is not much but enough to get people to discuss his weight.

Just go through his Instagram pictures and see for yourself how slimmer Robert looks compared to before. Check out his display picture and check out his recent pictures, and you will see that he’s really shed some weight. You can tell just by looking at his face. His face used to look a little chubby and he had that double chin thing going on whereas now, his face looks much slimmer and he has no double chin. His weight loss is not really a question, is it?

The only question is, what’s the reason behind the change in Robert Jenrick? What changed that led him to get slimmer? Was it some change in his lifestyle or some change in his diet? Or did he start working out? Was it a conscious decision or is it something that just happened? He has revealed none of that yet. I don’t even think he is going to ever acknowledge the weight loss speculations because, well, he is in politics and he does not seem the kind who would discuss his weight with the public.