Debbie Gibson and Her Plastic Surgery Rumors That Never Goes Away!

Derick Scholz

Debbie Gibson's widely believed to have had plastic surgery.

Debbie Gibson’s ageless looks are never going to not incite plastic surgery speculations. There have been rumors that she has had Botox, a nose job, and chin liposuction. She once revealed that she got Botox in her 30s and stopped it once she got a reaction. Other than that, Debbie Gibson has never admitted to plastic surgery. 

Debbie Gibson oozes glamor and sensuality and she has been doing that ever since she broke through to mainstream popularity in the late 1980s with her second album Electric Youth. She really influenced fashion and beauty for a generation with her music, she had that much impact. She has also dabbled in acting. She has done starring roles on Broadway and touring musicals (she’s played Eponine in Les Misérables and Sandy in Grease) and she’s done television and independent film work.

Debbie Gibson’s more known for her music than for her acting because it’s where she shines with her bold sensuality quotient which made her famous in the first place. Speaking about her sensuality, can you believe that she’s still every bit as glamorous as she was in her 20s? I mean, she still looks the same. She looks ageless and a lot of her fans are not ready to believe that she looks the way she does without any help from plastic surgery. Let’s talk about that!

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Debbie Gibson’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does She Look Ageless?

Debbie Gibson (@debbiegibson) is always going to be followed with speculations of plastic surgery because of her age-defying complexion. She’s suspected of having Botox, a nose job, and a chin liposuction procedure.

Debbie Gibson is believed to have had plastic surgery to look young.
houseandwhips.comDebbie Gibson is believed to have had plastic surgery to look young.
Image Source: ABC News

Gibson still has that Electric Youth. The woman is 53 for god’s sake. Can you believe it because I sure can’t? What woman looks better and more youthful in her 50s than in her 20s and 30s? She looks younger than ever. Is that even possible? Does it not go against the laws of nature? It’s definitely not possible and it does go against the laws of nature. So, what’s that about her that makes her look so young? It has to be plastic surgery, right?

Debbie Gibson has a very beautiful and glowing complexion. No wrinkles at all to be seen and very minimal lines. Her facial skin looks very youthful and what could it be other than Botox, is what fans think. Also, comparing her before and after pictures, people have noticed that her nose looks a bit different, more structured, and more refined. She used to have a bulbous nose with a wide nasal bridge whereas now, she has a much slimmer and narrower nose with a defined tip. If that’s not plastic surgery, I don’t know what is.

Aside from that, the singer is also suspected of having a chin liposuction procedure and some dental work because her chin area looks a lot slimmer as opposed to how chubby it looked once and her gums are less prominent than before. Her smile gives it away. We have an expert who believes the same. According to Dr. Anthony Youn, she has had plastic surgery on her chin, and to fix her smile.

Debbie Gibson doesn’t display as much of a gummy smile as before, and she may have had some liposuction under her chin. In addition, her nose looks a bit more sculpted, likely from a rhinoplasty. All of these changes can be natural, but I would make the assumption that a bit of liposuction, rhinoplasty and a dental surgery may play a part.

Has Debbie Gibson Ever Admitted to Plastic Surgery?

Debbie Gibson once admitted to having Botox in her 30s. houseandwhips.comDebbie Gibson once admitted to having Botox in her 30s.
Image Source: Rolling Stone

However, whatever the experts might say and fans might speculate, the Lost in Your Eyes hitmaker has never admitted to having taken the aid of cosmetic procedures in the looks department. She swears on make-up and a great skincare regimen. In a 2022 interview, when Debbie Gibson was asked about her incredibly youthful appearance and how she maintained such a perfect, glowing complexion, she said that it was just “great genes” and “good lighting.” She didn’t say it was plastic surgery, not even Botox and fillers.

I don’t do anything to my face.

The Girls Night Out singer who never ages seems to be handling aging very well, going by what she said about the perception of aging. Maybe being that relaxed while growing old has kept her from aging in her looks? Maybe Debbie Gibson really hasn’t had plastic surgery?

I don’t subscribe to the aging perception either. I think that girls or women should feel as cute as they want. Who says you can’t wear what you want after 30 or 40? Where are these rules coming from? I look to Cher and Tina Turner who have been doing ‘them’ their entire lives. There are certain things that come with age that are empowering. You don’t have to prove things all the time and you shouldn’t be made to feel like you do.

Anyway, while it might be true that Debbie Gibson has not had invasive plastic surgery or non-invasive ones, for that matter, it does not mean that she never had them because there sure was a time when she used to get Botox. She has stopped taking the anti-wrinkle injection now but from what she said in an interview with The New York Times, she used to have Botox.

I had gotten Botox twice in my 30s, and then the third time I did it — I think I was around 40 — I got this horrible reaction. I think it’s because I didn’t know then that Lyme was on board, and my body couldn’t handle it. I’ve accepted the fact that if you’re an expressive person, you’re going to have lines and flaws. I celebrate it all at this point. I’m not going to jeopardize my health just so I can freeze some lines.

Other than that revelation, Debbie Gibson has maintained that she has not had plastic surgery.