David Venable’s Weight Loss: QVC Host’s Instagram Examined!


David Venable's Weight Loss: QVC Host's Instagram Examined!

David Venable appears to have lost a little weight from his belly as can be seen when comparing the QVC host’s pictures now and a month ago on Instagram. Venable’s weight loss is not that drastic but noticeable enough that has sparked fans’ curiosity about it.

David Venable is an American TV personality who came into fame in 2009 when he hosted a show where he sold kitchenware In the Kitchen with David, which aired on QVC. He started his career in broadcast journalism and wound up in e-commerce.

He has been called ‘The Man Who Helps America Cook’ by New York Times. He has also sold over a half-million copies of his cookbooks which reflect the show.

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QVC: Did David Venable Undergo Weight Loss?

David Venable has recently sparked curiosity among his fans about his weight. They want to know if he had just had weight loss.

Now, was he someone who would normally create headlines and be in the news regarding his weight? Was he suffering from some underlying weight gain issues? Was he fat or overweight to the point where his weight would primarily demand immediate attention as a sort of a health scare over other things like his career?

If you don’t already know, then let me tell you that none of those things are true. No, David Venable is not an obese person who is in urgent need of keeping his weight in check because he’s too obese and unhealthy.  So, no, he is not the sort of person who would normally be in the tabloids for something like his weight loss.

So, just why then all the internet are wondering about his weight loss? What caused the public to believe that he had gone through weight loss that they had to know about?

Well, if you follow David Venable on his Instagram page (@davidvenableqvc), then you know that he frequently updates his followers about his life through the many posts he makes on social media. One of the recent pictures of him- a full-body one- he shared on his Insta made fans wonder if David had lost any weight.

They acutely noticed the change in his body from just one month back. He had looked like this in a video he posted in March.

To the untrained pairs of eyes, or if you just take one casual glimpse at the pictures and video, then you might miss it because it’s not too noticeable like that.

Because David Venable had never been super fat and had carried on too many pounds (he just looked like an average person who didn’t pay much attention to staying fit and made any efforts to maintain his physique by going to the gym), it might not look like there is much change as is talked about in his recent pictures. For his tall stature at six feet six inches, 89 kgs didn’t seem to be a big deal at all.

However, there is a slight change and he has been through a weight loss which is mostly concentrated on his belly area. Look at the pictures and compare his belly then to now. He definitely has lost some weight from his stomach. Earlier, he used to be a little pot-bellied, and now he’s not. And that has made all the difference to his fans.

David Venable also restarted his regular exercise in March, which is to walk 2 miles on the treadmill, which also he shared on Insta. Looks like his workout sessions are slowly beginning to reap benefits for him. And he is starting to look fitter every passing day.

Is David Venable Gay?

David Venable seems to be a very happy and jolly person. Even in his shows, he seems to exude joy, is always charming, and his happiness is very infectious, which is what has made him extremely successful in his job. His personality is how he has managed to single-handedly transform home shopping into the kitchenware space.

Even in his pictures, David looks so cheerful. No pictures of him are there where he is not smiling. Such a happy person and yet no person to share it with. Ever since the viewers of his show have known him, he had always been single. No romantic relationships of any sort has he ever been involved in.

David Venable does occasionally post on social media pictures of his loved ones. It is mostly his mother. And sometimes, he also wishes birthdays to his lady friends. But, that’s it. There does not seem to be a presence of a special lady in his life which has baffled his fans.

He is just so perfectly charming and more than capable of fostering relationships with anyone. Why then he has always been single? This discussion has brought forth speculation about David’s sexuality.

It was first just speculating and then people decided his sexuality for him and spread the rumors about him being gay. Rumors which he swiftly denied. Venable remains single to date and has never been romantically linked with anyone male or female. At least as known to the public.

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